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The Legend of Cynder: The Start of it All [CLOSED]
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Behold! A fan fiction I'm actually going to finish! Please enjoy this, it nearly killed me writing all thirty chapters. I'm going to upload it all today, in time. Here we go...



In the Year of The Dragon, in a world beyond the realms, I like all the others, awaited the birth of the Purple Dragon of whom the prophecies foretold...

But the Dark Master heard the prophecies as well...

I should have hidden the eggs long before... But I... I thought they were ready... I thought we were safe...

Oh, how I was wrong...

The Dragon Temple rumbled loudly, as a great red dragon was peering at the three eggs of purple, dark purple, and one that had a mystic starry pattern. He immediately knew what the Dark Armies had come for... The yellow dragon, Electric Guardian Volteer, rushed in like a flash into the hatchery of the temple. The words rolled off his electric toung. "Save them! The Dark Armies... Have come!"

With little hesitation, the Fire Guardian, Ignitus, went to grab one of the eggs. Bombs assaulted the temple, causing everything to rumble. The red dragon stumbled and a pillar fell in front of him, blocking him from the purple egg he was going to take. Rushing, he went over and grabbed a dark purple egg instead, and clutched it to his chest like a child's doll.

He rushed through the temple and went to the secret passage in the back. He let loose a blaze of flame and the passage opened to the outside world in the once peaceful night, revealing the ugly bat-like creatures known at Dreadwings swarming the skies. They assaulted the temple with more bombs, causing the other eggs in the room to move and roll.

Reluctantly, he flapped his great wings with mighty gusts of wind being sent down every time, and flew to the Silver River, away from the attack at the temple.

He silently glided down to the river by a slightly large mushroom. He took the head off of it and put the egg in and pushed it down the river. To where he did not know... He let the sad words send off the young dragon, in hope, somehow, they would meet again... As it was the world's only hope now...

"May the Ansestors look after you!" He called out. "May they look after us all..."
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Chapter 1: Legends and Prophecies

Blaze's (He's a kitten) P.O.V

I looked out over the landscape from the mountains, far above everything. It felt very sickening at first but then, it felt amazing! I felt like I could do anything! Snowflakes fell on my face on the snowy mountain. It was very clean, it was almost like diamond dust! My adopted mother, Peace the lioness, came out from under our small dome-like shelter made of straw, sticks, pine needles, and other things of nature to come by my side. "See anything, dear?" She asked me. "Nothing much, just the white puffy stuff..." I responded. "The clouds?" She chuckled. "Yeah, that." I said. She chuckled and cleaned the purple tuft on my head. "Urg... Mom, I'm too old for that!" I said pulling away. "Not on my watch!" She said, smiling. I sighed as she cleaned me. She cleaned my purple tuft that served as bangs, my orange fur, my tan underbelly, and my purple tail and fur on my chest. I shot her a glare with my dark purple eyes when she was done. "Mom, could you please stop doing that?" I said angrily. "Sorry, maybe you should take a bath in the ponds then?" She said sarcastically. "No way! Do you know how cold they are?" I shot back. "I guess I'll have to do it then." She said with a sly smile. I sighed in surrender. "Okay..." I got under her. "Brr... It's extra cold up here during the winter..." "Yes... We should probably get in our den before we catch cold." She said looking back at our tiny village. She picked me up by the scruff and took me under our small dome. It wasn't that much different but, it was better than outside...

My two lion cub brothers, Scratch and Scar, as usual, were fighting over a piece of meat. "Boys! You shouldn't be doing that, you know that food is scarce during the winter!" Mother scolded. "Sorry..." They both apologized. Mother nodded and put the meat back in the small pile of our food. Eventually, mother had fallen asleep and my brothers got bored. Scar walked up to me and whispered. "Blaze... Do you have anymore stories for us?" Scar asked. "Or even better... A prophecy?" Scratch butted in to our whisper conversation. I would always secretly take scrolls from the Elder's hut in our village and read them to my brothers. I would hide them under our food pile and would put them back if it got too small. Right now, it was big enough to hide just one. I snuck past mom and took the scroll out from under the raw meats. "Alright, this one is a legend." I whispered. "It's about a purple dragon." "Wow! Dragons, I haven't met one of them before..." Scar whispered. "Yeah, I bet it's gonna be cool... Here we go..." I said, holding the scroll to the outside light so I could see it.

"There was once a dragon, long ago, whose raw power was far greater than anyone could have seen or imagined... At first he mastered fire, which was odd because he was not a fire dragon. Then came ice, and wind, and many other abilities others had not thought possible. He was the first purple dragon. In the beginning, he was encouraged and secrets of elemental mastery were passed on to him by the Elders. But his power, was limitless. It knew no boundary. He consumed... Everything... When he would not stop, he was cast into exile. And from his new fortress within a mountain, he built an army. Not of dragons, but of apes. He taught them how to artifically harness the power of the Spirit Gems. The life force of all dragons..."

"Blaze... What are you doing?" A tired voice interrupted me. My head swung around to my mother. "Is that one of the Elder Scrolls you have there?" She said more awake. I just stood there, petrified. My brothers hid behind me shivering. I sighed. I knew this would happen eventually. "Yes..." I said looking down. "Blaze! Why would you do that, what did you even need it for?" She said with her dark green eyes glaring down at me. "Well... I just liked to read them!" I started. "I... I like reading about our past. Everything is so amazing. And the dragons... The purple dragons... Were probably the most interesting ones I've read about yet!" I said with my eyes lighting up. My mother smiled and sighed. "Alright, you're safe this time." She said, nudging my head affectionatly. "I'll go and return this to the Elders. I'll just tell them that I found it had slipped out." She said as she picked it up in her mouth. "Thank you..." I muttered under my breath.
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    Chapter 2: Dangers Lurking

    Blaze's P.O.V

    6 years later...

    It was winter once again, all kits ages one to twelve were instructed to stay in their homes. My brothers and I quietly sat in our hut. The royal winged cats from The White Isle had come to announce something to the rest of the village that attended the meeting. I tried to listen to what was going on but, I couldn't manage it. The meeting place was too far back in the village to hear anything. My brothers and I couldn't attend because, I was only nine and my brothers were eight. I muttered angrily and my brothers whispered to eachother. I sighed in frustration and threw myself on the ground, trying to fall asleep...

    Suddenly, I heared the fluttering of wings outside. I got up and saw my brothers had fallen asleep. I snuck outside and looked around. Nothing. I kind of got spooked. "Hi!" A female voice burst out. "GAH!" I yelled as I tripped and fell face first in the snow due to alarm. "Hehe! Whoops!" The voice snickered behind me. I got up in fury and turned around. "HEY! What in the world was that... For..." I was lost at words. She was the most beautiful creature I have ever seen... She was was a pink winged cat. She had black cheetah-like spots all over her, a white under belly, black on the tips of her ears and tail, and mezmorizing brown eyes. "Oh... I'm sorry... I didn't mean to startle you... I'll just go..." She said sadly as she was about to take off. "N-no! Wait!" I called to her. She turned around. "Yeah?" She said. "I'm sorry for coming off as rude, just... Please don't leave, I'm kind of lonely..." I said, staring into those beautiful eyes of hers. "Oh... Alright!" She said smiling. "Sorry for scaring you, my name is Amber." She said. Amber... Oh, even her name is beautiful... I thought, staring dreamily at her. "Um, are you okay?" She asked. I shook my head out of my daydream. "Oh! W-what?" I asked embarassed. "Oh, that's alright, I know you like me." She said with her eyes in a sly position. My face felt really hot. "Anyway, what's your name?" She asked. "Oh um... My name? It's uh... B-Blaze..." Said feeling memorized by her beauty. "Well, nice to meet you B-Blaze!" She teased. My face felt even hotter now... "I'll introduce myself once again. My name is Amber, Princess of The Winged Cats." She said. I staggered a little bit. "P-PRINCESS?!" I said in awe. "Yeah, but I'm not that up for the royal stuff. I hate it when everyone says I think I'm better than them. It's not true at all, I'm just like everyone else!" She said. I'm so glad to hear that... I thought. "I've never had any friends either... Hey! Do you want to be my friend, Blaze?" I smiled widly and screamed. "YES!" My voice echoed throught the mountains. My face felt hot again... Amber giggled. "Yay! I've never had a friend before!" She smiled. She turned her head back to the meeting place. "I hate to leave you but, I ought to head back before anyone starts to worry..." She said, opening her wings. "Oh..." I said kind of broken. Amber noticed my depression. "You know, Blaze... Becuase we're friends and all now, do you want me to sneak you near the meeting place?" She asked with a smile. I just grinned widely and nodded rapidly. "Alright, hold still." She wrapped her arms around me and we went flying towards the meeting place. We landed outside the entrance and peeked in. The Queen of Winged cats was there with our village elders and everyone else. We listened to the conversation.

    "So, what might become of everyone if this 'Spyro' reaches the Dante Freezer Mountains?" One of our Elders asked. "That, I am not sure of. But, if you see any sign of Spyro near here, run. Run as fast as you can to the Dragon City of Warfang. That is where everyone is hiding." The Queen said. "The Dragon City? With all those horrible dragons in it? I would never go there!" Someone objected. "I would have to agree. We cannot trust these dragons, does anyone here remember what Malefor has done? And with this 'Spyro' lurking around and causing trouble, it certainly does not make the dragons' images any better!" Someone else said, "I agree!" "Here, here!" The crowd started chattering a storm! Amber and I looked at eachother with horrified expressions. "Dragons?!" I whispered to her. "Mother never mentioned this to me..." Amber said worridly. "Order! ORDER!" The Queen commanded. The crowd went silent. Amber and I looked back in. "You all have no choice." The Queen said. "Would you rather die to this one killer dragon or be safe with your children around a few harmless dragons?" Everyone murmered. "That is what I thought." The Queen concluded. "Anyway, has Spyro taken over any other place besides Tall Plains?" Asked one of the Elders. "Yes, he has taken over the Munitions Forge and has forced the inhabitants to work in mines for his army." The Queen responed. "If only there was a way to rid those wretched apes from finding more places for him to take over..." One of the Elders started. "There might be one way..." The Queen said. Everyone went silent. "The purple dragon." Everyone gasped and murmered. "Yes but... As someone in the crowd said, do you not remember what Malefor was like?" "Yes, but the dragon may be our last hope! The problem is, the egg has disappeared, we have sent our soldiers to search from The White Isle to Avalar and we have found no sign of it." She said. "Well, if the egg is truly our last hope... We shall send our warriors to search as well." The Elder said. "Good. But know this, if they see Spyro ANYWHERE. Run. Run or you will die. Spyro is an unstoppable force of nature..." The Queen shuddered. They continued to discuss. I turned to Amber. "You know... I've read about a purple dragon. He was cast into exile and he built an army of apes. Do... Do you think that was Malefor?" I asked her. "I'm pretty sure..." She said. We continued to listen for a few more hours and it finally ended. Amber flew me back home before anyone noticed us.

    "So... Do you think I'll see you again?" I asked her. She nodded. "Yeah, I over heard my mom say we're coming back next week." I sighed with relief. Amber smiled and nuzzled me. "Bye..." She whispered in my ear. She flew off and got with her parents. I just stood there, smiling and staring off into space, only seeing pink. I fell face first in the snow and sighed dreamily, still thinking of Amber.

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    Chapter 3: Long Gone

    Blaze's P.O.V

    5 years later...

    Many years have passed since Amber and I first met. More and more, Amber had come and we would listen to the meetings. You'd be surprised of how frequent they came. Still, they have not found the purple dragon. Some went as far to believe it was dead. Amber and I kept our hopes high though, soon we became old enough to attend the meetings. Today another meeting was taking place but I have a feeling it'll just be assembling the Warriors and such, that's what they're usually about now...

    As we were walking, Amber suddenly stopped. I stopped and turned around to look at her. "What? You think this'll be too boring?" I joked at her. "Hmm, quite possibly." She said as she walked around me. "You know, we could actually do something productive while they debate about who's the strongest warrior and such..." She grinned. I chuckled. "Well, as fun as that sounds, let's just see what they have to say first. If it's just the same ol' thing, then we can sneak out and do what you want to do." I smiled at her. She did the same. "Fair enough." She said in a sly tone. We walked into the meeting place, the Queen stepped forward and spoke. "I recently got a message from one of our flight squads. Spyro has been seen here more and more. They try not to follow him but, it seems he's hiding something deep within these lands..." Just as she was about to continue, one winged cat from her flight squad burst in with a look of horror on his face. "Your Highness! There are Dreadwings and Apes coming near! All of us need to get to Dragon City, NOW!" She nodded and went into the crowd. "Come, everyone! Our flight Squad will carry as many as you as they can!

    Amber and I looked at eachother and nodded. "C'mon! We need to go!" I told her. "No, not yet! We need to find Spyro and follow him!" "Amber are you crazy?! Spyro could kill us with a flick of his tail!" I yelled at her. Just as she was about to retort, a giant bat-like creature burst into the meeting place with an ape riding on it's back! "Don't let em' get away!" He ape yelled. Two more apes riding on the bat-like creatures came in and grabbed us before we could get away! "AH! Let us go!" Amber yelled. This can't be happening! I thought.

