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Has anyone done this?
Luminous35 Gold Sparx Gems: 2457
#1 Posted: 01:41:55 24/06/2016 | Topic Creator
So, in Trap Team we got High Five, Bat Spin, and Flip Wreck. Now, two of their URL photos had their original names, which were Bat Spin and High Five's and their original names were Frightengale (or Fright Bite) and Buzzerker. Now, Trap Team files show Flip Wreck's original name which was Sea Saw, so has anyone renamed these three to their original names? I plan to if I ever get them, which are very low chances.
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motosada Yellow Sparx Gems: 1071
#2 Posted: 19:08:37 03/07/2016
I did with Bat Spin. "Frightengale" is brilliant, and I vastly prefer it to "Bat Spin".
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