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Are cards tied to your game center account?
wideawakewesley Emerald Sparx Gems: 3271
#1 Posted: 14:45:53 28/05/2016 | Topic Creator
I own an iPad 3 and Nexus 4, but am currently loaning an iPad Air to make a video for FamilyGamerTV. All the cards we have, we scanned into the app on the Air and we're using my game center account on there. Does anyone know if they'll all carry across to my iPad 3? I tried the app on the Nexus 4 and it won't let me add the cards to my account, so both iOS and Android are definitely going back to the same central server to validate card unlocks, but I'm hoping it's not device specific and it's account specific instead.
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Bifrost Diamond Sparx Gems: 9894
#2 Posted: 14:52:02 28/05/2016
I think someone mentioned they are.Which is darn good, I hope my Silver Eletric Eel card is waiting for me when I get this game working :I
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Sancho9000 Green Sparx Gems: 155
#3 Posted: 18:49:12 31/05/2016
I can confirm that your collection and progress are tied to your game center account on iOS.

Tree-Rex-Prime Red Sparx Gems: 47
#4 Posted: 22:08:04 23/12/2016
If I use my Samsung galaxy S7, and put my cards there, and then I buy any other brand's device, lets say an Apple product... will my cards carry over?
JJAtelier Blue Sparx Gems: 727
#5 Posted: 15:00:55 25/12/2016
I think this has been confirmed in the past. The game is not cross compatible. So if you scan your cards on an Android device, and you wish to play with those cards digitally on your iOS device, that won't be possible since Game Centre has no access to Google Play since they're separate source.
Tree-Rex-Prime Red Sparx Gems: 47
#6 Posted: 05:09:26 26/12/2016
Thanks JJAtelier. Does anyone have any recommendations for certain devices over others? (i.e. does one glitch less, is one faster?)
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