    Hours later, we had eventually fallen asleep. It kind of felt like I was half awake though. I didn't dream about anything and I could still feel the wind in my fur and hear it swish in my ears. After about another half hour, Amber and I woke up. I could tell she was enraged she was muttering things under her breath. She then had a face like she had forgotten something. I didn't have to wonder for long what she was thinking. She abruptly opened her sturdy wings and hurt the bat creature, making it let go of her! "Hey! Get her!" The ape yelled to his bat thing. Amber gracefully and swiftly doged them and led them straight into a tree where they crashed. My bat thing that was carrying me was being commanded by his rider to catch Amber. They couldn't manage it though! She was just too fast! I could tell she was getting tired though, her motions were slowing and the bat creature swiped at her and managed to give her a deep gash in the side of her shoulder. I struggled in the creatures clutches to get free but, it was no use, it was too strong. I really started to worry now...

    I then noticed something fly by... It was too fast for me to see. Everyone stopped their actions and looked around... Then, a blue burst of fire sent the bat creature and the rider going down, releasing me. I fell down, Amber flew down after me! She was so tired though, she didn't look like she was going to make it in time... I closed my eyes and waited for my death... I then heard the swoosh again... Something had caught me, I thought it was Amber. It had carried me down and put me on the ground. I didn't know what it was... It didn't feel like Amber, she would have had a harder time holding me. I heard it come back down and place something else on the ground, I assumed it was Amber... I was too tired to check though. Whoever saved us pushed Amber and I together to rest. It wrapped its wings and tail around us and kept us warm all night. This day took a turn for the worst. My last thoughts for the night came to my head before I passed out. Whoever saved us... I just hope doesn't work for Spyro... Becuase that could mean death... For all of us...
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    Chapter 4: A New Ally

    Amber's P.O.V

    I still don't know what saved Blaze last night. Whoever it was though, I was going to thank. I doubt it would be anyone on the side of Spyro. We would have been carried elsewhere...

    As I woke up, I saw we were near some kind of snowy shore, so, we couldn't have been far... Blaze groaned and blinked his eyes open. He got up a looked at me. "Amber... What happened last night..." "I really don't remember... I think someone saved us from falling to our doom..." I said looking around. I heard some foot steps crunching through the snow. Blaze and I turned around and saw a dragon. Not just any dragon though, a PURPLE dragon! She was a dark purple, she had blue chestplates, membranes, spikes, the two horns on the side of her head were blue, as were her eyes and the tuft on her tail and her claws. All the blue parts had star patterns on them. Blaze gasped. "The purple dragon!" Blaze said walking up to her. "Oh, you two are awake! I'm glad you're okay, especially the pink one. That gash is pretty infected..." I looked down at my gashed shoulder. It was swollen and brown around where I was cut. "I'm Midnight by the way. And who might you two be?" "Er... I'm Blaze and this is Amber." He said. "Well, Blaze and Amber, you two are lucky to be alive. Who knows what kind of thing Spyro could have done to you two!" She said. "Imagine what he could have done to YOU! I would think he would be trying to get rid of you, considering you're purple." Blaze said. "Wait... What? Yes, I'm purple but, why would he be after me because of my color?" She said confused. "You mean you don't know? You're a rare purple dragon!" Blaze said. Her eyes widened. "Am I? Why didn't anyone tell me this sooner?" She said. "Well, where did you even come from?" I asked her. "Well, I live down here with my adopted parents, Spotlight and Blackout." Blaze looked around. "Are you serious? Why don't you live in the mountains?" "Look who's talking! Dread Wings are less likely to find us down here." She said. So that's what those things are called... I thought. "Here, how about I get you and your friend to my den. She's in no condition to travel. The mountains are miles away from here." She said, picking me up on her back. "Well..." Blaze started. He then stared at my wound. He sighed. "Alright..." Midnight nodded and led Blaze to her den.

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    Chapter 5: The End of the Beginning and the Beginning of a New Start

    I had fallen asleep on Midnight's back, when I woke up, I felt the warmth of fire radiating on me. I checked out my surroundings and saw I was in a small, icy cave with a small fire in the middle. I got up a little. "Don't move." A deep male voice told me. I turned around and saw a black dragon with glowing white eyes, dark blue chestplates and a giant horn on the tip of his nose. "GAH!"I yelled. I tried to get up but, I immediately fell back down as pain jolted through my arm. "Oh gosh... That hurt..." I said. "I tried to tell you that!" He sternly said to me. I was intimidated by this mysterious dragon. "W-who are you!? Do you work for Spyro?! WHERE ARE BLAZE AND MIDNIGHT!" I demanded at him. He got down in my face. "Quiet! You could attract Dread Wings..." He said. "As for Midnight and your friend, they are resting behind you." He said. I turned my head to see Blaze and Midnight snuggled together. "Oh..." I said, feeling slightly embarassed. "You must be Blackout..." I said. "Yes..." There will be time to talk tomorrow. It is best you just go to sleep for now..." Blackout said. "Right..." I said as I closed my eyes...

    I had a hard time falling asleep last night, my arm was killing me... I only got about two hours before Blackout woke me. "Come on... Get up." He said, nudging me awake. "Er... Did... Did anything h-happen last night?" I asked him. "No, only you waking up." He said. "Hey! How did you know about that?" I asked him. "I'm a Dream Dragon, I can go into other's dreams. I was kicked out a lot of times due to you waking up so much." He told me. "Why did you go in mine?" I asked. "I had to be sure I could trust you. I know I can trust and not trust others depending on their dreams." "Do you trust me?" I asked. "I suppose." He said, walking away from me. I stared at him uneasily as he walked on. I saw Midnight and Blaze were awake, Midnight seemed to be worried about something... I held up my leg, not putting any pressure on it, and limped over to them.

    "Hey, what's wrong?" I asked them. "My mom still hasn't come home..." I think she was captured, I don't even have the slightest clue where to look..." She said full of despair. I felt kind of bad for Midnight, I may have just met her but, somehow I felt every emotion she's feeling now... Blaze cut in. "Well Midnight, what if I told you something..." He started. "What?" She said. "Amber and I had been planning on looking around for Spyro, trying to see what he's up to..." Midnight nodded in understanding. Blaze continued. "Maybe, next time Spyro passes over here we could follow him and see if he leads us to your-" Blaze was suddenly cut off by a vicious roar in the sky. "Everyone! Back up!" Blackout ordered. We all did as he said and got behind him. I watched a huge shadow pass over the land. "Spyro..." I whispered. "Stay here." Blackout ordered.

    He walked outside with his horn glowing green... "He's not really going to face Spyro, is he?!" Blaze whispered to Midnight. She just shook her head in disbelief. Blackout fired a dark orb at Spyro. The dark dragon screeched and came down to the ground with a boom, making some of the ice fall from the cave walls... The two dragons circled... Spyro was huge! That's when I almost felt like my heart split in two, the most horrible thing happened next... Spyro leapt at Blackout and we all closed our eyes and all we heard was a chilling screech... When we opened our eyes, they were both gone... "No..." Midnight whispered, sounding like she lost all shred of hope... "Midnight... I'm... I'm so sorry..." I said. "No, don't be. It wasn't your fault... This world is just... Broken..." She said as she sat down at the foot of the cave...

    Blaze went to sit beside her. He leaned his head on her in affection. I limped over and wraped a wing around Midnight. "Blaze..." Midnight started. "Yeah?" He answered. She looked at him serious. "We can't stay here... Spyro will take us all... We need to go across the ocean..." "What's beyond there?" I asked. "I... I have not slightest idea. All I've heard is that there is a Dragon Temple with four guardians. If anyone can help us, it's got to be them..." She said. "Alright..." Blaze said. We'll go at day break tomorrow..." I nodded in agreement. "We'll do this. Not only to save my parents but, the whole world." I was lost at words at what Midnight said. We all smiled together and settled the plan...

    This is where I think our journey truly began...
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    Chapter 6: The Start of a Journey

    Amber's P.O.V

    I looked around... The dark forest whispered things to me that I did not understand... Red eyes shone all around... Spyro stepped out from behind the trees in fronts of me. I tried to speak but I only squeaked... "Heh... I always knew you were a weak little princess..." Spyro said. His eyes glowed red and he lunged at me, jaws wide open! "AHHHHHHHH!"

    I got up from the ice cold floor and screamed in alarm! I looked to see the sun was up and Midnight and Blaze were at the foot of the cave. They turned around to check on me. "Amber! Are you alright?" Blaze asked alarm. "Er... Yeah just a bad dream..." I sighed. "Look on the bright side, you can stand up now!" Midnight tried to lighten the mood. I looked at my arm. The swelling had gone down some and I had enough strength to stand up. "Yeah, it's a little sore but, at least I'm standing..." I said. Blaze nudged me affectionatly. "Don't worry, I'm sure the guardians will heal you." Blaze said. "Yeah... Let's get ready and go..." I said as I tried to walk off the pain. Blaze and Midnight nodded and gathered berries from the cave's food pile. Midnight gathered some old supplies and made a small packet and put it around her neck. "There, we should be set." She said to us. We all walked out of the cave and headed to the shore. My heart sank as I thought about how long this might turn out, since Midnight had never gone across...

    Blaze got onto Midnight's back and we took off to start our journey. The ocean shone beautifully in the morning light. "So... Midnight, how do you know where the guardians are? Like, what direction?" I asked her. "Well, I believe if we just keep going in this general direction we should find something!" Midnight said back. "This feels so great in my fur!" Blaze said. "Yeah, this is a pretty breezy place..." I commented.

    After a while, we stopped and heard voices... "Is someone here?" I asked looking around. "Amber, look!" Midnight said, pointing down at a ship full of apes. "Oh crud..." Blaze muttered. The apes noticed us and opened the hull of the ship to reveal Dread Wings! "Go, go, go!" Midnight said, flying away fast. I flew behind her as I heard the screeching of those wretched Dread Wings behind us... I sped up and got to Midnight's side. "I... I don't think I can go on for much... Longer!" I said, hyperventilating. "Amber, you have to!" Blaze said. I kept pushing my self I couldn't even feel my wings now... Somehow though, I kept going. Eventually, we came over a dead land, we kept going though, as far as we could...

    Soon, we came over a swamp. I could no longer hear the screeches of the Dread Wings."I think we lost them..." Midnight said. "Good..." I whimpered out as my eyes rolled back and I fell out of the sky... The last thing I heard before passing out was Blaze's voice. "AMBER!"
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    Chapter 7: The Fire Within

    Cynder's P.O.V

    Two days later... In the afternoon...

    "Eight... Nine... Ten! Here I come!" I finished my countdown for the game that my pest of a golden colored dragon fly brother, Sparx and I were playing. "Never catch me this time, purple gal!" I heard Sparx zip by. I walked around and found him hiding behind a tree. "I see you, my little glowing friend!" I krept up to him. "Seeing and catching and two different things, sista!" He said as he buzzed off. "Yeah, you better run!" I chuckled as I gave chase. I eventually went across a bridge and found Sparx waiting for me. "Oh what's the matter, little Cynder? You can't fly? Oh that's right, you choose to walk everywhere. Mmm, that's too bad..." He taunted and buzzed off. "You're toast when I catch you!" I yelled to him and chased on once again.

    I caught up to Sparx once again. He taunted more. "Must be hard to loose all the time, Cynd- AH!" He said as he got eaten by a frog weed. "Alright, let me out of here you overgrown fungus!" He yelled from inside. "Cynder, seriously will you lend me a hand over here?" "Gee Sparx, I don't know... Frog weeds got to eat too." I said with a smirk. "Cynder, whack it! Do something! I'm your buddy, my wings are getting moldy!" He said, sounding a little frightened. I chuckled and hit the plant with my sharp tail blade. The weed spit Sparx up onto my chest and he slid off onto the ground. "Urrgh... Now I almost smell as bad as you do..." He started. "Ohhh! And that's pretty bad! See ya later, sucka!" He said, getting his cockiness back, buzzing away. "Heh. So much for gratitude..." I thought out loud.

    I chased him to a dark cave, where Our parents told us never to go in. "H-hey! That's cheating, we're not allowed in there!" I scolded him. "Pfffft! Excuses, excuses! Catch up or give up, chunky!" He said as he went in. I sighed, annoyed by his arrogance and walked in. "Where's that little gnat gone now.." I thought out loud as my paws squished in the moist dirt of the cave. I then heard his voice echo deep in the cave. "Has anyone seen a giant purple thing around here? I've seemed to have lost mine..."

    I caught up to the little nuisance, once again. We went together outside of the other side of the cave. "You know, this is getting kinda boring... Ah-AH!" He said as an ape grabbed him and put him in a small cage. "SPARX!" I yelled in alarm and chased the ape. "I thought all youze guys was gone." The ape said, staring down at me. "Miserable coward, let me go!" Sparx yelled at him. "Grrrr. Hahaha! Don't let her get away!" He said as two more apes appeared.

    The apes tried to attack me but, I swiftly doged them and stabbed them in the legs with my tail blade. They yelled in pain as I did so. I then clawed the apes in fury and eventually defeated them.

    The ape got a frustrated look on his face. "Let me outta here and fight me like a... Thing... Whatever you are! You pathetic wretch!" Sparx yelled at him again. "Nnnnnya! I've had just about enough of you!" He yelled as he threw the small, wooden cage down to step on it! "SPARX LOOK OUT! Nooooooo-ahhhhh!" I yelled as I breathed out green fire! The ape stumbled back a bit. "Whoa! Was that fire, Cyn?!" Sparx said surprised. The ape brought in more soldiers. "Take care of her! I gotta report to Spyro!" He said as he walked off. The apes jumped at me but, I instantly turned them to ashes with my newly found power. I coughed out a little smoke after they were defeated.

