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Random none contextual rant about Doom [CLOSED]
QueenChrysalis Green Sparx Gems: 465
#1 Posted: 07:10:58 26/04/2016 | Topic Creator
It was supposed to be a direct sequel to the original pseudo 3d Doom games, and a spiritual successor of Painkiller, where you go around shooting up demons, and then when the open beta came out they were all like "Hurr durr! Multiplayer only beta, because multiplayer and shooting twelvies and kill:death rates is all people give a crap about right?" All they had to do was take one of the levels they had already made, fill it full of monsters, and let me have at it. But no.

Now that I realize it's just another crappy Call of Duty clone, my interest his dropped from a 7 to 0

Just screw this whole multiplayer focus culture entirely. I live in Australia. I can't even multiplayer even if I wanted to (Y'all worry about 30fps locks? Try playing videogames when everything you do has a 2-3 second input delay), which I don't because all that happens in multiplayer is getting whined at by Scrublords because I didn't yolo my Leopard into the enemy team (A Leopard is a lightly armoured Main Battle Tank who's main strength is it's long range gun, and constantly being whined at for "Camping" was the reason I stopped playing Armored Warfare).

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