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Disney Infinity Fic i made for no reason (we're actually going places dammit) [CLOSED]
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#1 Posted: 03:02:08 31/03/2016 | Topic Creator

Contains spoilers for zootopia.

What if the greatest minds came together- and made something?

That’s what the infinity base is. It’s a place where characters from disney, marvel, and star wars all come together to live, and plan their next steps in life.

This is the story- of how everything came crashing down.


*Vision is sitting at the front desk. He’s staring intensely at his hands.*

Vision: How does this happen?

*Olaf walks through.*

Olaf: Hey, pink boy! We’ve got a new resident coming in any time now! Give her the keys and get her to room 34!

Vision: Exactly… how did we make this place?

Olaf: me and Kylo Ren combined our movie and merchandise payment and built this!

Vision: How much money could a snowman and a emo kid get?

Olaf: more money than your grandpa has!

Vision: Oh.

Olaf: Here comes resident 34! Keep it sharp!

*Judy hopps walks through the door. Vision is confused how a rabbit can walk on 2 legs.*

Judy: hey! I’m judy.

Vision: How?

Judy: What do you mean?

Vision: You’re a rabbit… But you walk on two legs..

Judy: Oh, in my movie, everything is anthro..

Olaf: *in the background* damn furries..
Vision: Room 34.. Right next to Rocket Raccoon and Groot.

Judy: Oh, a raccoon! And a..?

Vision: tree.

Judy: Wow, and i thought zootopia was weird… a TREE and a RACCOON Living together?!

Vision: It’s upstairs.

*In the upstairs…*

*Judy walks to the apartment, but something trips her.*

Judy: Oh!

*Venom walks up behind her*

Venom: Well would you look at that… It’s you.

Judy: Who… What are you!?

Venom: Name’s venom. I’m the janitor here.

Judy: Oh, cool..

Venom: We actually have more in common than you think…….Meter Maid.

Judy: Excuse Me?!

Venom: This place isn’t all fun and games. There’s conflict here too!

Judy: I’ll have you know, i solved a missing persons case!

Venom: With the help of a man.

Judy: Okay, i’m done. I’m going to my apartment. EFF YOU!

Venom: Well eff you too, playboy bunny!


Venom: NOPE!
*Judy walks into her new apartment. He lays down on the bed.*

Judy: Note to self… carry symbiote repellent..

*Rocket looks through the window*

Rocket: HEY!

Judy: Oh, hello neighbor!

Rocket: You’re the little ***** who started the RACE WAR!

Judy: Oh my god… i’m so sorry..

Rocket: We’re all the same company here, carrots! Do you have ANY IDEA what kinda **** got thrown around!? “GAS THE PREDATORS!” “RACE WAR NOW!”

Judy: Oh my god…

Rocket: Yeah, you better be sorry, twat.

Judy: What movie did YOU come from!?

Rocket: PG-13, *****!

Judy: Well… okay… wanna settle this over some dinner?

Rocket: Sure… There’s a cool restaurant here, Tony’s. He’s got all the most powerful artifacts of the disney universes on display. Plus they make a damn good pasta.

Judy: Okay!

Rocket: two things. One, it’s a fancy-shmancy restaurant. And two, i’m bringing groot. So get shopping, hopps!

*Rocket slams the window closed.*

Judy: Oh… oh boy..
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ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#2 Posted: 17:32:00 31/03/2016 | Topic Creator
More of this.

*Judy is at the shopping center, inside the apartments. Olaf is loaded.*

Judy: Dang, this place… it’s loaded!

*Ant Man walks behind judy.*

Ant-Man: Hey, you’re new here!

Judy: Yeah. You’re ant man? *laughs*

Ant-Man: You’re a rabbit?

*Ant Man shrinks down her size, just to piss her off.*

Judy: Now that’s just rude..

Ant Man: Yeah. I know.

*Ant Man goes back to normal size and walks away.*

Judy: Jeez.. so many rude people…

*Nick walks behind her.*

Nick: You can say that again.

Judy: Nick! You’re here!

Nick: Yeah. Say… let’s get out of here. I made a few new friends, let’s hit up the club in here.

Judy: Nick… this is going to end bad. I have to do something with a raccoon later tonight…

Nick: What kind of something, huh? This sounds like furaffinity material..

Judy: OH GOD NO. I’m just going to talk about the whole race war i started, over dinner.

Nick: Can i come?

Judy: If the raccoon brings a tree, I can bring a fox.

*They go off to a van with some Empire propaganda on it.*

Judy: Who owns this van?
Nick: The best bounty hunter in this place! Boba Fett.

*Boba Fett rolls down the window, and signals for nick to come in.*

Nick: That’s my cue.