    "Get me outta here, Cynder! I think my wings are singed..." Sparx said from his wooden prison. I broke the cage open with my tail blade. "You okay?" I asked him. "You almost torched me, Cyn! Wait... You breathed fire!"

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    Chapter 8: The Truth

    Cynder's P.O.V

    When we returned home, Sparx got my mom, Nina, and my father, Flash. He told them all that happened back in the outer parts of the swamp. "So, I'm just about to blow the roof off that place and kick that guy's booty, when Cynder let loose with some serious flames, dude! No joke! Flames, from the mouth!" He said, pointing at his mouth. "I... I was just trying to help!" I said, thinking I'd get in trouble. "Heh, some help! You nearly turned me to ashes, Cyn!" Sparx replied. "Mom, dad, you shoulda seen her! She came out breathing, FIRE, alright? I tell ya, it was crazy!" He finished. Mom and dad looked at eachother with conserned faces. "You don't believe me! Cynder, tell them." He said. I stepped forward. "It's true! I just had gotten really mad, opened my mouth and whoosh! Green flames." I explained. "It's not that Cynder, I believe you both." Dad said. "It's just that, your mother and I knew this day would come..." "What day?" I asked. "The day when we would have to tell you the truth..." He said.

    So that day, I learned I wasn't a dragonfly at all. But, an exile from an unknown place... "So... You mean I'm not your real daughter?" I said kind of depressed. "You are our real daughter." Mom started. "It's just you came from somewhere else, where wars rage on and on. And the innocent always seem to pay the price..." She said solemnly. It wasn't that long until I decided I wanted to figure out where I came from. So the next day, I decided to venture forth and find my home.

    Sparx buzzed over to me. "So that's it, huh? Leaving Sparx at the old homestead, not a care in the world." "I'm not leaving you Sparx." I said. "I'm just leaving you where you belong." "Well, I thought I belonged with you. Coz I'm always with you. But I guess I was wrong, huh? I'm sure I'm wrong on a lot of things... You know what? You're right, I'm wrong." He said and buzzed away. I felt kind of bad. I looked down shamefully at my paws. "Don't worry about him, Cynder. You know how hot headed he can be." I kept looking down. "Now, now," dad started. "Keep your head up, your nose clean, and use that breath of yours wisely. All gifts come with a price." He said. "Don't listen to your father's preaching, Cynder." Mother chuckled. "Just be yourself, it's all any of us can do.

    As hard as it felt now, I left home. To where I did not know... As I walked, I heard a familiar buzzing noise behind me. I turned around to see none other than Sparx! I had never been so happy to see him! "So, ah, Cynder. Me and the old man were chattin' and this whole belonging thing, you know, came up and we decided best friends belong together. Even if one is purple and has some weight issues." He said. I smirked at him. "Weight issues huh? Well, at least I've never been turned into a lanturn." "Oh please! Lantern shmanturn, let's see what's out there!" He said, getting to my side. And so, my journey began. I would finally know where I came from... I just hope that it is something from my wildest dreams. Becuase, I kept getting a feeling it was going to be more like a nightmare...
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    Chapter 9: The Purple Legend

    Cynder's P.O.V

    As I walked with Sparx following me... I kept hearing odd noises and I felt like I was being watched... Then, out of nowhere, a horrific screech filled the sky! Sparx and I both screamed and ran on! "AAAAAAH!" "AAAAAAAHHHH! Breathe Sparx old boy, go to your happy place!" "What in the world was that?!" I asked him. "I have no idea but, I'm going this way! Far from it!"

    As we ran we heard voices and stopped in our tracks... "Ugh... I don't think I'll be able to fly for a bit..." "You're lucky to be alive at all!" "Yeah, he's right... At least Spyro didn't find us..." "W-who do you think that is?" I asked Sparx. He shrugged. I carefully walked forward and spotted two cats and a creature like me. They turned around and gasped when they saw me. "Another one?" The Orange cat said. "Wow! Two! Now that's amazing!" The pink cat with wings said. "I think they're a few screws loose, just smile and nod..." Sparx said to me. "No... They could be lost. Maybe we could help them." I said. "Could you? That would be really helpful, we're looking for the Dragon Temple." The pink cat said. "Dragon Temple?" I asked. "Never heard of it." "Oh, that's okay. We'll just be on our way." She said as they started to walk off. No... Maybe they can help me find where I need to go... I thought. "Hey!" I said running up to them. "Yes?" The pink one said. "Maybe I can come with you? I'm on a journey to find my home and I'm not sure where to look... Maybe, I might find it if I come with you." I Told them. "Alright, the guardians at the Dragon Temple might be able to help you!" The pink cat said. "Alright!" I said.

    We then heard a voice. "The Dragon Temple? Oh... No... You cannot go there... It's been lost for ages..." We all jerked our heads towards a cave and walked over to it to find a big, red creature that also looked like me inside. "And I thought you were a big one. Goodness." Sparx said to me. He looked at me and the other purple creature like me. "You're both alive!" He said surprised. "But it's too late... Too late..." He said solemnly. "Too late?" I spoke up. "Too late for what? Who are you? Do you know us? Where do I come from? What are you? What are we?! WHAT AM I?!" I sputtered all the questions out at once and everyone stared at me... "You mean you don't know?" Asked the pink cat. Sparx flew in her face. "Does it sound like she knows?" "Why, you're a dragon! It was my job to protect you... It was my job to protect all of you..." "There were others?" The other apperently, dragon, said. "Others? There were. There were four of us. Guardians, that is, and we had one job: to make sure all the eggs had hatched. "Wait..." The pink cat started. "You're one of the guardians? Where are the other ones? What's happened to the temple?" "Yes, I am the Fire Guardian, Ignitus. As for the Dragon Temple... It's been overrun by..." I suddenly broke in. "What about the temple? Can you take me? Can I see it? Where we came from I mean?" "No, no..." He said. "Who knows what occupies it now... What state it's in... You don't understand, when they came for you three..." "They? Who is 'they' and why did they come for us... And who exactly is 'us'?!" I was so confused by everything this elderly dragon told me... "Because the prophecies spoke of three Purple Dragons, Purple Dragons are born once, every ten generations. When there is a clutch of three, that is an extremely rare occurrence... The Purple Dragons had the ability to master the four main elements, extremely amazing creatures in question... You..." He gestured to me. "You? Does that mean her?" Sparx looked at me. "Wait. This, gal? Cynder, a special once in a purple thing? Woo, that's a bit of a stretch... I've heard some, ah, doozies in my day but, that takes the cake." "Okay, I'm just going to be the first to say this but, does this little smart aleck's mouth have an off switch?" The pink cat said, frustrated. "Cynder, is it? Well I can assure you, Cynder I am telling you and..." He trailed off and stared at the other Purple Dragon in the back of our small group. "Oh, we didn't properly introduce echother did we?" She said. "Before you continue, Ignitus... My name is Midnight." She said. "Amber." The pink cat said. "And I'm Blaze." The other cat said. "Pleasure to meet all of you." He said. "I'm Cynder. And this is Sparx." I said. They nodded to me in greeting. "Well, as I was saying. I can assure you, Cynder. I am telling you and Midnight the truth." Ignitus said. "The Dark Armies, intent on smashing all the eggs and killing the rest of us. They nearly succeeded... And then they lay siege on the other islands... We were at war..." Everyone's face turned frightened at this Information...

    "For many years..." He said. "We fought all over the islands. Brutal clashes with the army of the Dark Master... Whose intent was proventing the prophecies from coming true. The other guardians and I lead our small but, valiant forces into battle after battle against our ruthless, mercenary foe. Then, when we were beginning to turn the tide, Spyro... Came..." Amber, Blaze, and Midnight's eyes widened at the name. I questioned it. "Spyro?" "Yes, Spyro." Ignitus continued. "Spyro was... Is... Monstrous, horrific, ferocious, a black dragon that fills the sky with terror, an unstoppable force of nature..." He shuddered. "Ya, you had me at ferecious. Listen, that sounds like the thing that was chasing us, Cynder." Sparx said. "Yeah, Spyro has chased us too. We've been through a lot..." Blaze said. "He took my father... And probably my mother..." Midnight said. "Yes, he still searches for me... And years ago, I watched as Spyro plucked the guardians from the feilds of battle. Without them, our cause was lost... I was the only one to escape... Not that it matters now. Spyro rules all... And I sit here and wonder what might have been. What else I might have done..." "Wow... Sounds... Fun... I wanna hang out with this guy." Sparx said. "Yeah! Why have you given up, you tell Midnight and I that we're some special dragons and then you say that all is lost? That we've got no home or family left? We've all come too far to turn back now!" I said. "Yeah, I wanna see where we came from! I never knew I was special!" Midnight said, getting to my side. "Hold up, are you not hearing this stuff he's talking about? He's talking about flying dragons, war and horrible... This is bad stuff! I'm not sure we're hearing the same thing." Sparx said. "Yes, Cynder it's not as simple as that. It's true, the prophecies spoke of the Purple Dragon that would put his or her stamp on this age. But it didn't tell us of the devastation that's happening now..." Ignitus said. "Maybe you're right... But i'm willing to try, Ignitus." I said. "I want to take the first step. "You're all actually going along with this lunatic?" Everyone ignored Sparx. "Very well. I'll take you. You deserve to see your beginning before it all ends." Ignitus said as he got up and walked. We followed behind. Sparx kept chattering. "Am I the only one sane here? He's telling us we're doomed right? And that's when I say, ah, maybe we should go back to the forest with the flowers and the fun stuff."
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    Chapter 10: The Dragon Temple

    Midnight's P.O.V

    As we walked, we appraoched an ancient structure with a giant door on it with two statues beside each side of it. This must be the temple. Ignitus had attempted to open it but, the door wouldn't budge. "Spyro's soldiers must have knocked the other two statues out of place..." Ignitus said. "Heathens..." I looked around confused. "What other two statues?" I questioned. "On the other side of this door are two statues like these." Ignitus said. "When they are all alined correctly, the door opens." "Yeah, good. I was never good at geometry. So what do you want us to do?" Sparx asked. Ignitus turned to Cynder. "Cynder, I need you to go in there and move the statues into place." He said. Cynder tilted her head. "Me? How?" She questioned. "There's a small tunnel animals use to access the caves." Ignitus explained. "Find it, and use it." "Yeah, animals, okay..." Sparx said, zipping up to Amber and Blaze. "You guys do that, and we'll wait here." Amber and Blaze looked at eachother for a moment. Amber smirked. "Alrighty then." She said, walking up to a hole in the ground, which was the tunnel. Blaze got to her side, smirking as well. "We'll need a little light though. It's pretty dark down there." Everyone stared at Sparx. He sighed in frustration. "Alright! Fine, fine. Just don't cough up any hair balls on me, alright?" The glowing dragonfly said as they lept down the tunnel.

    We waited for a while. I worried a little bit... They we're down there for a while... We waited some more, and after a few screeches and squeals, the door opened! We went into the temple where Amber, Blaze, and Sparx were waiting for us. "Any trouble?" Ignitus asked them. "A little insect trouble." Amber said. "Yeah but, nothing we couldn't handle." Blaze said. "Little insects? My tail section..." Sparx said.

    We then approached another door inside and Ignitus recited a pass code to make it open. "The past is prelude, tomorrow a dim promise. Allow us in, do not reject us..." "Are you making that up?" Sparx asked. "It should open for us..." Ignitus said. He then paused and closed his eyes for a moment before opening them again. "There is a... Disturbance..." He started. "It seems all my fears have been realized: They've desecrated the interior as well... Guess we'll have to do it the old fashioned way. Cynder, make your way through the connecting rooms, restoring any statue you can find." "Hey, you know what? Let's don't and say we didn't." Sparx said. "Why don't you do it?" "You want my help? Very well, hop up." He said, walking over to a higher level side tunnel where he reached level to it. "Alright." Sparx said. "Old guy's coming to life." Cynder then went up to the tunnel with Sparx following behind. "Be careful, Cynder!" Ignitus called to her. "Spyro's forces are surely on their way!" "Oh goody..." We heard Sparx's voice echo through the tunnel.

    After a while, Cynder and Sparx managed to get the door to open and they glided down from the upper level. "That's quite an entrance, young dragoness! There might be hope for us yet." Ignitus said. We then entered the area and found clusters of brightly glowing gems, as if they radiated with life... "What are these?" I asked. "I think these are Spirit Gems. They are the life force of all dragons, I've read about them in the scrolls before." Blaze explained. "Exactly." Ignitus said. "They are a gift from the Ansestors." "What kind of gift?" Cynder asked. "A gift that speaks across the generations... A gift that empowers you with the strength of the past, strengthening you with the wisdom of the ages." Ignitus said. "I feel more powerful already!" Cynder said. "Me too! That sounds amazing, Ignitus!" I said.

    We then heard noises from outside. "Do you hear that?" Ignitus asked us. We paused and listened. "What is it?" Cynder asked. "Exactly what I feared." Ignitus said. "Look, all of you, maybe we should turn back..." Ignitus said fearfully. "What!? After coming this far?" Blaze said. "If this door is closed..." Ignitus said, gesturing to another door. "It means there are intruders behind, it's how the temple protects itself." "Ah, yeah... Doesn't work too well, does it?" Sparx said. "So what are you saying Ignitus?" Amber asked. "What I'm saying is the only way the door will open-" Ignitus was cut off by Cynder. "Is if the intruders are kicked out of there!" Cynder said, trotting outside. "Oh great!" Sparx said, following her. Ignitus followed by her side and the rest of us followed behind.

