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The Best Bits of EA Play
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#1 Posted: 18:56:51 15/06/2016 | Topic Creator
Okay, so we got the new Titanfall 2 footage. Single player for the freaking win, amirite?

And then we got Battlefield 1...


And then we got the gameplay live stream. I had no idea Zac Efron and Jamie Foxx would be there, but I think the red carpet cake goes to Zedd. None of that couldn't top this though:



We still got FIFA and NHL and Madden, but I was hoping for Star Wars and Mass Effect stuff. They didn't really show much Star Wars or Mass Effect, which was disappointing, but I was drawn into the Mass Effect coverage, so I guess that's something. The other somethings they announced are actually kind of surprising news:

  • Play to Give - This is a thing in which EA will go ahead and host special challenges in their current EA games. For every player that completes one of the challenges, EA will donate to one of 5 coding companies, whose goals are to train future coders to become coding monkeys. I gotta nod to EA for doing this, because they're really going against popular distaste to show that they want to turn around.
  • EA Originals - Okay, so you know how Fox has Searchlight for indie movies like Juno? Imagine that, but in gaming...yeah, that's EA Originals in a nutshell. Made in the spirit of publishing Coldwood's Unravel (still luv u, Yarn Man ;3), the promise with this program is to search for a few indie games every year. When they find one they see potential for, they offer the indie company a deal to have their game funded, marketed, and published under the circumstances that the developer itself is the only one who makes profit. I'm still not sure if EA's going to own any of their properties, because they didn't specify that, but the developers are let go at the end of each EA Original project, so...I guess it can be used for good.

Speaking of EA Originals, this is their first game under the initiative. I'm not hyped up for this like I am for Battlefield, but...daaaaaaaaang. I want to shed a tear of joy right now.


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