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(spoilers) i just got to the kaos realm, and.... oh boy.
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#1 Posted: 16:57:23 02/06/2016 | Topic Creator


one level is just 3 chompies.. then SUPRISE MOTHER****ERS CHOMPY MAGE SHOWS UP

one level is all 3 bomb villains.. ALL ON ONE TEAM


then we have the moneybone fight where now he has 2 life spell punks with him. multiple vampire batteries are used. still haven't beaten this.

there are 13 level in the kaos realm instead of 8.

and in the background of the fights there's literally a greyscaled stock-image of the pirate seas ship moving around. no, not a 3d graphic or new art- a stock image of the toy.
lamoracke Yellow Sparx Gems: 1635
#2 Posted: 18:26:02 02/06/2016
Yeah. its a bit tougher now. Before the game was revamped in early May, the earlier fights against the bosses and mini bosses were really tough to get 3 stars. Then they dumbed down the HP, added elemental bonuses and got rid of the 2nd time appearing bonus for folks like Grinnade etc. Its very easy to get 3 stars compared to the old ways.

The new one is definitely tougher, and that is a good thing. Still think the older method was tougher on the whole.

Also, I see they revamped not just the HP and damage of some villains but changed the pictures entirely in some cases, in some cases, just the zoom.
Sprite Red Sparx Gems: 40
#3 Posted: 18:36:06 02/06/2016
You can get through most of the Story mode with almost any deck, but the Kaos realm requires some tweaking for each and every level. I can only imagine how annoying it must be for someone without a lot of cards.

I've only managed to 2-star the one you haven't beaten yet. I barely beat it by pumping out as much damage as humanly possible, while hoping the boss never drew his gear. He can kill any Skylander within a couple of turns.
JJAtelier Blue Sparx Gems: 727
#4 Posted: 18:59:30 02/06/2016
It's gonna take you a while 3 star unless you have some specific cards to counter some of the boss's mechanics. I'd say out of all of them *spoiler alert*

Chill Bill/Gold Queen and Wolfgang are the hardest to 3 star due to their relentless stacked deck, took my wee bit while to figure out how to counter the former until I realised one simple solution.
Duddert Green Sparx Gems: 168
#5 Posted: 15:26:43 03/06/2016
Perhaps some people could share some tips, strategies (which characters did you use, which cards did you use) to help others be able to get three stars in these levels.
lamoracke Yellow Sparx Gems: 1635
#6 Posted: 15:49:01 03/06/2016
A lot of the reality for being able to get 3 stars is to have all the cards so you can see what cards you like more. The more you have, the more you can test out, and the more you like or dislike or just do not use that often.

There are a lot of characters who have a lot of power but only if you have all their cards. Sap of the Ancients is very nice to have. I think most folks would think life and water elements are very useful. I like Hot Head a lot, but I also like Crusher and Jawbreaker for my 3rd option in a fight.

Some fights require you to use a lot of low crystal cards as you get damage if you have too many cards. Some decks you need to build you need mute cards, but some you don't. I have some fights that I want to win fast so I remove healing cards. Its hard to just blanket say, here are the 30 cards you need because some fights its different. Some fights I have more relics out especially one particular enemy. Some folks like swap cards, personally I have no swap cards in most of my decks. Also breaking relic cards is useful against some enemies more than others.

If you have a particular enemy you are struggling with, then its easier to say something specific.

Speaking of 3 stars, I just beat Kaos for the first time with 3 stars. Cool. He also used a card I had never seen before, so another one for my picture gallery.
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Bifrost Diamond Sparx Gems: 9894
#7 Posted: 16:04:10 03/06/2016
Oh wow,I forgot the villain card list wasn't actually complete without Kaos' real spells.

I'm waiting for a let's play of Kaos Realm really since I can't play this game, but considering how bad people play in YT(WHY DO YOU LET THE GUY WITH 10 HEALTH ON THE SIDELINES LIVE WHEN YOU HAVE WARLY BIRDS ON HAND HE'LL GET HIS HEALTH BACK) you're not getting any strategies from them.
(What I need is never what I want)
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lamoracke Yellow Sparx Gems: 1635
#8 Posted: 16:07:45 03/06/2016
Yeah, I have not updated my share file, and a lot of the cards have changed, for example, crystal values changed on a card I noticed yesterday. I will probably update it soon. You might be the only other person to look in that file I made.

Chompy Mage suddenly has 4 more cards for instance, one of which I think is the card meant for Cruncher Chompy but it never got it. Now each of the jumbo forms have their own spell as well.
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Bifrost Diamond Sparx Gems: 9894
#9 Posted: 16:10:47 03/06/2016
People don't appreciate the card art enough, and even if the artists are finally releasing clean versions of them they're bound to miss some :I More people should check out the dropbox folders, you did an amazing job at getting the card pictures.
(What I need is never what I want)
JJAtelier Blue Sparx Gems: 727
#10 Posted: 16:16:40 03/06/2016

I'll have you covered later this month, still got the rest of elemental game play to edit through.