    We approached an ape leader, who was commanding ape soldiers around as well. He turned and saw us. He smirked at Ignitus. "Well Ignitus, we nabbed your guardian buddies but you managed to escape our clutches... Until now!" The ape said. "Stand back Cynder, and let me show you what a dragon trained in the acient ways can do!" Ignitus said, getting in a battle stance. Apes all around surrounded us and cackled, getting ready to fight.

    He whipped his great tail and smacked a few apes onto the ground! He slashed some more with his great claws, sending them flying! He then unleashed a strong fire breath, burning a few more! And to wrap it all up, he unleashed a big fire storm, destroying all of them!

    He stumbled a little bit and closed his eyes to take deep breaths. "Woah! Big guy's got some moves!" Sparx said impressed. Cynder ran to his side. "Are you okay, Ignitus?" She asked conserned. "Yes..." He sighed, raising back up and opening his eyes. "As I get older, it takes longer to recover. "That was so amazing, Ignitus! Do you think you could show me how to do that?" I asked. "Patience, Midnight. Soon enough, you and Cynder will learn all I have to teach. But now, you must fight!" He gestured to the inside hall, where there were more apes. "Oh... I really can't fight... I've never even used my talons for anything!" I said worridly. "No worries, Midnight. I'll get rid of them!" Cynder said, running in.

    After a while, Cynder cleared the hall with her green fire and fighting skills. We then proceeded with our journey into the temple, where the last door had opened. It was an amazing place. There was a pool that Ignitus had told us was called "The Pool of Visions", a big statue of a some what spikey dragon sitting down and banners of elemental symbols all over the walls. There was also a place that led outside with an old balcony. Ignitus sighed with relief and smiled. "Ah, home sweet home..."
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    Chapter 11: Searching for Info

    Midnight's P.O.V

    After searching around the old temple for a while, we followed Ignitus to the balcony outside. I expected to see something amazing but... It made me feel like all hope was lost... We scanned over a dead land everything had been destroyed... "Cynder, we're not in Kansas anymore..." Sparx said.

    Cynder just stood there, jaw dropped. "What in the world happened here?" I turned to Ignitus. He sighed and stared out. "This is what Spyro has done. Put all the islands under his iron rule..." "I... I wanted to see where Midnight and I came from but... I didn't know it was going to be like this..." Cynder said, kind of broken. "Yeah, no offense, but this place is a bit of a dump." Sparx said. "Cynder, Midnight... This was once our home. Together, we can make it our home again... Reclaim what's rightfully ours." Ignitus said. Cynder turned to him. "What do you mean?" "I mean my time for heroics is past... But with you and your friends' help, we might be able to beat Spyro." "I... I can't Ignitus! I just learned what I am!" Cynder said. I could sense her self doubt. "You can, Cynder, you can!" Ignitus said. "You are a rare purple dragon, a very special creature. You and Midnight have given me hope again. Now it's time to give hope to all of them." "I'm not sure what help I can be, Ignitus, but I'll try... I'll try... " Cynder said. "Good." He said. "That's all I can ask. Now come with me. I have something for you." He said as he turned back to go inside the temple.

    "The style you used earlier is crude, archaic, and obvious, Cynder. But you got the job done." Ignitus said. "Not bad, considering you haven't been taught anything about what is means to be a dragon." "Thanks... I think?" Cynder said. "But, if you're going to have any chance against Spyro and his army, you're going to need to learn a lot more." He said. "Oh great, school..." Sparx said bored. "Unlike any school you've ever known, young friend!" Ignitus smirked at him a bit. "I, as you know, am a master of Fire. Pay attention, and you may be someday too!" He smiled down at her. He sent Amber and Blaze to the balcony once more and told them to wait until the Fire Lesson ended.

    "Wait, shouldn't I go too? I already know how to breathe fire." I told Ignitus. "Oh, Midnight." He chuckled, there is more to being a dragon than just knowing how to breath fire. You live with the fire, fight like the fire, and become one with the fire." He explained. His words made me feel powerful... "Now, before we start... Midnight, how about you go and put your luggage down and we can begin." I looked down and saw I still had my leather packet around my neck. I nodded and placed it outside on the balcony. And with that, our session began.

    Cynder and I blazed right through the lesson, quite literally, I might add! He taught us everything from how to conserve our fire breath and still be effective to homing fire bombs and the devastating fire fury! After that, Ignitus went to check on Amber and Blaze. We followed behind.

    "So, Amber and Blaze, is it? Where might you two come from?" He asked. Blaze stepped forward and spoke to the wise dragon. "Well, I come from a small cat village from the Dante Freezer Mountains. Amber comes from a kingdom of winged cats among the White Isle." Blaze explained. "I see..." Ignitus said in understanding. "And from what you've told me... Spyro has chased you this far from your homes?" Amber nodded. "Yeah, we were taken hostage by the apes and the Dread Wings and carried miles away from the mountains to the main lands of Dante's Freezer." "Hm, that must explain why you look so withered." He said looking at her. "Er, yes... I got my gash from a Dread Wing and I broke my wing from passing out in the sky and falling down into the swamp." Ignitus nodded in understanding. "How exactly did Midnight manage to get caught up in all this then?" He asked. "Oh yeah! Midnight saved us from the Dread Wings when she saw us being carried over the lands of Dante's Freezer." "Yeah, and she took us to her small den with her adopted father, Blackout where he was shortly captured afterwards... We then decided to venture out to find help from the guardians and we were ambushed by apes and were forced to fly away as fast as we could..." Blaze explained. I kind of got sad remembering what happened to my father... "And that leads to where we met Cynder after shortly waking up after landing in the swamps to take shelter when Amber passed out from flying..." I said. "And here we are now." Amber finished.

    "Mmm, I see, you've been through a lot." Ignitus said. The three of us nodded. "Now that we have all this frustration out of our systems, let us look in the Pool of Visons." Ignitus said. "So that we may see where the Lightning Guardian, Volteer, might be found..." He walked into the temple. We soon stopped at a small pool in the floor, with magical green liquid in it, it radiated mysticly. Sparx then arrived out of nowhere. As Ignitus was looking into the pool for a vision to come, Sparx got in his face and frightened Ignitus a bit, causing him to raise his head up.

    "So what's with the pool, big guy?" He asked Ignitus. Ignitus rolled his eyes and explained. "If you must know, certain dragons have the ability to see visions... The thoughts, memories, and dreams of others. I am one such dragon and in this pool, visions come forth."

    Sparx then started to mess with Ignitus, asking him what he was thinking about. Ignitus got a little frustrated look on him face. "I'm afraid it's not that easy, Sparx. It takes time, reflection, and patience." He explained. "What I now see in the Pool of Visions is, Volteer has been taken hostage in the Dante's Freezer." "My home! I'm gonna be able to get back there!" "Not so fast, young Blaze." Ignitus started. "You and Amber are in no condition to travel, I'll keep you two here and use the Spirit Gems to help Amber get healed back to health." They both nodded in agreement. "As for you Midnight and Cynder." He turned to us. "While Amber, Blaze and I look for more details on the others, I want you two to venture there and find what you can." We both nodded. "Remember, just look around. If you encounter Spyro, run. You aren't ready to face him yet..." "Okay, when people are trying to kill me I run. Got it." Sparx said. "But Ignitus, how do we get there?" Cynder asked. "Glad you asked." Ignitus said with a smile. Sparx looked worried now. "Why are you smiling? I don't like it..."
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    Chapter 12: First Flight

    Midnight's P.O.V

    "So let me get this straight, you're saying I can fly?" Cynder asked Ignitus in disbelief. Ignitus gave her a wink. "Maybe you've been hanging in those caves a little too long, Old Man." Sparx said. "Cynder can't fly, we all know that." "Yeah, a bit of fresh air might do you good." Cynder said. "I've never flown in my life!" "It's you who will be getting some fresh air, Cynder." Ignitus smiled down at her. "Now, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and empty your mind..." Cynder did as she was told. She seemed very calm now and her breathing was more slow and steady. Ignitus nodded and smiled. "Yes... Yes! That's it! Now feel the power of your Ansestors coursing through your body. In times of crisis, they will come to you and teach you... Unlocking powers you never knew you had!" "Boy, I gotta see this." Sparx said. "Just forget everything you ever thought you knew..." Ignitus said. "Forget yourself..." Cynder's wings then started to flap lightly, each flap got slightly stronger as they went. Ignitus continued. "Only forgetting will you remember what your ancient blood already knows... You can fly!" Cynder then lifted off the ground. She looked a little surprised at first but then, she steadied herself and was flying like a natural! We both flew off from the temple and headed for Dante's Freezer with Sparx following behind us. Before we were gone we heard Amber and Blaze's voices. "Good luck, guys!" "Awesome flying, Cynder!" Blaze called out. And with that, we departed in the clouds to Dante's Freezer!

    Cynder swooped in the sky like she knew how to fly since she hatched! She closed her eyes and felt the cool wind blowing in her face. "Are you kidding! She's flying!" Sparx said impressed. "Welcome to the club, big gal!" Cynder opened her eyes out of her daydream and looked at Sparx. "Would that be the annoying pest club?" She asked with a smirk. Sparx rolled his eyes. "No smart aleck, the flying club." "Yeah, I could get used to this!" She said, swooping and rolling on the winds.

    We soon got over the ocean and were getting close. We flew through the thick clouds and soon decided to pull closer to the ocean to see better. There were lots of Dread Wings and ape ships near the ocean. Cynder and I used our fire bomb abilities that Ignitus taught us to destroy the ships and the Dread Wings together! After we got rid of them we started seeing lots of big glaciers. The apes must have been smarter than we thought, they put automatic catapults on the glaciers! "Uh-oh!" Cynder said as she doged a cannonball. "What do we do?!" There was suddenly a canonball coming to her from behind where she couldn't see it. In panic I screamed to her. "DO A BARELL ROLL!" And that's exactly what she did. She doged like no problem now that I told her what to do. We then came to an island with big glaciers all around and on it. We flew through the small crevasses that the glaciers formed all smashed together as fast as we could and eventually made it through the glacier maze to the interior of the island. As we went to pull down to land, I realized something... Cynder didn't know how to land!

    "How in the world do I land?!" I didn't know how to explain, we were coming too close to the land! "Coming in too fast!" She said. "This... Doesn't look good." Sparx said to me. "INCOMING!" Cynder yelled. "That's gonna hurt!" Sparx said. Cynder crashed face first in the snow. I glided down from the sky to get to Cynder's side with Sparx beside me. "Nice landing ace!" Sparx chuckled out. "Are you okay, Cynder?" I asked her. She got off the ground and shook off the snow. "Yes... I don't think this flying thing is for me..." She said. "Well, it sure doesn't help you're carrying all that weight." Sparx said. "You know, throw a salad in every once in a while. You might be okay." I shot him a glare. "Yeah, I think I'll stick to the ground for a while." She said. "Good idea." Sparx said. Cynder and I looked around. "Not the friendliest place in the world is it?" I shuddered out. Something about it seemed... Darker than the last time I was here. "Yeah, I wonder where we should start..." Cynder said. Sparx came into our conversation. "Well, I'm no hero girl like you two, but maybe we should take the clearly marked path that leads to the interior." Cynder and I looked ahead to see a path just like Sparx said. "Oh." I muttered. With that, Cynder and I headed in to find clues in the Dante's Freezer. Though, I felt like we weren't alone...
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    Chapter 13: The Search for Volteer

    Cynder's P.O.V

    As we walked, I spotted lots of frozen skeleton bodies. They were kind of creepy... I wondered how Midnight ever put up living here... "Is it weird that one blinked at me?" Sparx said, eyeing one of the frozen bodies. "Just keep moving..." I said, not daring to look at them. That's when Midnight and I heard a shatter. The skeletons were alive! "ICE CUBES ALIVE!" Sparx screamed. The undead creatures wore Viking helmets and had swords. Midnight and I got in a battle stance.

    I clawed viciously at them while Midnight used her blue fire to destroy the rest of them. "That was easy!" Midnight chimed. "Yeah, we better not get used to it though..." I said, sensing it was going to get harder. Midnight and I then entered a courtyard with a large gate as a blockage in it. We needed to get through some how... "Why don't we use this thing to knock that bad boy down?" I heard Sparx and turned to him. He had found a catapult! It was positioned near the gate, so we just needed some amo... I then saw Midnight glide down from a snowy tree holding huge snow balls. Perfect! "Ha! I knew I brought you guys along for a reason!" I said impressed.

    Midnight and I loaded it up and fired the snowballs at the gate, knocking it straight down! I walked onward feeling accomplished. "That was a great idea! Glad I thought of it!" I gloated without thinking. "You?! Glad.. You?! No." Sparx sighed out.

    As Midnight and I had worked our way a little farther after destroying more barriers, we soon came to a more open place on the snowy island. A huge shadow of a dragon passed over head and screeched. Midnight and I shuddered at the sight. "You think that was Spyro?" Sparx asked us. "I sure hope so." I said. Midnight and Sparx looked at me like I was mad. "WHAT!?" They shouted. "Well, if it wasn't, that means there's more than one giant evil dragon around here..." I said. "Oh yeah, I hope that was Spyro too..." Sparx said, "Me too." Midnight quickly concluded.

