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Wolfgang Help - Kaos Realm
SkylandersEzra Emerald Sparx Gems: 3659
#1 Posted: 05:33:39 27/06/2016 | Topic Creator
Has anyone been able to get 3 Stars against Wolfgang in the Kaos Realm?

I can get 1 or 2 Stars fairly regularly, but never 3.

Any tips? Tricks?

I've been playing this level for weeks now. I've tried six different Decks and a ton of different strategies.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
lamoracke Yellow Sparx Gems: 1635
#2 Posted: 16:12:17 27/06/2016
He is one of the hard ones.

You really can't defend his swap the least healthy opponent in much. I think you just eventually get lucky where he does not do it every turn or he does not reverb pedal a lot of times on tough cards.

You need to have 3 characters with good HP and you should have healed. Mute cards are nice because it blocks his stuff.

I would choose Snap Shot (Traptanium Arrow is a mute, so is douse) and take all 3 heals (healing rain, waterfall, and his crossbow one) and maybe even Chill Bill's relic as he likes to attack that, which will save you getting hit that round.
I would choose Food Fight, all 5 of his cards are awesome. Maybe root is nice if you want to have a round where you can attack the other guys. Up to you there.
3rd character is your call, needs to be someone over 300 HP. Jawbreaker is nice for the tech cards like short circuit and has a good relic.

So that is my advice, healing, mute and relics...good HP characters, and just wish for a little luck.
Luminous35 Gold Sparx Gems: 2457
#3 Posted: 00:43:59 28/06/2016
I can't even get one star! He keeps killing my characters in one hit, even with my best team.
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Jormi_Boced Red Sparx Gems: 42
#4 Posted: 16:02:32 25/07/2016
I don't have Food Fight or Jawbreakersmilie

I tried with Snapshot, Tree Rex and Hot Head, but still only got 1 star.
JJAtelier Blue Sparx Gems: 727
#5 Posted: 13:07:50 26/07/2016
In order to beat this beefed up Wolfgang theres a few factors you need to succeed.

#1 High Single Target Burst Damage
#2 Enough CC to mute/subdue him as well as reduce his attack damage every turn
#3 Mid-range Skylanders that have reasonable amount of starting attack as well as adequate health pools.

The Trinity Three from Battlepack #1 should suffice. Spyro, due to his Dragon Dive and having access to Nether Grasp will slow him down while Stormblade because her Beam Barrage takes full effect as well Light Claw Stance to also reducing his dmg. As lamoracke mentioned, SnapShot is pretty much a must since a good majority of Water spells are effective against Wolfgang (Tangled Kelp, Douse + Healing Rain) as well as himself have a reasonable health pool. Ripe Tide/Washbuckler are way too squishy.

AoE spells like Shower Of Sparks, Rippling Pulse and Tidal Wave aren't particularly good in this situation they're more ideal against multiple targets for their mana value. Instead, consider adding cards like Portal Rupture and Magic Mayhem, typically mediorce against multiple targets but highly effective against Wolfgang in this case.

Some other neutral cards like Arkeyan Ice Chest, Intimidate and Shoosh are also pretty useful since they can also give you an extra turn to recover and set up lethal .
Be aware that Wolfgang might get some ridiculous draw patterns from Goodie Bag or prematurely playing Reverb Pedal so a lot of trial and error will be required to 3 star.

Best of luck!
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Jormi_Boced Red Sparx Gems: 42
#6 Posted: 20:07:13 27/07/2016
Up to 2 stars with your advice.

Trogra Red Sparx Gems: 30
#7 Posted: 13:49:50 15/10/2016
This is the last level I have yet to complete on three stars! If anyone has succeeded, let me know what deck you used! smilie
graysh07 Green Sparx Gems: 247
#8 Posted: 15:51:30 25/10/2016
I can't even get 3 stars in the Undead realm one!

I have 5 stars left to get both Wolfgangs, then also in Kaos realm, Sweet Dreams, Ice Cold, and Mirror Match.
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