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Video Gaming ~ Sales & Deals Thread (Week: 29th - 5th June 2016) [CLOSED]
ImDoubleTrouble Gold Sparx Gems: 2113
#1 Posted: 22:37:07 28/05/2016 | Topic Creator
[User Posted Image]

Not sure if there was a reason why we don't have one here like the Skylanders toys and merch forum. (Perhaps currency & location) So why not, this could be useful to help users save money. (This topic would also pair well with the recommendations thread.)

Post sales and deals you find here so other users can get the best bargains when buying video games.
(If there's a mod who could help, feel free to update.) I'll post up the best weekly deals regularly.

Be sure to include: (If Applicable)
- Location
- Price (in Currency)
- Proof of Deal
- Retailer
- Date of Expiration
Any other Information.

At current I'll focus on UK & US on this Main Post.
GAME TITLE----Retailer---Price---Deal Link/Proof
UK Weekly (Top Picks)
Message of the Day: "Soccer frantics are in luck with PES at a low price and for those adventurous, The Whitcher 3 is down to £17.99!"
[User Posted Image]

[User Posted Image]

Witcher 3 @ Various - £17.99 -

[User Posted Image]

US Weekly (Top Picks)
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