*They get in the van. Black Panther is in the passenger seat.*

Black Panther: Nice costumes.

Nick: These aren’t costumes, Wakanda boy.

Black Panther: I see. We’re going to club D23. You in?

Nick: Yep.

Judy: I really can’t…

Black Panther: You’re in the van. It’s all downhill from here.

Judy: Rocket’s gonna kill me…

Boba Fett: Don’t worry, i can arrange.

*The van drives rapidly down the road.*


*Boba Just flips her off.*

Nick: This guy can get out of anything and everything.

Black Panther: He knows this world inside and out. He knows how to get past the popo.

Judy: He can’t get past the Popo if the popo IS IN HIS CAR!!

Boba Fett: What you gonna do, carrots?

Judy: Write you an arrest warrant for, well, being a hitman.

Boba Fett: Yeah right.

*Judy pulls out a phone*

Nick: DON’T DO IT…

*Judy slowly dials 911.*

Black Panther: DON’T DO IT, RABBIT.

*A call is made.*

Nick: ****.

*The van abruptly stops. Boba Fett gets out of the driver’s seat. Black Panther makes a run for it. Police cars show up around the van.*


Judy: Hey, i’ll move if i wa-

*Gunshots are heard outside of the van. The police cars drive away.*

Judy: okay, not moving…

*Boba Fett rips the door off the van, and grabs judy. He drags her to the nearby club.*

Nick: Oh ****!

*He gets up and runs towards boba.*

Boba Fett: This ***** will be dead in 10 minutes, fox. Leave.

*Nick jumps on boba.*

Boba Fett: Not into that kinda thing, sorry.

*Black Panther comes back, and trips Boba. The police come, and take Boba.*

Judy: Thanks… Mr. panther..

Black Panther: No problem.

*They walk back to the complex.*

thumper Ripto Gems: 3519
#3 Posted: 15:20:46 01/04/2016
Sorry to ask but will you be continuing this?
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#4 Posted: 15:21:57 01/04/2016 | Topic Creator
Quote: thumper
Sorry to ask but will you be continuing this?

if you want. I have one more chapter already written, and i can do more.
thumper Ripto Gems: 3519
#5 Posted: 15:25:12 01/04/2016
Please, when you have time could you post the next chapter?

Thank you. ^.^
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#6 Posted: 15:27:52 01/04/2016 | Topic Creator
*It’s later that night, at tony’s. Artifacts line the walls and floors of the restaurant. Judy, Nick, Black Panther, Rocket, and Groot are there.*

Rocket: Damn, this place IS fancy.

Groot: I am Groot.

Rocket: I know right?

Black Panther: So tell me, how does this place work?

Rocket: You order the food, and they give it to you. Just like that.

Groot: I am Groot.

Rocket: Hey, not yet buddy!

Judy: Not yet what?

Rocket: Happy Hour starts in 5 minutes.

Judy: Oh ****..

Nick: Hey, that’s fine by me.

Rocket: This guy knows what’s up!

Black Panther: I see the waiter.

Rocket: Act natural, people!

*Vision comes by.*

Judy: Vision?

Vision: I am also a waiter. What do you all want?

Rocket: The special.

Nick: A salad.

Judy: a salad as well.

Black Panther: Just a salad.

Groot: I am groot.

Rocket: he says he wants a special.

Vision: Any drinks?

Rocket: No, me and fantastic mr fox over here are gonna hit up the bar!

Vision: Have fun.

*Vision phases away.*

Judy: What is the special?

Rocket: Steak.

Judy: WHAT!? i had a friend in college who was a COW, dammit!

Rocket: So? Things change.

Judy: That’s… That’s just disgusting! You’re eating something that was LIVING! ALIVE!

Rocket: Are you gonna cry, PETA? Huh?

Judy: How could you!?

Rocket: Science.

*Rocket and nick go to the bar.*

Judy: God dammit..

Black Panther: The salads here are good.

Judy: Ah, thank goodness. Nice cat ears on your suit, by the way.

Black Panther: Thanks.

*At the bar..*

Rocket: Dude, your chick is acting up. She looked about ready to slap me! Ha!
Nick: We’re just friends.

Rocket: That’s not what your pants say.

Nick: ****.

Rocket: It’s okay. There was this one time i REALLY wanted to **** an otter.

Nick: An otter, huh?

Rocket: Yeah. I wanted in that slippery *****. But the MCU didn’t allow!

Nick: Was she a hot otter?

Rocket: She was hot, alright.

Nick: I see. Let’s order our drinks.

Rocket: HEY BIG GUY! Two shots for me and the fox.

