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Dissection and Customization of a DDR pad (Experimental) [CLOSED]
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#1 Posted: 05:06:04 11/05/2016 | Topic Creator
I have two XB360 dance pads for DDR which I use for Stepmania on my laptop as if it's a mobile DDR machine. After looking into customized dance mats, I thought about giving it a try myself. This includes opening up a pad to see what's in it and work around the parts to mod it. However, it's an experimental thing and it's to see how well I can do technological design and understand what's inside a device such as a dancepad. And the experience is going great so far.

I took the liberty of cutting open and re-assembling a dancepad for the entire afternoon (It's midnight now). I removed the top and bottom sheets covering the secrets within. Turns out there are two circuit sheets of sensor buttons with a foam plane in between. The two circuits seem to have black panels that, when touching each other, states a button is pressed. Where there are buttons on the circuit, the foam has dotted holes sandwiched right between them so that the panels touch and return to their initial spot (To ensure an immediate button push). And it looks like each button on both circuits are connected to what I call the "hub" of the dancepad (With the light-up X button and the USB wire)

I tried figuring out how the two circuits work. It seems the back circuit has buttons that all connect one-way to the hub, with their own line. The front one appears to act as one giant button. If it touches one of the back-circuit buttons, its gamepad button activates. I have carefully cut the panels of buttons in each circuit and began assembly of my custom, modded dancepad.

I used duct tape and tin foil to attach each panel of the circuit. The reason why I'm doing a new circuit is because I want to rewire it so that the start button acts as a center button, like what Pump It Up has (The button with the two feet). Things are going okay throughout the evening. Panels still work with connection of tin foil and duct tape. I just had to learn what the front circuit does. I also laid multiple layers of cardboard to make everything stable; One at the bottom, under the back circuit, second between both circuits, with holes between the panels, and the top to cover everything and make arrow designs on.

It's the end of the first day and I'm pretty tired from busting my arse over this dancepad mod. I appear to have the back circuit done, but I don't know for sure if it works 100%. I'm currently managing the front circuit to ensure all panels are working, including the extra center one I've implemented. I might be more than halfway there. You may never know, tomorrow could be a rather major change of events if I need to fix the wiring of the back circuit. The front looks fine and it was easy, but does it work as well? The top arrow panel, which is adjacent to the hub is fully working now. Picture and next update tomorrow.
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