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****ing Mystic Marsh kangaroo thieves
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#1 Posted: 14:04:30 24/06/2016 | Topic Creator
You know the minigame in Mystic Marsh where you have to catch 4 kangaroo thingies for 4 plugs? I've caught 2 and have spent 20 minutes trying to get the others. If I save the game and turn my playstation off will I have to restart that minigame when I play again??
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oh my god
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#2 Posted: 12:04:05 25/06/2016
Yeah, I think so.
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#3 Posted: 20:17:36 23/10/2016
I believe so.
Hopefully, I'm not getting confused with YotD, but I'm almost certain that exact positions are not maintained in save states, that resetting will always cause you to restart at the starting position of the world you're in.

This is why I always just pause and shut the television off when I'm still progressing through a world but wish to stop, in my case, for the night.
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