*Hulk turns around and stares intensely at rocket and nick.*

Hulk: Hulk get your drinks.

Rocket: Thanks!

Nick: That was… THE HULK!?

Rocket: Yeah, we’re good friends.

Nick: He’s kinda scary.

*Rap music blares in the background.*

Rocket: Oh great. Tony’s here.

Nick: Who?

Rocket: Tony stark. The owner of this eatery. And looks like he’s about to go talk to the cap..

Nick: Captain america?

Rocket: Yeah. Those bozos have been fighting for months!
Nick: Over what?

Rocket: One of cap’s friends went crazy in DC. Turns out he was brainwashed. Tony wants him arrested, AND a bill in place to monitor us supers. But Cap says Barnes is innocent, and he wants no bill! Crazy!

Nick: I see..

Rocket: Now, let’s get crazy!

*They both take shots.*

*At the table..*

Groot: I am Groot.

Judy: I have no idea what you just said.

Black Panther: So, back in my ho-

*Yelling is heard in the background. Cap delivers a swift punch to iron man.*

Judy: WHAT!?

Black Panther: Oh god.. They’re fighting.

Rocket: *yelling from the bar* THE CAP JUST SNAPPED!

Judy: But… they’re friends!

Groot: I am groot.

Black Panther: Best we don’t mind them. I don’t want you to be involved in the civil war.

Judy: Civil war?

Black Panther: Basically, it can be said like this- Security VS Privacy.

Judy: Well, privacy is the best choice here..

Black Panther: I’m personally with the feeling of security..

*They squint at each other for a few seconds.*
*Vision drops the food off. Nick and Rocket are already wasted.*

Judy: I can’t watch this…

*She runs off to the bathroom.*

*Groot picks up a fork and knife, and eats the steak he ordered.*

*at the bar..*



Rocket: SHE’S GREEN!

Nick: YEAH!




*They go back to the table.*

Nick: What’s up, tree boy!

Rocket: Now, let’s eat!

Groot: i am groot!

Rocket: What, we only had a few…. Like, 35!

Black Panther: Oh my god..

*Nick and Rocket both pass out, simultaneously.*

Black Panther: Hey, watch this…

*He pulls out a sharpie.*

*Judy comes back*
Judy: They got wasted, right?

Black Panther: Yes.

Judy: Okay.. let’s pay and leave…

*Nick wakes up in his room, room 16. The words “FANTASTIC MR ****” Are written on his forehead in sharpie.*

Here it is.
thumper Ripto Gems: 3519
#7 Posted: 15:34:20 01/04/2016

omg the sharpie, I can't stop laughing. lol

Thank you. ^.^
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#8 Posted: 04:24:35 02/04/2016 | Topic Creator
more coming soon.

it's bout to get nasty.
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#9 Posted: 03:05:04 03/04/2016 | Topic Creator
*Olaf, Ultron, darth vader, venom, and kylo ren are all sitting in a room.*

Olaf: Alright boys… we have an issue. That little prick judy got boba jailed.

Venom: i want to **** the rabbit.

Ultron: What the ****!?

Olaf: WE’LL TALK ABOUT RABBIT-****ING LATER! I have a plan.


Olaf: Anyway… The cap and iron man are fighting again. If we can divide the apartment dwellers into the two sides… we’ll have chaos. That’s what we want!

Darth Vader: When do we get boba fett back?

Olaf: After we bomb the orphanage.

Kylo Ren: But when do we get them to fight? HOW?

Olaf: We give them something they can’t refuse- celebs..


*People flood the ballroom. Iron Man and Cap are there.*

Judy: What is going on?

Vision: It’s an autographing.

Black Panther: Hey guys, i’m with iron man! Come here!

*they walk to iron man.*

Iron Man: Hey, black panther, vision, AND the EASTER BUNNY! Whoo boy!

Judy: Umm… excuse me?

Iron Man: Why don’t you go hop along to walmart, kid.

*Judy walks away, angrily.*

Cap: Hey, judy. I know, tony’s a dick… but i know all about rooting for the little guy.

Judy: Huh?

Cap: listen- tony wants to arrest an innocent man, and put all superheroes under the government’s rule!

Judy: What?!

Cap: yeah. Join team cap… we’ve got reason on our side.

*he hands her a card.*


*later that night. Judy is in her apartment.*

Judy: That was… odd..

*Nick walks in*

Nick: Hey. did you get anything signed?

Judy: yeah, the cap signed this paper..

Nick: The cap? Dude, he’s biased. That “innocent man?” A criminal. For a police officer… you’re going for the bad option.

Judy: So you like the government to spy on you?

Nick: That’s not what anybody said.