    As we walked on, we came to some sort of watch tower. Midnight and I examined it. "What is this?" Midnight tilted her head at it. "LOOK OUT!" Sparx screamed. The tower struck us with lightning! I blacked out for a few moments before I heard Sparx's voice again. "Cynder, Midnight, you guys okay?!" Midnight and I got up. I trembled a little bit. I felt so... Energetic! Like I could just run around in circles all day! For some... Reason... Midnight looked at her claws, they sparked with light blue electricity. She then looked up to see lots of apes coming out of the tower. "Uh... Cynder!" She yelled to me. I looked straight at the apes and shook myself off in a flustered way and knocked all the ape unconscious with a blast of pink lightning! "Whew! I guess you are okay!" Sparx said impressed.

    Midnight had finally worked herself off the ground, the blast must had grounded her harder than me. We continued on silently... We eventually cave to a cave full of ice cicles. "Check this out..." Sparx whispered to us and we traveled through the dark cave. "Echo!" He shouted. Of course, it echoed back. "Ha! Let me try..." I said. "HELLO!" I screamed it echoed back loudly! We ran forward and eventually came outside from the other side of the cave. We encountered an ape commander who heard our echos. "Hello." He smirked to us. "Nice job, echo man." Midnight glared at Sparx.

    "The purple dragons!" The ape commander said. "Just as we planned! Nyahaha! Don't let them get away!" He commanded a group of even more apes. Midnight and I charged in and decided to put our new electric abilities to good use!

    Midnight stumbled back a bit as she fired a large blast of light blue electricity. Something about it seemed to make it look like it had stars shimmering in it... I fired my pink electricity and we fought the apes as hard as we could! I then switched to my green fire and burned more of the apes. Midnight and I finished all the apes, including the commander, with our mix of fire and electricity. We then we're good to go and continued our search for Volteer!

    We ventured on for a little while longer and soon came to a large cave and saw none other than Volteer (I assumed anyway) in the very back of the cave, unconscious. "Hey! That's him, we did it. Bye!" Sparx said. I could tell he was cowering. "Something isn't right..." Midnight said. "This seems too easy..." "I feel it too..." I said, looking around the cave. "Wha... What part was easy?! Getting chased by frozen madmen and gorillas?!" Sparx lashed out at us. Something suddenly rose from behind Sparx. My heart sank at the sight. It was some kind of huge warrior made of ice... "AHHHHHHH!" Sparx screamed, getting behind me. "I never thought the legends were true!" Midnight said. "The Ice King..." The frozen warrior drew out an ice sword. Midnight and I glared at the beast, ready to fight! Midnight snorted out electric sparks in fury. "Bring it on!" We both yelled. And with that, the battle commenced! Before Midnight did anything, she passed out on the ice suddenly! I tried to wake her up before the Ice King got too hostile but nothing worked. I was alone in this... How would I stop it with just myself? I took one last glance at Volteer before I faced the Ice King... I had a feeling, pretty soon, I'd be in the same state...
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    Chapter 14: Dreams and Destinies

    Midnight's P.O.V

    I found myself somewhere... Odd floating platforms, a weird structure in the very back of... Where ever I was... There were odd looking moons in it too... I think I had lost my mind! "Hello?" I called out. "Is anyone there?" "Midnight...." An aged voice called out. "W-who are you? What is this place?" I paniced. "Do not worry, Midnight. You are still with Cynder, she is currently fighting the Ice King..." It called out. "What?!" I yelled. "She can't possibly face him alone!" "There are many things you do not know about Cynder... Or yourself." It said. "How could you possibly know that?!" I questioned. "I know many things... More than you could imagine... I chronicle all of the dragon race." I was speechless at what I heard. After a few moments of silence I questioned something again. "Why did you bring me here?" "That... Is a good question. I have summoned you here to give you advice." "What kind of advice?" I asked. "Trust your instincts... Trust your friends... Each of them has a destiny waiting for them..." He said. "Also... When you encounter Spyro soon... Look into his eyes... You, Cynder, and him share more than you could possibly imagine..." It finished. I tilted my head. "But wha-" I was cut off. "Do not worry, Midnight. You will understand this very soon. "Alright..." I finished. "I also need you to do me a favor, Midnight." "What's that?" I asked. "Do not mention this conversation to a soul... Do you understand?" I nodded in agreement. "Good. You and Cynder have a great journey and destiny ahead of you... I will contact Cynder soon. Good luck, Midnight." I nodded and everything went white. And I found myself on the icy ground.

    Cynder was standing in front of the Ice King's destroyed body. She had defeated him. Before seeing about Volteer she ran over to me and noticed I was awake. "Midnight!" She said in consern. "Are you alright?!" I nodded vaguely. "What happened?" She asked me... "I..." I trailed off. The words echoed in my mind. Not a soul... "I... Must have just been low on energy from the Spirit Gems...." I said as I got up shakily. "Alright." Cynder said smiling. We walked over to the end of the cave to get to Volteer and wake him. I looked down uneasily, remembering the other words the voice told me... What did he mean by Cynder and Spyro and I sharing more than we know... I have to look into Spyro's eyes... That's what I'll do... That has to be the answer to all my questions...

    We then approached Volteer. Our first mission complete... I could feel it now.. My destiny being filled a little more... I bet mom and dad would've been proud. I shook the thoughts out of my head and Cynder and I nudged Volteer awake.
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    Chapter 15: Electric Toungs and Electric Breaths

    Cynder's P.O.V

    Midnight and I nudged Volteer and he shot up like something had jolted him! He stared down at me. "It borders on the miraculous, incredible, stupendous! A dragon your size defeating that... That... Thing! Thank you... Ah... Ah... Ah..." He sputtered out, I guess he had been awake the whole time. "Cynder." I said, assuming he was trying to figure out my name. "And I'm Midnight." She said, getting to my side. "Not one but, TWO purple dragons named Cynder and Midnight! AMAZING!" Volteer started. "Of course, there were unsustainable rumors of the purple dragons countless generations ago, but most considered it hearsay, gossip, legend. It's hard to believe, difficult to fathom, amazing to comprehend, er.... Um..." "No wonder they gagged this guy..." Sparx whispered to me. Volteer continued to sputter out things I could barely understand. "... So much time has passed, so many things have been learned, and now, here they are, standing right before me!" Before he continued, Midnight cut in. "Um... Excuse me, Volteer, I hate to interrupt... Whatever that was, but..." "Wha.. Wha... What is it?" He slowed down and looked at her. "Er, yes, shouldn't we be going?" She asked. "Oh!" He said. "Of course, but where to?" He asked. "Well, back to the temple." I said. "Yeah! Ignitus is waiting for us after all!" Midnight smiled. "Ignitus?!" Volteer said surprised. "Yes, Ignitus." Sparx said, kind of annoyed with Volteer's electric toung. "Of course..." He started as he followed us out of the cave, flying into the cloudless sky. "Much to tell him, many hypotheses to pose, I believe that..." Volteer continued to blabber the WHOLE WAY back to the temple.

    When we got back, Volteer continued to blabber to Ignitus about many things and how good it was to see him. While that happened, Midnight and I went to the temple balcony and talked with Amber and Blaze. Amber was healed and she and Blaze were reading some old looking scrolls. "Amber! You're alright!" Midnight ran up to her. They turned to us. "Yeah! Ignitus found a way to manipulate the Spirit Gems to heal me! It felt like a thousand suns surging through my body!" Amber said. "Wow." I said. "Ignitus also managed to find some of the old scrolls that hadn't been destroyed on the night the Dark Armies attacked. They're all about the other islands, possibly where the other guardians are being held." Blaze explained. "Yeah, now that I'm all healed, I can come with you on your journeys and possibly give you some tips about the area's we go to!" Amber said cheerfully. "Great!" I said. "We're probably going to need it..." We chatted for a little while longer and then headed back inside to hear Volteer still blabbing when Ignitus finally interrupted.

    "Yes, yes, Volteer, it's good to see you too..." He started. "But we don't have time to waste sentiment... Back on Spyro, what was he doing to you?" "It's hard to be absolutely sure, Ignitus..." Volteer started. "But it seems he was using me as some sort of suspended, organic power source." "Huh?" Sparx tilted his head. "Spyro was using Volteer as a battery." Amber explained. She was smart enough to translate. "Why didn't he just say so?" Sparx asked. "Not only that!" Volteer continued. "He also left with a yellow glowing orb... And I believe I somehow powered it! Does this mean anything to you, Ignitus?" "Perhaps... Perhaps..." He started. "What I do know is that we need to rescue the other guardians..." He said. "I agree Ignitus!" Volteer said. "But first..." He turned to Midnight and I. "I'd like to impart some useful knowledge to Cynder and Midnight vis-a-vis their recently-acquired electricity-based exhalation device!" "...what?" Sparx questioned again. "He wants to teach them how to use their Electricty Breath properly." Amber explained. "Oi! Why doesn't he just say so?" Sparx complained.

    Volteer began our lesson of electricy and, like last time, sent Amber and Blaze outside. Ignitus watched quietly from the very back. Volteer taught us lots of Electricty based stuff! We sparked right through it! He taught us everything from Electricty stream to the Electric Arc. Even the shocking Elecricity Fury! When it was all over, Volteer started blabbing about how well we did and then called everyone back in and discussed more about the remaining guardians.

    "Cynder..." Ignitus said, looking into the Pool of Visions. "Cyril, the Ice Guardian, was taken to Tall Plains... You, Midnight, Sparx, Blaze, and Amber need to go there at once... And find him. You will need all the help you can." "But if we see danger we run... Right?" Sparx asked. "There are times when all of us need to stand up to danger, young Sparx." Ignitus said. "Yeah... Maybe next month, next summer... Perhaps next year." Sparx rambled. "Just go... Now!" Ignitus commanded, rather annoyed. "Yes sir!" We all said.

    Amber picked up Blaze in her arms, Midnight and I flew off the balcony, and the journey to Tall Plains began!
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    Chapter 16: Tall Plains

    Amber's P.O.V

    We came into distance with a grassy environment after flying for a while. As we swooped down, I memorized what I had read in the scrolls. "Tall Plains was once home to a proud ancient tribe called the Atlawa." I explained. "Bless you." Sparx joked after I said 'Atlawa'. "Sparx..." Cynder scolded. I continued. "The Atlawa were a people in tune with the rhythms of the seasons, focused their relationship with their crops, their surroundings, and the golem that they apperently worship. From what I know, they've been all driven underground by Spyro and his forces, who've taken over their shrine. I have a feeling that's where Spyro is keeping Cyril, trying to power another crystal. We better find him before they get the chance." I finished as we landed. "Right..." Sparx started. "It's never easy, is it?" He complained. "Nothing worthwhile ever is..." Cynder said. "So now you're spouting wisdom, hero girl?" Sparx said to her. "C'mon, it's best we move swiftly." Midnight said. We all nodded in agreement and journeyed forth.

    We eventually came to an area with lots of cages filled with llama like creatures that stood on two legs and had tribal markings and clothes. I assumed they were the Atlawa. There were apes and Dread Wings guarding their cages. We hid behind one of the many turquoise pillars in the area. "The enemy of our enemy is my friend." Cynder said, staring at them. "Does that mean what I think it means?" Sparx asked. "Yeah, we've got to help them." She said. "Oh brother..." Sparx muttered.

    We all charged in on the apes and set our attack into action! Midnight and Cynder used a combination of their electric and fire elements. Blaze used his claws and mostly led the apes to Midnight and Cynder since he didn't have much fighting experience. I used my mind rather than using any physical contact I got their attention and used my superior maneuverability skills to lead them into the pillars. Then, when I wasn't looking, a random Dread Wing had dropped in on me! It pinned me on the ground on my back. I struggled in its clutches and more surrounded me. I couldn't do anything! This might be the end for me... That's when I noticed Blaze was seeing what was happening! He looked around franticly as more Dread Wings came around me. He rushed over in fury and clawed the Dread Wing that had pinned me. It just knocked Blaze away with its tail and he lay there on the ground. He called for Midnight and Cynder but more apes were ganging up on them... Blaze got up with a face filled with fury! He unsheathed his claws, his eyes started to glow pure white and he seemed to have a firey aura around him... He pounded over the ground, sparks emitting from every pawstep he took! He charged faster and faster until he was engulfed in a powerful flame, he almost looked like a comet! He charged into the Dread Wings and everything exploded into fire! All the apes and Dread Wings were gone and Blaze stood there in almost a regal posture... He lowered his head and his eyes and returned to normal and the Firey aura dissappeared. He took deep breaths before raising back up again.

    "Blaze, what was that?" Cynder finally asked. "I don't really know..." He said. "It just felt like something snapped inside me when Amber was in trouble..." Blaze said, looking at me. I blushed a little bit without thinking. "Hmph..." Sparx made a sick noise. Midnight shot him a glare. I then walked over to Blaze's side and whispered to him. "Thank you..." And I nuzzled him. That time he blushed. "As sweet as this all is..." Midnight started. "Shouldn't we free the Atlawa?" "Oh yeah!" Blaze said. We all destroyed the cages and freed the Atlawa. There was one we hadn't gotten so Blaze burned down the cage and freed the last Atlawa. He jumped agressivly out of the pile of ash that was once his cage. "Watch it, will ya?!" He said in an agressive tone. I was enraged by the Atlawa's ungrateful attitude. "Hey! He was just trying to help you, you know!" I said as I got in front of him. "Well, the Atlawa and Kane need no help." He said as he walked past me. "Oh, just about to spring into action, were you?" Midnight said as she and Cynder got in front of him. "C'mon, let's just forget this guy." Sparx said to us. "What did they want with you anyway?" Cynder asked. "It's none of your business..." He said. "Now move, all of you, I have a tribe to save." He said as he shoved past us. "Oh, you're welcome!" Sparx called to him.

