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Do Jim Hawkins have a pony tail? [CLOSED]
Bimle Ripto Gems: 135
#1 Posted: 16:55:56 23/05/2016 | Topic Creator
I've always imagined him with a blonde pony tail, with white shirt and stuff(I've read the book but i dont find much of a description on him, i've seen illustrations, and even in some which looks like him which isnt, but Israel Hands who tries to kill Jim with a knife, while Jim fires two guns at him. Spoilers btw). Like an adventerous fellow. Maybe i have confused them with Monkey Island. I dont mean Jim Hawkins from that remade Disney version called "Treasure Planet" since its more of a rat tail than a pony tail.

But i am just wondering if Jim Hawkins is portrayed with a blonde pony tail, or if it was just my imagination?
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#2 Posted: 01:35:16 21/06/2016
Disney tends to change the way people see the characters in the book.
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