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Dollar Store Finds - Video Game Edition [CLOSED]
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#1 Posted: 11:01:16 08/06/2016 | Topic Creator
I made a similar topic in the T&M forums of the Skylanders section. Have you found any good video games that were so old or obscure that they had the vast potential to be marketed in dollar stores?

I remember finding a couple of Wii games at one of them. But I remember seeing most of them being sports games and Rock Band expansions for some reason. Then there's that one game at my local dollar store I go to a lot titled "Austin Powers Pinball", which I was seeing for literally years and no one, not even me, bought it ever.

But my best video game find in a dollar store was just last Christmas. It was the first Fallout game for PC. I have never played Fallout, but I got this for three dollars bundled with another game, so that's quite the deal if the game alone is $1.50. Even less than the Steam holiday sale at the time. The other bundled game was some gothic-themed hidden object game, which I actually had fun playing. Apparently they like to bundle two completely random games for the price of $3.
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