    We moved forward and had to use water wheels to journey onward. When we eventually made it through the thick part of the forest, we came near a small water fall and a stream. We saw Kane cornered by apes and he was knocked off the water fall! "KANE!" We all shouted in alarm. Without hesitation, Midnight and Cynder breathed out a light blue and white icy streams freezing the stream where Kane landed onto the ice. "The two of you are just getting weirder and weirder by the second..." Sparx said. They both nodded slightly. We pulled Kane off the ice and woke him up. "You again?" He said rather irritated. "Hi." I said in a sarcastic tone. "Why don't you get outta here and leave me in peace... I'm the boss around here, nobody else." He said. "The boss of what?" Sparx butted in. "Shhh!" Cynder scolded him. "You're all alone?" She asked. "Only until I kick these bums out." He said. "Which reminds me, I can't be standing here chatting with dragons, cats, and mosquitoes..." "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Who are you calling a mosquito?!" Sparx said. "Besides, it's not safe for you here." Kane said. "Oh, conserned about us now, eh?" I said. "No need." Cynder said. "We can take care of ourselves. Anyway, we need to get to the shrine." She finished as we walked past Kane. "You'll never make it!" He called out to us.

    We worked our way forward to some kind of gate. We pushed some buttons and they revealed four large stone balls. We put each stone into a slot and the gate opened. We then went through the gate and found Kane waiting for us. "Our Shrine God has not been appeased since Spyro's forces arrived... And he is not happy..." Kane told us. "So, is anyone fun around here?" Sparx asked. "You can't possibly face him alone!" Kane said. "Not all of us are loners, Kane." Cynder said. "Yeah, we're not going alone." Blaze said. "Maybe some day you'll learn, five heads are better than one... Even if one belongs to a pin head." Cynder said. "Yeah! Wait, wait?!" Sparx said as we walked off. Blaze and I snickered a bit.

    We soon came across a small air ship, it was very empty and quiet... "I don't like the looks of this thing..." Cynder said. "Now you tell me..." Sparx said. We climbed aboard, it didn't move. That's when Cynder and Midnight decided to use a cold breeze with their newly found Ice Element on the sails. The ship then shot forward! That's when we realized apes were aboard... They ambushed us from the hull. Blaze and I kept their backs covered and we pushed and apes off the sides of the ship and Blaze used his fire power to burn some apes. As we were pulling close to an island with the shrine on it, Cynder left Midnight to keep blowing on the sails. Cynder unleashed a Fire Fury and the whole ship exploded and we were all launched onto the island. We all got up and shook the ash off of ourselves. "Well that was fun." Sparx said.
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    Chapter 17: Stone Sentinle

    Cynder's P.O.V

    We then approached the shrine where Kane somehow got there before us. He turned around in surprise. "I have to admit... You've all done better than I thought possible." "Saying that had to hurt!" Sparx chuckled out. "... More than you could imagine." He replied. "There are some things you should know before you enter-" Kane started but he then was cut off by a horrific roar in the sky. We saw a gigantic black dragon flying away from the Shrine, clutching a blue crystal in his talons. It was none other than Spyro himself... We all watched him fly away until he was nowhere in sight. "Aaaaaand I think we're done here..." Sparx said. "Not before we rescue Cyril!" I said to him. "The Atlawa shrine has been desecrated..." Kane said. "And the Shrine God has not been given tribute since Spyro's forces have arrived. But if you all can subdue his anger, the balance will be returned... And my people can come home." "That's fine." I said. "But we came to free Cyril." "You'll have to go through the God of the Shrine to free him!" He called to us as we walked across a bridge to the shrine. "I knew you were going to say that!" Sparx called back.

    We had finished crossing the bridge and we all cautiously stepped into the area of the shrine... Cyril could be seen in the very back but, I kept my cation. "Be careful..." I told everyone. "Remember last time, Midnight?" She nodded and looked around. "Yeah, I know, but Spyro left and I don't see any Ice Kings hanging around here..." Sparx said. That's when a pile of rocks started to rumble... They formed a gigantic golem, it seemed very enraged. "Oooooh... Crud..." I heard Blaze whisper. "When will I learn?" Sparx said. "When all seems good, run for the hills!" We all got in a battle stance, preparing for battle!

    I thought of a quick plan and told everyone what they needed to do. "Amber, fly around it an distract it!" She nodded and flew around it while I gave more commands. "Midnight, use your new Ice Breath and freeze his legs together!" She ran over and started to freeze his legs while Amber made it hard for him to notice. "And Blaze." I turned to him. "I'll do everything in my power to make sure he falls over, but I'm counting on you to use that new fire dash you obtained to go and knock him in the head to knock him out." He hesitated a moment and then nodded with a look of determination on his face. I smiled at him and then flew into the air.

    I used my green fire to try and knock him down. It barely even scorched him... "Alright... Let's try plan B..." I muttered. I decided to use my pink lightning to zap him to the ground! It kind of looked like it bounced off... "Cynder!" I heard Amber fly by. I turned my attention to her. "Use three elements at once!" "What?! How?" I questioned. "Come on, Cynder! You've done so well to get this far! Use all three elements at once!" She said as she doged a punch from the golem. I took what she said to mind... Fire, Electricity, and Ice... I kept trying and eventually, I felt a spark inside that felt like a freeze burn. Fire, Electricity, and cold air swarmed around me... All the power inside me poured into the fury and everything exploded in sparks, ice shards, and flames!

    The golem fell over with a large thud. "Blaze! NOW!" I called to him. He powered up his firepower and charged into the head of the golem with a great boom! It went limp, showing it had lost its will to fight.

    "We did it..." I whispered to myself with relief. We then went over to Cyril to complete our search.
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    Chapter 18: Three Down, One More to Go!

    Cynder's P.O.V

    I went over to Cyril and I nudged him awake. He blinked his eyes open and rose up. As I was going to explain what happend, Kane came up to us. Other Atlawa entered the area. "You have subdued the God of the Shrine, restored balance to the seasons, the land, our world..." I nodded to him respectfully. "The Atlawa want to worship you now." He said. "Wow, right when I thought I'd escape royalty." Amber chuckled. "Wait, are you meaning to tell me you're one of those royal winged cats from the White Isle?" Kane asked her surprised. Amber nodded sheepishly. "Well then, be sure to come back anytime with your friends then! You deserve the respect that I withheld from you." "Thank you, Kane. You don't have to treat me royally, I'm just Amber when I'm with these guys." She said with a smile. "Alright, we'll call you back anytime, you can be sure of that." Kane said. "And we'll be back, you can definitely be sure of that!" I smiled at Kane. While we were chatting, I noticed Sparx was taking the worshipping thing a bit too seriously. "My dear Atlawas!" He announced. "I am the mighty Sparx, scourge of despots..." Cyril stepped in while Sparx was giving his speech. "Yes, yes, old boy, we'd like nothing more than to stay and be a part of your primitive, barbaric, society, but duty calls, duty calls." He was definitely less chatty than Volteer. "If you must, if you must." Kane said. "But know you are all part of the Atlawa tribe... One of us." We smiled and nodded to Kane as we started to walk out. We all turned our heads to Sparx, as we waiting for him to follow along. "I am the mighty Spar... Whatever..." He then buzzed and followed behind. As we began to walk out, I heard Kane call to me. "By the way... you were right." I turned to him. "About what?" "Maybe five heads are better than one." He said. I smiled and nodded. "... Even if one of them belongs to an annoying mosquito." He added with a smirk. I nodded with a smile and walked out with everyone else. Sparx had overheard out conversation. "Mosquito, me? Is that... Oh..." I chuckled and we all departed back to the temple.

    Cyril headed into the temple and discussed with the other guardians. The rest of us waited on the balcony. Amber and Blaze continued with their study on the other islands in the scrolls. Midnight and curled up and relaxed in the sun. Sparx had just gone wondering around, probably causing trouble. I sat there, staring out at the dead land. I sighed and shook my head as I thought. Spyro... He never had the choice to do this to everyone... I bet... I have to stop this, for his sake and everyone else... "Lost in thought over there, Cynder?" Amber asked. "Oh... Yeah..." I didn't even turn to her. "It's just... Spyro... He never had the choice to do all of this. He never got the chance to have a real life." Amber looked at me determined. "That's why we're doing this. We'll stop him and make him change his ways." "That's just it though..." I said. "I want to let him have a life. I'll stop him and bring him back here. That 'Dark Master' is just using him. I bet he doesn't even respect Spyro." I felt a little enraged. "Yeah but..." Blaze raised his head out of his scroll. "Would it really be wise to keep a big black dragon with dark influences in him here? I mean, think about it." "You're probably right, Blaze." I said. "But I'm willing to see the better side of Spyro. He's probably better than we know..." We chatted for a little bit longer and we then went into the temple to check on the guardians.

    "Yes, yes, Volteer, I see that months of tortured captivity has done nothing to slow that electric toung of yours from incessantly wagging." Cyril said. "It's just that it's all so exciting, exhilarating, enchanting, enthralling!" Volteer said. "All right, no more thesaurus for you, pal." Sparx buzzed out of nowhere. "All of you please be quiet!" Ignitus said. "It is certainly encouraging that Cynder and the others have been able to free the two of you to allow this reunion, but haven't we forgotten someone?" "Yes, yes, of course!" Cyril said. "Terrador!" "Precisely." Ignitus said. "Now, how do we proceed?" "I believe I can help, Ignitus." Cyril said as he walked over to Midnight and I. "Well, young chapettes, since you learned few things about ice on Tall Plains, I suggest we adjourn to the training room so that I can teach you more. The legacy of the great Ice Dragons of yore... My ansestors, who come from the best of the best of this somewhat bedraggled lineage... Is long and storied. With my help, finding Terrador should be a certainy!" He said proudly. Volteer let out an annoyed sigh. "Your pomposity, arrogance, and pretentiousness is odious to the extreme." Cyril smirked and then turned to us once again. "Shall we?"

    Like last time, everyone went outside to wait, except Volteer and Ignitus, who stayed and watched. Midnight and I learned everything from the Ice Stream to the Ice Tail Strike and the chilling Ice Fury! These powers would definitely come to be useful once I battle Spyro...

    After all that, everyone returned around the Pool of Visions and we discussed once again. "So what exactly are you saying, Ignitus?" Cyril asked. "Yes, your hypothesis is an intriguing one, but it is perplexing to the extreme." Volteer added. "Huh?" Sparx turned to Amber. "He said he doesn't know what Ignitus is trying to say." "Dude, I never know what he's saying." Sparx said as he crossed his arms. "What I'm saying..." Ignitus started."Is that Spyro is harnessing the Gardians' powers to unlock a portal." "Why?" I questioned. "What's behind this portal?" "That doesn't consern you right now." Ignitus quickly dismissed. "What does consern you is getting to Munitions Forge and freeing Terrador before Spyro can make another crystal from his powers." "... AND before that volcano blows it's-" "That's enough, Volteer!" Ignitus cut him off. "There's plenty of time... Plenty of time..." "Plenty of time?" Sparx cut in. "What? We need more time for horrible things to happen to us?! Why didn't we just stay in Tall Plains? Oh, I'm a big deal there..." "Quit complaining Sparx." Midnight told him. "There's probably another tribe you can save at Munitions Forge." "Yeah but, there's always something special about the first tribe you save... Ya know?" He said. "Well, let's just get it going, I want to test out my firepower more!" Blaze said with a fighting fire in his eyes. "Firepower?" Ignitus questioned. "Oh yeah." Blaze said. "While at Tall Plains, I discovered I could harness some firepower and it makes me run really fast, leaving a blazing trail!" "My, my..." Ignitus said. "Perhaps, you should stay here... We might need to further look into this, it could be dangerous for you to use it without not knowing much about it." "But I..." He then looked down. I knew he cared deeply for each of us, he didn't want us to get hurt... "Alright. I'll stay." He looked up at Ignitus. He nodded to Blaze. "It is just best to know how to control it rather than taking a risk." Ignitus said to him. "Oh! How fascinating, thrilling, and congenial!" Volteer said. Blaze suddenly got a face of fear as Volteer started to sputter more about Blaze. Ignitus rolled his eyes and smiled to us and nodded. We took that as the signal to go and we went to the balcony to head off to Munitions Forge!
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    Chapter 19: Munitions Forge

    Midnight's P.O.V

    As we approached a lava filled area with a huge volcano in the middle of it, Amber explained the area to us. "Munitions Forge is an island dominated by Boyzitbig, an unstable volcano that makes life on the surface very dicey. From what I've heard from Ignitus, the locals, who live underground, have been forced to mine the metals that Spyro uses to forge his army's weapons." "What are the locals called?" Cynder asked. "They're called Manweersmalls." Amber said as we drafted towards the ground. "Right. Do I need to write that down?" Sparx said sarcastically. I shot him a glare. "No." I said with a stern, emotionless voice. "Rumor has it that Spyro is holding Terrador somewhere in the mines." Amber said. "What we know for sure is, he's powering the last crystal to open that portal. We better hurry before he gets the chance..." We then walked on the warm ground and looked around at our surroundings. "Boy is it big!" Sparx remarked as he stared in awe at the volcano. Cynder, Amber, and I then walked to Sparx's side and stared up at it. Sparx, for once, was right. It was big. "Boy, it's big!" Cynder almost echoed Sparx's words. "But this is no time for sightseeing. Time to get serious let's go!" She said as she walked further in. "Ohhhh.... Not again..." Sparx complained. I sighed in annoyance at his arrogance.

