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Paper Mario: Color Splash E3 Demonstration Video
fairyland Emerald Sparx Gems: 3800
#1 Posted: 12:01:10 17/06/2016 | Topic Creator
I know that my opinion will be not only be unpopular here but everywhere, but I'm really looking forward to the new Paper Mario game way more so than the new Skylanders Imaginators!

I mean, really, create a character? Do people really do that sort of thing for hours on end? It's such a one and done type thing in most games which lasts about 10 minutes but it seems like a huge deal to load of people here. I really don't think it's enough to make an entire theme around for a game. The gameplay seems to be like Trap Team, so I'm into it far more than SuperChargers but I'm not super hyped about the game either, so I have nothing to really to talk about the Imaginators section lately.

Anyway, both games are due out in October, about a week or two apart from each other so it means a lot of gaming for me in a short peroid of time but I doubt I'd be done with one before getting the other. I honestly think I'd be more into Paper Mario than Imaginators come that time.

Yeah, I know it's no "Thousand Year Door" and it's far too much like "Sticker Star", a game which is hated by most Paper Mario Fans, if not all gamers in general. I find it baffling that Nintendo would do another Sticker Star as the sales were really bad and the backlash strong, but it seems that in this video that they worked on the Wii U game immediately after finishing Sticker Star. I think Nintendo was so excited for the series that they didn't even pause to check on the game before churning out the next one. It was too late to stop the new game. So this all feels like they are trying their best with a huge lemon and trying to pretend Color Splash is not going to be huge mistake that it's obviously going to become (a bit like SuperChargers actually).

Honestly I don't hate Sticker Star at all! Of course I rather have another Door too, but I won't reject a new game in the series that is going down the path that they've been following. The new game is basically Sticker Star 2 and it goes even further into what seemed half developed in the 3DS game. There is more intense puzzle solving and lots more inventive uses for the strange devices such as the fan. The objects in the prior game didn't do a whole lot and it was pretty confusing to me at the time as to why they even had them. Now it's a bit obvious as they had intended a lot more for those but they had to rush out Paper Star without getting to do everything that they wanted to do. Paper Star always felt half finished and incomplete to me, that they got it about 80% done and rushed it out. Hopefully Color Splash gave them enough time to do everything that they wanted to do in the prior game.

You can check the new E3 footage here:

Lots of new stuff shown here and it's a day one release for me. I do have my concerns though. The color fill aspect it is surely a huge time waster and one could be spending way too much of the game doing this and filling their paint meters rather than with playing the game. It's a way to pad out a short game. Battles could be drawn out too like in Sticker Star as you could be hunting for stickers rather than gaming and very out of luck if you have a bad set of cards. Grinding around for attacks isn't what people really liked to do in the past game.

Anyway, I do feel a bit bad as I've never seen a game that is so despised which I liked. But it's to be expected when you had a near perfect game and don't give the fans more of the same. I've seen the same hate over FF8 and FF9 when people wanted another FF7 some twenty years ago. Zelda II when people wanted more Zelda I. Sometimes they really do well like the SNES Zelda game though. Oddly Ninendo has this habit of never really wanting to put out the same exact game twice, that they always want to improve and be inventive, but honestly this could be one of those times where if they were smart then a Thousand Year Door II would probably serve them better than continuing down the path that they are currently going on.

Either way, I'm hyped and I wish I could have this game now. Oh and best thing is that they don't plan on much Amiibo support, so I won't have to buy a crazy amount of figures with this and a flock of new Imaginators as well. Man, how expensive that would be come October with two sets of figures to buy!
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FireMeowth Emerald Sparx Gems: 3230
#2 Posted: 14:15:05 17/06/2016
Color Splash is one of my most anticipated games after the Treehouse stream. It looks absolutely perfect to me. But then again my current favourite Paper Mario game is Sticker Star (I love all four), so what do I know... :P

Sticker Star sales weren't bad, by the way. As far as I know it sold more than both the original Paper Mario and TTYD - and that's from sales numbers listed before its recent inclusion in the Nintendo Selects lineup, which should also have given it a boost.
It didn't sell as well as Super Paper Mario, but I don't think anyone would ever have expected it to considering Super was a Wii game.
HIR Diamond Sparx Gems: 8970
#3 Posted: 14:46:59 17/06/2016
No interest in it, because I played the first 3 Paper Mario games for the story, not so much the gameplay (as Mario & Luigi RPG is waaaaay better in that department). So when I heard Sticker Star had whitewashed the story aspect (including making Bowser, arguably one of the best-written characters in the series, mute) I didn't buy it. And I won't be buying Color Splash because it is quite clearly an adventure game, not an RPG. And as an adventure game, I don't find it very interesting.
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