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Who should in Detroit: Become Human? [CLOSED]
StevemacQ Platinum Sparx Gems: 6344
#1 Posted: 13:56:40 22/05/2016 | Topic Creator
The new PS4 game made by David Cage and his Quantic Dreams team about an android in Detroit who discovers the world and herself (if that makes sense). It seems akin to Pinocchio, Blade Runner, A.I. Artificial Intelligence and Ex Machina.

The main character is Kara played by an actress named Valorie Curry.
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Since we're talking casting, if this is between Heavy Rain (mostly unknown European actors) and Beyond Two Souls (well known actors Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe), what kind of actors would be in Detroit: Become Human?

Here's my assumptions.

Lana Parilla (ABC's Once Upon A Time) as the head of the corporation that makes androids like Kara and would serve well as an antagonist (similar to how Aidan Gillen was in Quantum Break).

Hayley Joel Osment as the operator that allows Kara to exist since he also played an android with emotions before in A.I. Artificial Intelligence.

A possible friend that helps Kara would likely be Peter Weller (RoboCop) but since this is a David Cage production, I wonder if we'll see some French actors like Jean Reno or Christaphor Lambert. I wanna throw in Billy Zane is a bad guy but that's the least likely to happen.

What do you think? Do you have your own guesses?
Needz more eh-mo-shuns.
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