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Is there anyone who can talk to me? [CLOSED]
GhostRoaster617 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3963
#1 Posted: 07:14:10 05/06/2016 | Topic Creator
Now I'm aware this may sound like trouble and may even be in some way violating rules and I'm sorry if it is, but I really do want an honest question from anyone here on the forums. Can anyone talk to me through Skype or something please? I am legitimately going through some pretty deep, lonely and depressing times where I have practically no one to talk to. I have no one on my Skype I can overall have more in depth discussions with, no moral support to back me up in sad and tough times and am even suffering technical problems with my brother's friends on Skype. So if anyone is willing to have a legitimate discussion with me on Skype, please let me be able to make friends with anyone so I can solve my dilemma. If you have any questions I am willing to answer them.
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#2 Posted: 13:01:58 05/06/2016
I unfortunately can't help with that, but isn't there a DarkSpyro Discord server? People there could help, maybe.
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