    As we approached, two small ape soldiers ran towards us. Though, Cynder and I had no trouble taking care of them. We then looked up and saw a wooden train track that led out of a tunnel, it was elevated by wooden pillars. Apes ran out of the tunnel and came to attack us. I didn't even need to help her, Cynder turned them to ice and melted them with her fire breath. We then hopped upon the tracks and journeyed through the tunnel. As we approached outside again, there was a large ape wielding a Firey hammer. He looked like some kind of leader so, we decided to take care of him. Amber distracted the ape to make sure he didn't hit Cynder and I with his weapon. With the combination of ice and electricity, we managed to knock him out. He was not quite done yet though. So, Cynder used her ice breath to freeze him and put him near a lava pool. "Hehe, he'll get a warm surprise when he thaws and wakes up!" I snickered. Amber shook her head and smiled. "You two are so naughty!" She gingerly scolded us. We all laughed and continued onward. We came to a gate, which Cynder and I bashed open. We then came to an old looking rat creature with a long, rat-like nose. He wore an odd hat and a cloak.

    "Man, he's small!" I commented. "What's that?! Who's there?!" He turned around in alarm. The poor thing obviously couldn't see too well. "It... It's Cynder, Amber, and Midnight." Cynder said in a calm tone. "AND the former-" I cut off Sparx knowing he was going to brag about being a big deal to the Atlawas. "We get it Sparx, the Atlawas see you as their husbando! Can we get to the important information please?" "... What's a husbando?" Sparx muttered. "You don't carry the stench of Spyro's beasts, so you must be friends." The creature said in a rich French sounding accent. "We are." Cynder continued to speak in her calm tone. "And who are you?" I asked. "I am Mole-Yair." He said. "Leader of the Manweersmalls. Though, I'm not much of a leader anymore. Those of my people who aren't working in the mines for Spyro are holed in the caves, scared out of their little wits, waiting for Bozitbig to blow. Which... Shouldn't take long. If you would help me free them, perhaps I could do something for you?" "I don't know..." Amber cut in. "We're here to rescue a big friend of ours." "Is he a mighty dragon?" Mole-Yair asked. "Yes... Why?" Amber asked. "Because, I know where he's being kept..." He whispered to us. "In mines near a large labor camp, where my own brother, Exhumor, toils away. We can help echother." "Well, which way do we go? What should we do next?" Cynder asked. "Oh, it's simple enough, but we must hurry!" Mole-Yair said, looking around the area. "Boyzitbig is getting more unstable by the minute! We must clear these cave before we can help your friend." "You're asking him for directions?" Sparx smirked. "Talk about the blind leading the blind." "Forget him, Mole-Yair." Cynder said. "We're in!"

    We continued down a mine, were many Manweersmalls where being held captive. Magic crystals were emitting energy which attached to the poor creatures to prevent their escape. Cynder burned the ape guards that were watching the Manweersmalls mine. They all turned to us, in a little fear. We destroyed the crystals that kept them captive. They graciously thanked us and rushed out. We went deeper and ran into loads of apes, Cynder and I used our many elements to defeat them all to continue. We went deeper into the mine, freeing any Manweersmall we saw. Eventually, we came out and saw Mole-Yair waiting for us. "Ha ha! You did it! A thousand thanks! Mwah, mwah, mwah!" He said in gratitude. "It was nothing!" Cynder said, blushing a little. "Well, you did your part, miss Cynder. Now I'll do mine." Mole-Yair started. "Your friend is being kept in the center of the volcano, past the labor camp where my brother is working. Find Exhumor and tell him that we're friends. He'll tell you how to proceed." "How will we know Exhumor?" Cynder asked. "Yeah, all you Man-are-we-smalls look the same to me." Sparx said. "Oh, you'll know him. Trust me." Mole-Yair said. "He's the most cantankerous, hard-nosed Manweersmall around. Whatever you do, don't get on his bad side." We nodded and took the advice to mind and headed on outside the mine.

    We came outside to meet apes so, as usual, Cynder and I used our elemental combinations to defeat all of them to continue our search for Terrador. We then came to some rickety platforms that were on single wooden pillars. We carefully glided from each one and came to another tunnel, which we went into. After we got out, we saw a small bell tower. Cynder and I examined the bell. "I bet you two can't ring that bell." Sparx said. "Why would we want to?" Cynder asked. "Oh, you're scared!" Sparx taunted. "We're not scared, you little..." I trailed off in angry mutters. "Oh, I didn't know, I'm sorry, oh no, I'm sorry baby, let me get your pillow all laid out..." "OKAY, THATS IT!" I snarled. I rammed the bell ringer with my horns, causing it to vibrate loudly. It vibrated very hard, so hard, it fell from its hinge! Amber jumped back in time, but Cynder and I weren't so lucky... It landed on top of us, causing us to be trapped.
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    Chapter 20: New Powers and Info - Part 1

    Cynder's P.O.V

    Midnight and I franticly looked around, trying to find a way out. We tried all our elements but it was no use! "Oh... How are we going to get out of here?!" Midnight looked around in panic. I then heard Amber and Sparx bickering. After that, Sparx started talking alone for a really long time. I couldn't understand what they were saying but, judging by Amber's tone, she might as well kill Sparx... "Ugh! If it weren't for Sparx, we wouldn't be in this right now!" Midnight said. I shook my head and rammed my side against the bell. It shook a little. Midnight then joined in. It got looser. We rammed a third time and Midnight accidentally rammed her snout into the bell! She shook her head, she looked like she was about to sneeze... I stood back and just let her do what she had to do. But instead of a normal sneeze, she sneezed out a dark purple Earth Blast! The bell shattered and we were free! "Wow." Amber said, she didn't know what to say it seemed like. She had the most flabbergasted face ever. "Were you saying something?" I asked them. "Me?" Sparx said. "No. No, I was talking out loud, thinking about my day, I gotta do..." "Oh, I just thought you said something before Midnight blasted us out of there..." I said as we started back on. "Oh, that's funny... No..." Sparx rambled. "Must be hearing things..." Amber smirked at him. I leaned over to her. "What did he say?" "I'll tell you when we get back to the temple." She smirked. I giggled and we moved on.

    The bell had alerted some apes, Midnight fended them off with her new Earth Shot. I concentrated while she fought them off and connected myself with the earth. An ape came at me and I shot a brown Earth Blast right in his face! We fought off a few more and continued through another train track tunnel. As we approached out, we saw some apes and a larger conductor ape talking. We hid down and watched.

    "Come on you worthless waste of flesh, let's go!" He rudely said to them. "We've got to hop on Steam and get back to that flea-bitten dragon. The crystal should be almost ready... And the volcano is right on the brink!" The two other apes nodded and hopped onto the train and headed down another train track tunnel. "Come on, we've got to catch them!" I said getting up. "How?" Amber asked. I looked around and spotted an odd contraption with two large wheels on the side and one small one in the front with a seat attached in the middle. "There's an idea..." Midnight muttered. I hopped into the seat and Midnight and Amber sat on the back of it and held onto me. "You don't know how to drive this thing." Sparx told me. Midnight snorted. "How hard can it be? It's on rails!" "Oi! Famous last words!" Sparx said. I shook my head and we all leaned forward and it moved down the track at full speed!

    It was going at an unsteadily fast speed, but we managed to catch up to the train. "Let's try and attack the caboose!" Midnight screamed over the screeching and rumbling of the rails. I nodded. We both used our fire bombs and attack. It definitely weakened it. The apes knew of our presence so they put the train into full overdrive! "They're not the only ones who can go fast!" I yelled. "LEAN!" We leaned forward and caught up to them again, but on a separate track. The two tracks were separated by rocky pillars. "Attack those pillars!" Amber instructed. I nodded and Midnight and I Fire Bomed the pillars until they eventually crushed the caboose, detaching it from the train and leaving the bunch of apes crushed. "I think that's all we can do for now, we need to get out of here!" Amber yelled. We leaned forward and got ahead of the train, back onto the same track. It was hot on our trail! "Faster!" Amber paniced. We leaned more, our ride was now jumping from the track a few times! We were going too fast! The train had no choice but to go down a separate tunnel, leaving us. We the noticed we were nearing the end of the tunnel. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" We all screamed as it jumped off the track out of the tunnel! We jumped off and spread our wings and glided down by a lava pool, where the contraption crashed and melted. We all sighed in relief and continued onward. We walked on the edge of the rocky island, with a lava stream lighting the way.

    I gazed out over the ocean, seeing the purple night sky reflecting off of it. It was a calming sight to see after almost being obliterated by a giant train. I looked ahead and sighted another train track in the distance, I listened closely and heard lots of mining. "We're almost there!" I said excited. We ran forward, about to make it when two giant bat creatures slammed down in front of us with two apes riding on the back of them! "Dreadwings!" Amber remarked. "Heh. Thought you'd see the last of us, your highness?" One of the ape riders smirked at Amber. "I wouldn't miss it..." Amber growled, getting in a hostile position. "Hmph, lucky enough for you, we aren't here for you. You've led us right to our targets!" The other ape looked over to Midnight and I. "The Purple Dragons." He said. Without hesitation, the Dreadwings tackled Midnight and I and clutched us tightly, flying away!
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    New Powers and Info - Part 2

    The apes put muzzles on our snouts so we couldn't breath any elements at them. "HMMMMPH!" I screamed at Amber through my muzzle as we were starting across the ocean. Amber and Sparx stood there helplessly as we were being carried off. Amber then got a look of anger and determination on her face. "No, not this time..." I heard her say. I could've sworn I saw a purple light shine in her eyes... "Not this time!" She got louder. She started to glow all purple, including her eyes, shining neon purple! Sparx backed up from her. "NOT. THIS. TIME!" She burst off the ground like a purple firework in a furious purple blast, ramming into the Dreadwings! We were knocked from their grasp and Midnight and I flew on instinct as we watched them crash into the ocean. They struggled to swim. "You haven't seen the last of us!" An ape gargled as he sunk into the water. "Wow Amber, looks like Blaze isn't the only magic kitten in the group!" Midnight said. "Yeah, what was that?" I asked her. "I'm not exactly sure..." Amber said as the purple aura faded from her. Though, little purple sparkles now stayed and shimmered within her fur. "There was once a legend I heard, where my oldest royal ansestors had something magical within them called "Purple Fury" or "Convexity". There would only be one royal born with that power once every 1,000 years on the Year of the Dragon. It's where powers of all kinds roamed loosely... I just never thought it would be true!" Amber said as she spiraled excitedly in the air. "Well, I wouldn't call our team normal." Sparx buzzed up to us. "Alright, let's get going." I chuckled. We glided back down to the edge of the island and approached the train track. We started up it and I gazed out at the ocean in admiration one last time before we went through a short tunnel that led down to a labor camp down the track at the foot of the tunnel. Though, at the foot, I sighted another Manweersmall. Possibly Exhumor?

    We approached him and he turned around aggressively to us. "Wait, wait, wait! We're on your side!" I said. "More likey spies of the Conductor... Or that flying beast, Spyro!" He said. "We aren't, I promise!" Amber said stepping forward. "My my!" The Manweersmall said. "Princess Amber of the White Isle!" He bowed to her. "Oh... Yes... How do you know me?" She said. "Your mother and I were friends since we were young! She had told me much about you before this whole war with Spyro started." "Wow, I never knew that, it's an honor to meet you mister... Um..." "Exhumor." He said as he shook her paw. "Oh! You're Exhumor?" Amber asked. "Infact I am!" He said. "Which reminds me now, why are you of all people in a place like this one?" He asked. I stepped forward. "Mole-Yair sent us!" I said. "My brother is alive?" He asked in awe. "He is pal, he's all safe and sound." Sparx said. "But I gotta say, he's the friendly one in the family!" "I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." He said. "In these dark times, one can't take chances... Ah, so my brother is alive! Wonderful news. But why did he send you here?" He asked. "Well, he told us where you might know where our friend, Terrador, is." Midnight said. "If he's a big dragon, I most certainly can." He said. "The majority of the Manweersmalls are being kept here in this camp, forced to live above ground and mine for Spyro... And there are rumors that your dragon friend is being kept in the darkest pits of the volcano... All of us are doomed..." "Not if we have anything to say about it!" I said. "What do you mean?" Exhumor asked. "Yeah, what do you mean?" Sparx said. "I mean we're going to free the Manweersmalls, venture to the darkest pits of Boyzitbig, and free Terrador!" I said. Sparx sighed and sarcastically added, "Then, it's off to karaoke!"
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    Chapter 21: Freedom and Fury

    Amber's P.O.V

    Cynder charged into the labor camp where many Manweersmalls were being held captive since they weren't being ordered to mine. Midnight and I followed closely behind. Many apes were in the camp. When we rushed in, they come towards us with firey hammers! Cynder and Midnight used a combination of ice and earth to defeat large majorities of the apes. I put my new powers to good use! I fired beams of unstable, but powerful, purple energy from my paws at the apes defeating a whole row almost instantly! After they were all gone, we all went to destroy the cages that the Manweersmalls were being kept in. They all surrounded and cheered us on and graciously thanked us. Out of the crowd, we saw Mole-Yair and Exhumor together at last!

