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Why? A Pokémon fanfiction [CLOSED]
Alydol Ripto Gems: 1330
#1 Posted: 03:39:40 24/03/2016 | Topic Creator
Day 1 of my journal
I opened my eyes to living again in pokken tournament. I'm a charizard, hated because I once killed my trainer's neighbor's bulbasaur and I'm overrated. Plus, I'm the only pink one out of super smash bros. I guess it was just another torturing day. I never will have a friend, because I'm forced to battle them. A man came into my small cage and muzzled me. They took me out into the battlefield and took away the muzzle. I was forced to face a lucario, they whipped me. Due to my past, of having a trainer who loved lucarios, I turned around and blasted the man. The man tried to muzzle me, I was taken back, and so was the lucario. I didn't know that the lucario lived next to my cage. I knocked on my cage trying to get her to talk. I gave up after an hour. "Why?" I whispered to myself "Why am I forced to torture? Why?" The lucario in the cage next to my cage sighed "I feel the same..." she said "Wait, we can get us out if we break out, but, we have to work together." I put my head out of my cage, I smiled and thought of having a good trainer, again.

Day 2
It was the next day, today, I wasn'the brought out, but, lucario was, I saw that she had to fight a braixen! I Broke the bars of my cage and swooped down on the braixen and threw him away. Some guy behind me muzzled me, but, lucario got on my back and I flew off. The man pointed a me, "get them, get her!" I flew faster, but, I crashed into a tall rock. The lucario fell off
I saw that the spots that were blue were silver.
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