As for advice

I can offer the decklist I used for the Golden Queen/Chill Bill rematch as I've already edited a small imprint you guys can try.

[User Posted Image]

The goal here is burst them down with Crusher in the late game while stalling the match with enough healing/mutes.

Step 1. This depends entirely on your opening hand but make sure you get Ten Gallon Hat on Food Fight asap as well as Healing Amulet on either Snap Shot/Crusher (the latter is more ideal). With Healing Amulet and Ten Gallon Hat proccing on your frontline skylander for potentially 30 Health per turn, you should be able to survive into the late game.

Step 2. Transition into the mid game with the plan on getting Crusher to Rank 3 via Growth Spurt or simply have him play some spells at the front line. Make sure to keep count of the crystals the enemy has as Queen will possibly cast motherlode/scarab card that can accelerate the game and wreck your day. Have your mutes prepared and make sure Golden Queen has lower hit points then Chill Bill so she won't swap to the front when Bill gets too low upon reaching 10 crystals.

Step 3. Keep stalling the game with any mutes/heals until you finally draw into Crusher's late game cards (Drop The Hammer, Father's Hammer and Rock n'Rolled). Bloom will help nicely for card draw as well as Scry (I'd replace Excavate for Scry as the ramp isn't really necessary). And of course, prioritise as many buffs/Golem Strength while Crusher is at the front.

Step 4. Boom. Result.

[User Posted Image]
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lamoracke Yellow Sparx Gems: 1635
#11 Posted: 16:29:42 03/06/2016
And there are different strategies in that philosophy. While anyone would agree that the battle for 3 stars is lost if Golden Queen has 10 crystals and is in the front and is not muted, to quote Grave Clobber, you are toast....

However, I find Chill Bill does massive damage whereas Golden Queen does so little. I would rather figure out ways to keep her in the front more often than not. I would focus on spells like traptanium arrow (even better with XL500 scope), dragon dive, 3rd degree burn, whatever, that you can attack the back row.

I would rather physically attack Golden Queen in front but do the spells on Chill Bill in the back.

Definitely have mute spells ready though (Shush, Douse, whatever) for when 10 crystals come.

PS. One a separate note, I have updated my Dropbox folder to include the new Chompy Mage items, all the Kaos stuff and I updated all the villain pictures except for Sheep Creep. Did not see the point of updating him. In the case of the 8 villains who have 2 rounds, I used the 2nd round with their slightly higher damage and HP.

If a character has more damage in the Kaos realm, its not reflected in those pictures. I just chose where they are first introduced, zone wise.
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JJAtelier Blue Sparx Gems: 727
#12 Posted: 16:46:50 03/06/2016
There's a good reason not to keep Gold Queen at the front as she might cast one of her spells that increases the cost of your cards. Also, if the scarabs do proc at some point in the late game and Queen is at the front after gaining that bonus crystal from the scarabs which JUST allows her to get 10 crystals. Without proper foresight, that can ruin the game plan altogether. I'd personally just play it safe and slug it out with Chill Bill.

But hey, there's definitely more than one way to three star this level so do offer any other theorycrafting/suggestions. Understandably not every player will have access to the cards in my decklist so if anyone wants to know any alternative replacements feel free to shoot some queries anytime.
lamoracke Yellow Sparx Gems: 1635
#13 Posted: 16:51:43 03/06/2016
I do not mind the spell that increases the cost of one of my cards. At least there I have a chance that it won't hit the card I want, but you are correct, then you have the chance that the 10 crystal window will be reached as she can cast excavate or the motherlode. Its pick your poison!
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#14 Posted: 18:27:59 03/06/2016 | Topic Creator
FINALLY BEAT MONEYBONE. I just did as much damage as i could with high-hp characters like hot head and crusher.

and the fight where pepper jack and krankcase team up... is surprisingly easy.
Bionichute Yellow Sparx Gems: 1889
#15 Posted: 22:18:22 05/06/2016
This sounds STUPIDLY amazing.
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ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#16 Posted: 23:32:25 05/06/2016 | Topic Creator
Quote: Bionichute
This sounds STUPIDLY amazing.

it's amazingly hellish.

i beat the WHOLE thing today. pretty good. the ice gold fight was hard...
SkylandrPurists Emerald Sparx Gems: 3367
#17 Posted: 12:00:02 14/11/2016
Wow! The Kaos Realm must be like your worst nightmare!
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