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What do you think of "The Sound Of Silence" by Disturbed? [CLOSED]
Pokemon2 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3814
#1 Posted: 11:34:26 19/04/2016 | Topic Creator
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#2 Posted: 12:19:03 19/04/2016
What do you think about things on Know Your Meme's front page since last week
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Samius Hunter Gems: 9294
#3 Posted: 15:14:22 19/04/2016
I don't really like it. It's a well made cover, and I think Disturbed makes fine music overall, but I've been hearing it too much on the radio lately.

I also don't like covers in general. There are very few that I do like, and most of them have some sort of a gimmick that turns them into something more than just an another song sung a bit differently.
The best examples of these are probably Apocalyptica's Metallica covers. They're all instrumentals played using nothing but cellos, and they are fantastic.

I guess I should link one of them, in case people are interested:
huge dotd freak Emerald Sparx Gems: 3354
#4 Posted: 21:22:16 19/04/2016
I'm usually not one for covers if it's a song I really like, let alone a favorite, but Disturbed is my very favorite band and I absolutely adore their version. That being said, I can't compare it to the original, it will always be a classic. It has a meaning that is very important to me, and it's just the kind of thing they would sing about. 10/10
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Dark Bro Emerald Sparx Gems: 4523
#5 Posted: 03:12:53 20/04/2016
I personally love Disturbed's version. In my opinion, it's just as good as the original version.
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Bolt Hunter Gems: 6135
#6 Posted: 07:13:06 02/05/2016
..... I've only heard it twice and it is weird.
Most pop songs are weird though.
But this one was really weird.
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