Judy: I know you’re just with tony for the money and hoes, fox.

*Nick looks at judy, angrily. He storms out of the room.*

Rocket: *from the window* WOOOO!!! Served his ass!

Judy: I… I don’t want that.

Rocket: Team cap! I’m not letting government jackasses spy on me!

Judy: I….
Rocket: I’ll leave you be.

*he closes the window.*


*The next day.*

*the phone rings in judy’s apartment. She picks it up.*

Judy: hello?

Rocket: HE’S DEAD!

Judy: WHO!?


*rocket breaks into tears. Groot hangs up the phone, but not before saying “i am groot.”*

*judy runs to apartment 50*

It's chapter 4 time!
thumper Ripto Gems: 3519
#10 Posted: 23:30:15 03/04/2016
Quite interesting indeed, I really like this. I'm sorta hoping that Black Panther does hook up with Judy tho. smilie
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#11 Posted: 23:32:38 03/04/2016 | Topic Creator
Quote: thumper
Quite interesting indeed, I really like this. I'm sorta hoping that Black Panther does hook up with Judy tho. smilie

I don't even have Black Panther for infinity yet smilie

But next chapter is coming sometime this week. I'm starting school again so expect longer breaks between chapters
thumper Ripto Gems: 3519
#12 Posted: 23:53:30 03/04/2016
But in the second chapter, Black Panther saves Judy from Boba Fett. Did I misread that?

Okay I understand that school starts back up this week, have a good week.

Please let me know when you post the next chapter. Thank you. ^.^
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#13 Posted: 23:56:03 03/04/2016 | Topic Creator
Oh, here's chapter 5.

*In cap’s apartment, he lays on the floor, with a huge gash in his chest. Judy, Rocket, Groot, and others are there.*

Rocket: I can’t believe this… Who would kill CAPTAIN AMERICA!?

Groot: I am Groot.

Rocket: This couldn’t be a villain… They’re all janitors..

Groot: I am Groot..

Rocket: You don’t know how this works… do you?

*Olaf walks in.*


Judy: What happened!?

Olaf: As we all know, there’s a gash in his chest. But my good friend ULTRON has managed to analyze the Gash… there’s DNA from another HUMAN in there…


Olaf:...And with science, we know who it is. This gash… was caused… By TONY STARK!


Olaf: we have already liquidated his assets and have him in jail. Stay calm, and please… leave the crime scene. Sam and Quorra will be here in 5 minutes to clean this up!

*everybody leaves. They go to the lobby.*

Judy: Tony Stark… did it?

Vision: I’m afraid so. It’s proven.

Judy: So… Team Iron Man people… supported a murderer!?

Vision: It appears as if you’re not the only one who thinks that.

*Donald Duck is yelling at Nick.*

Donald: YOU FILTHY BASTARD! How could you support a man like that!?

Nick: I had no idea he’d murder somebody!

Donald: Admit it, you knew.

Nick: I did not!

Donald: Fine..

*Donald walks away*

Donald: *Under breath* ****ing predators…

Nick: Say that to my face, dip****. I dare you.

*Donald turns around.*

Donald: ****ing. Predators.

*Nick flinches for a second, and jumps on donald. A fight begins.*

Vision: Looks like Nick…. Isn’t all that innocent?

*Judy slaps vision across the face.*

Judy: This isn’t him… It can’t be!

*Spider Man shows up, and grabs Nick.*

Spider Man: You are under arrest! For assault… and tax evasion. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you… yadda yadda yadda.

Nick: Wait… what happened!?

Spider Man: Don’t play stupid, fox. You know EXACTLY what you did.

*Spidey slaps a muzzle on Nick, and drags him out of the lobby.*

Judy: WAIT!!

Vision: Nothing can be done here now. Spider Man is a hero of his own accord.

Judy: I KNOW that’s not him!

Ant-Man: Quit trying to defend that STARKER, bunny. We ALL know that starkers… are murderous bastards.

*In the distance, yelling and screaming can be heard. Iron Fist and Nova show up to stop the chaos.*


*Judy sits on her bed.*

Judy: My god…

*Rocket looks in.*

Rocket: Hey… you okay there?

Judy: That’s not him!

Rocket: I know… It can’t be! Nobody just flinches and then goes bat**** crazy like that!

Judy:.....Wait… flinch?

Rocket: Yeah, he like spazzed out for 5 seconds before jumping on Donald.

Judy: Is there any way we have video of that?

Rocket: Security cameras… I can get into them… But first i need something from Tony’s.

Judy: What?

Rocket: I’m gonna need loki’s staff.

Judy: I’ll go with you.

