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#1 Posted: 22:50:37 28/03/2016 | Topic Creator
Haven't played Trap Team in about a year -- but just recently heard on a podcast that there is a way in the back of Skylanders Academy to actually unlock a PvP mode.

Is this true?!?
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#2 Posted: 22:56:19 28/03/2016
Pretty false. Battle Mode hasn't showed up in the games since Swap Force.

It's possible it was planned and maybe someone found by hacking(no idea if that's why they said it)? But if so it wasn't implemented.
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#3 Posted: 00:43:53 29/03/2016
Quote: Drawdler
No, but that's a pretty funny rumor. I miss when rumors about games like that were more widespread.

(Also, err, don't mean to be rude with this post if it comes across that way. smilie)

I also hear skylanders will debit your banking account in real life when you collect coins via PayPal.
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