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Despite What People Said About Mirror's Edge Catalyst... [CLOSED]
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#1 Posted: 01:18:26 10/06/2016 | Topic Creator
I love it. It's the first new game in a long time to make me feel relaxed while in a flow, and you know, it's an enjoyable flow. It's one of those games that gets hate for not living up to standards with bigot nostalgic OGs. Guys, I get that the game may not please everyone, but give the game credit. How many times do you even see a 3D platformer come from anyone other than Nintendo these days? Better yet, how many do you see that's exclusively in first person? In all honesty, even though I've been born into gaming as a Spyro fan, I'll appreciate when people make ambitious moves to make another 3D platformer these days in any form, as there hasn't been a new official Spyro game in a long time (could've tolerated Dragon Land, but it became greedy after March), and I appreciated the effort made.

Obviously, it's still going to take a while before EA fully rises from its "infamousy" because of the expectations failing to be met with this game, but for what they helped DICE do, it's a job well done to them.

[User Posted Image]

Thank you, EA and DICE, for trying. You may have sprayed your fire, but you hit me with happiness.


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