Rocket: Fine.

*The two head down to tony’s.*

thumper Ripto Gems: 3519
#14 Posted: 00:52:05 04/04/2016

Nick couldn't have done that.

I'll be waiting patiently for the next chapter.
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#15 Posted: 02:08:14 04/04/2016 | Topic Creator
*Olaf is in a room with Venom, Kylo, Darth Vader, and Ultron. Olaf is holding a gun at Tony Stark’s Face*

Olaf: Great work, boys. We framed a billionaire, AND a con man!

Iron Man: What have you done?!

Venom: We Got some symbiote into the bloodstream of Nick Wilde… he’s my puppet now!

Iron Man: You mean the fox?

Olaf: Yep! You think THE donald duck would show his face here? I paid him with your cash, tony! And spidey? Totally paid. Money keeps it cold, sweetheart.

Iron Man: You will be stopped! I’ll get Vision on your ass! And judy!

Olaf: *laughs* JUDY!? HA! You think a BUNNY can stop a billionaire!? YOU IDIOT! In this world, it’s KILL or BE KILLED! And little miss carrots… is on the list.

Iron Man: Wrong game, Olaf..

Olaf: I know. *Olaf pulls the trigger, and shoots tony in the face.*

Olaf: VADER! Bomb the orphanage. ULTRON! Go get Boba Fett! And for Venom… go execute plan K.

*The villains run off. Olaf laughs.*


*Later that night, at tony’s..*

Judy: This is the second time i’ve been here this month..

Rocket: Ugh. Now… I’ll just need to cause a distraction, to divert the attention of Nova…

Judy: How?

Rocket: Easy.

*Rocket shoots a chandelier, and it crushes Nova. Judy runs in and grabs the staff.*

Judy: That felt bad..
Rocket: Listen, Hopps… Sometimes… that’s what i have to do.

*The two run.*

Judy: So what do you need from the staff?

Rocket: This staff will let me break the enchantment put on olaf by elsa…

Judy: OLAF!?

Rocket: He’s behind this whole thing. Trust me… Why would he just announce the murderer of the Cap, without a trial? And why would he just liquidate him?

Judy: Oh…. Damn….

Rocket: Plus, I got into the cameras. Somebody flung a black.. Thing… onto Nick, and it entered through his ear. Whatever that black stuff is, it’s what’s made him attack..

Judy: VENOM!

Rocket: The janitor!?

Judy: Venom is a symbiote! Getting that SYMBIOTE into nick allowed him to control nick!

Rocket: Damn! Now I see why people draw porn of you.

Judy: WHAT!?

Rocket: Nothing!


*In the lobby, Olaf walks in.*

Olaf: Listen up, guys!

*venom walks in.*


*venom throws symbiote everywhere. It gets inside most of the residents.*

Olaf: See you all tonight.

*it’s late that night. Baloo crashes into rocket’s apartment, and grabs him.*

Rocket: HELP!

*Judy wakes up, and runs to the lobby to see most of the residents walking to one room.*


Judy: heh, bear.


*Judy runs after Baloo.*

*They go in,to see a room full of residents. They are being sent out on the city.*

Rocket: Holy ****..


*Olaf looks at her.*

Olaf: look who decided to show up! Everybody give an applause to Playboy Bunny over here!

*Sarcastic clapping from the villains.*

Olaf: I have A LOT to expalain..

the second to last chapter.
skylandersspyro Emerald Sparx Gems: 3261
#16 Posted: 02:21:39 04/04/2016
Uh Uh Uh! You didn't say the magic word!
thumper Ripto Gems: 3519
#17 Posted: 13:22:54 04/04/2016
Explanation from Olaf should be quite interesting indeed.

I hope the next chapter will be posted soon.
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#18 Posted: 12:35:29 05/04/2016 | Topic Creator
chapter 7, the final chapter, is coming this Saturday.

after this, i'll continue working on a completely different story.
thumper Ripto Gems: 3519
#19 Posted: 19:27:03 05/04/2016
Thank you for the update. ^.^

I'll be waiting patiently for the last chapter.
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#20 Posted: 23:12:06 05/04/2016 | Topic Creator
the completely different story is here-

follow it if you wish. smilie
thumper Ripto Gems: 3519
#21 Posted: 00:20:33 06/04/2016
I just read the second chapter, this is a really good story. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

I'll be sure to read the next chapter when it's completed.
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#22 Posted: 22:00:10 29/05/2016 | Topic Creator
seeing as the game is cancelled i'm done here.
night bomb guy Yellow Sparx Gems: 1538
#23 Posted: 16:08:24 30/05/2016
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO don't! I don't want a cliffhanger!
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