    "Well, I see you two crazy kids found eachother!" Sparx said. "Yes... At last. Thanks to you." Mole-Yair nodded to us. Cynder smiled and blushed a little. "We're just disappointed you didn't leave any fun for us!" Exhumor joked. "Maybe next time." Cynder chuckled. "So now, which way to Terrador?" "That way..." Exhumor pointed to a short cave tunnel that led to another section of the island. "But be careful... The Conductor and his maniacal locomotive will surely be close by..." "When you say be careful, does that mean try not to die?" Sparx said. "I'm trying to do that anyway." That's when Boyzitbig rumbled loudy, causing the ground to shake. "Come, Exhumor, we must get all the Manweersmalls underground... Where they belong." Mole-Yair said. "Yes... It won't be long now..." Exhumor said. We bid our final farewells and headed into the tunnel to finally get to Terrador.

    After we got through, we had to go through lots of series of ups and downs and lots and LOTS of tunnels. We eventually made it and we sighted and unconscious, green dragon. "Is that... Terrador?" Cynder asked. "Big dragon being held in the center of an explosive volcano?" Sparx raised a brow at her. "I'm guessing that's Terrador." "We have to be careful." Cynder said. "It's never easy..." "After the last two times, you're not going to get an argument from me, chief." Sparx said. That's when a big train entered the area with an ape sitting on top. The Conductor. "You're a little late, fellas." He smirked. "The crystal's already charged and the volcano's ready to blow... But before it does, me and Steam here will take great pleasure in running you down!" "Uh yeah... I don't think so." I said with a smug look on my face. "Excuse me?" The Conductor said impatiently. "I've had about up to here with all you apes." I said, getting closer to him. "... And I think it's about time I put an end to that." I finished as a purple aura enveloped me. "Wait... What?" He said. I just stood there for a moment smirking at him. Then, I fired a purple beam at his disgusting contraption and blew him up, sending him flying to who knows where! Midnight and Cynder just stood there with the most priceless looking faces ever! I then felt drained, I guess there was a limit to how much Purple Fury I could use at a time... "Okay, I don't think I'll be able to do that for some time now... I'm drained..." I said. "You should have saved that for Spyro..." Midnight snorted.

    I still managed a smile and we went over to Terrador to complete our mission.
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    Chapter 22: Terrador's Rescue and Ignitus' Fall

    Cynder's P.O.V

    As we approached Terrador, he slowly rose up, his body carrying an earthly smell to it. "The Purple Dragons... Live." He said in his deep baritone voice. "They've got names, you know." Sparx said. I stepped forward. "Yes... My name is Cynder and this is Midnight, Amber, and Sparx." "You must be Terrador." Amber said. "Yes, yes I am, and I must say, I never thought I would've lived to meet you all." He said. "Look, I'd love to hug everybody and sit and chit chat, but how 'bout we get going before that volcano blows us up?" Sparx suggested. "You're right." Terrador started. "I've got to tell the others what Spyro is up to." "Let's go!" Sparx said. "I'm right behind you... Actually I'm right in front of you!" He desperately wanted to leave.

    That's when we heard a rumble underground... We paused for a moment. That's when something burst out of the lava in a brilliant, firey spiral. It had scales, black at night. Blazing, orange, zigzag horns, spines, chestplates, and membranes. White diamond shaped markings on its head and under its eyes. Tribal looking markings on its right arm. Cuffs on its front legs and around its neck and two small ones on its tail. His eyes glowed neon white, almost pupil-less. You could barely see his pupils. A giant, evil dragon, he was... None other than Spyro himself...

    "Run..." Terrador said as he eyed Spyro with an intimidating glare. "Look, when the guy says run, I think he knows something!" Sparx said fearfully. We eyed Spyro, he was so intimidating yet so magnificent... He swooped down, his claws outstretched and hastily grabbed the crystal that Terrador had powered. That's when Terrador went after Spyro, to retrieve the crystal. Right when he got to the tail of Spyro, he aggressively turned around and smacked Terrador to the ground where he was almost crushed by a pillar! We just stood there, witnessing the spectacle...

    Terrador then forced himself off the ground as Spyro swooped around, leaving with the crystal. "GO, CYNDER! Fly like you've never flown before, I'll go back to the temple for help!" Spyro then stopped in place in his flight. He turned around and looked at Terrador and at us. I knew what he was planning to do. With little hesitation, we turned around and flew as rapidly as we could! Spyro was hot on our tails...

    We flew through the rocky crevasses where lava streamed down. We swiftly doged and turned, avoiding a possible burn. Spyro started firing his own blazing red Fire Bombs at us! We flipped and barrel rolled to doge them, I didn't dare look back to the dark beast. We then saw a blue light shining down from the night sky and decided to fly up to get away faster. I spiraled upward, there were dark clouds all around, only a slight hole in them revealed the moonlight that helped me even get the idea. I flew fast, flying straight up, the moonlight piercing my eyes. Amber and Midnight caught up to me, Spyro screeched the horrid roar that I had always heard come from him. We all shared worried glances. I took their paws and I outstreched my wings as far as they would go! It caused me to pause in the midair. Spyro got closer, I heard his claws unsheathe. Then, gave my wings the strongest beat I could give them and we shot up, almost faster than light! Spyro roared in fury, our efforts were futile... His giant wings gave them the advantage of speed, he caught up quickly and we flew as fast as we could. He got to our side now. I shook my head, refusing for this to end now, after coming so far!

    That's when a red figure shot by and tackled Spyro! We turned around, astonished by what we saw! It was Ignitus! He was fighting Spyro! They clawed and scratched eachother in fury. Somehow, Spyro still kept the crystal in his talons. Ignitus knocked Spyro on his back, making it hard for him to reposition and fly properly. Ignitus then rammed Spyro into his chest and they both went falling into a dark abyss... Gone.

    I felt like something had broken me inside after what I witnessed... I flew around franticly, trying to see if I could possibly find a sign of them... Light tears streamed down my face... Ignitus was gone... I shook my head, refusing to believe my closest mentor was gone! "We've got to find them!" I felt larger tears roll down my face. "Have to... Find Ignitus..." "They're gone, Cyn. There's nothing we can do..." Sparx said. "I don't care!" I said. "Ignitus wouldn't leave me!" "Cynder, he's right." Terrador broke in. "I'm right?" Sparx said in disbelief. "Oh my God, that's a first..." "Yes." Terrador said. "You'll never find them in this mess, and you're not ready to face Spyro yet. The time to fight will come... But it is not now. Everyone gathered around me, waiting for my response. "I guess... You're right..." I sniffled. "Let's go..." I said as I flew away, not even staying close or looking back.
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    Chapter 23: Friends Stick Together

    Blaze's P.O.V

    While Ignitus had suddenly left with Terrador, who must've been freed by the others, I had to be stuck with Cyril and Volteer. I had learned that apperently I came from an unknown species of cats, there was nothing known about me. Even Volteer couldn't figure me out, though I couldn't tell. No body understands what he says. Volteer and Cyril had bickered more than help me understand my power, to be honest... They didn't even notice when I stepped outside on the balcony. I sat down and stared at the starry sky. I wished that today would be as peaceful as the sky... I wondered what my parents would've been like... I've never really met a cat like myself before... I sighed and made a small flame appear in my paw. It had a small warmth to it. I shook my head and made the flame extinguish and looked back at the sky. I wondered what Scratch and Scar were doing... I wonder what mother was doing... I Wasn't even sure they were alive... I shook the thoughts out of my head and curled up and closed my eyes, letting the wind swish in my fur.

    I then heard wing beats. I looked back up to see Cynder, Amber, Midnight, Sparx, and Terrador flying back from Munitions Forge. "You're back!" I said to Amber as I nuzzled her. "Yep! Did you learn anything?" She asked me. "Apparently, my origons are unknown. So, not really... I learned some tips from the guardians how to use it though!" I said excitedly. "That's great! Also, you're not the only one who has magical powers!" She said as a purple flare appeared in her paw. "Wow!" I said. "By the way... Where's Ignitus?" Cynder looked down and sniffled. "I'll leave you to talk..." Terrador said as he went in. He instructed us to wait outside while he and the guardians discussed. I went over to Cynder and spoke softly. "What happened?"

    So, Cynder and the others had explained all that happened at Munitions Forge. Ignitus had fought Spyro and they dissapeared into an abyss... "Oh..." I said, not really knowing what to say to all of it. "I... Just know... Ignitus wouldn't leave me... Not now..." Cynder said, depressed. "We'll find him, Cynder... I promise." I nuzzled her. "We will, I know it!" Amber said. "Yeah! That's the spirit!"Midnight jumped in. They all come in and group hugged me. Cynder smiled and blinked back her tears. "Thank you... All of you..." She said.

    That's when Sparx buzzed outside. "Hey, Cyn, Midnight, your big pals need you!" They both nodded. Midnight and Sparx went in. Before Cynder went in, she turned to us. "Just so you know... I'm glad I met you two and Midnight... I don't know if I would've made it this far without you guys. You've helped me so much and... I'm glad we're friends, I really am." She smiled to us. "Hey, that's what friends are for, right? They stick together." I smiled to her. She nodded and smiled one more time before going in with the others... Now that I think about it... I thought. Why am I even wondering about my family? It's clear to me now... I've been with them all this time...
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    Chapter 24: One Final Destination in Wait

    Midnight's P.O.V

    After we had gone in, we talked for a while and Cynder's guilt about Ignitus was chipping away at her again. "It's my fault... I failed Ignitus when he needed me most," Cynder sighed out, "it's just the sight of Spyro so close... Just... Just..." Sparx then interjected. "Made your heart stop? Put ice in your veins? Scared the crud out of you?" Cynder gingerly nodded. "Yeah, something like that..." "All warriors feel fear, Cynder. There is no shame in that." Terrador comforted her. Volteer then jumped in. "Yes, it's a proven scientific fact that the quotient between adrenaline and trepidation-" "Volteer please, I think our good friend here was trying to make a point." Cyril said. "Thank you, Cyril." Terrador continued. "What I was going to say is all warriors feel fear, Cynder, but only the most valiant among us can face that fear... And master it. From what I've heard the apes say about you and your friends, you are all one such warrior! Young dragonesses, it is now time to complete your training... Now is the time to face your fear. Come." He guestured to Cynder and I. "Am I the only one still petrified?" Sparx wondered out loud.

    Terrador taught us how to master our Earth Element. It was probably the most unstable and most powerful of the elements! We learned the Earth Shot to how to form an Earth Orb around us and roll over enemies. We even learned the even more unstable and powerful Earth Fury! After that we all returned around and Terrador called Amber and Blaze in, too.

    "You've done well, you two." He said to us. "Yes, yes, pat on the back, good going, all that other rubbish, but we've got to get moving here!" Cyril broke in. "Cyril is Terribly obnoxious, but he happens to be right, Terrador." Volteer said. "Ignitus is the final piece to Spyro's puzzle. If that last crystal is powered, the portal will open and we'll all be done for..." "I know, I know..." Terrador said. "When I was on Munitions Forge, I overheard the Conductor say that Spyro's final preparations would take place at his lair, where he lives in solitude among the clouds and the towers. I am certain where that's where he's taken Ignitus." I looked over at Cynder to see her spirits lift a little at Ignitus' name. "Then what are we waiting for?" I said in a determined tone as I jumped up from the floor. "Let's go and save Ignitus and end all of this!" The other got to my side and nodded in agreement. "I'd give anything to go with you, young warriors, but that Crystal sapped the last of my will..." Terrador said. "I fear my fighting days are over." "Every generation has to pass the torch to the next, Terrador." Volteer said. "Our time is done now." "Yes, it is time for our newest generation of warriors to shine!" Cyril said as he proudly smiled down at us. "Now go to it, young ones!" Terrador said. They had worked to build up all this detirmination inside us, so we weren't planning on dissapointing them! "Yes, sir!" He all said. "Wow, you guys make me even want to face Spyro!" Sparx said. "... Did I say that out loud?"

    We then pulled out on a nice crisp breeze in the sky. I looked straight ahead, my star patterns syncing with the night sky. Amber held onto Blaze, they both were smiling at eachother, but I could see the detirnation in their eyes. And Cynder... She seemed to give off a powerful aura as she led us on as Amber navigated for her. I knew what she was thinking... This all ends now. Our journey will pull to a close soon... The question is though... Will it close sooner than we want when we reach Spyro?
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    Chapter 25: Concurrent Skies

    Cynder's P.O.V

    We all came to a dark place, full of crystals, lighting, and who knows what else... "According to what I read in Ignitus' scrolls, this place is known as the "Concurrent Skies"." Amber explained. "And this is where Spyro had grown up, his lair is where hope goes to die... It's where Spyro broods and plans his assaults. I'm sure that's where Ignitus was being kept..." Blaze seemed to shudder faint sparks out of his fur in fear at Amber's words...

    As we walked forward, Sparx looked around and shuddered. "You know... Next time I say I want to face Spyro, why don't one of you go ahead and punch me in the mouth." "No problem." Midnight chimed in. I couldn't help but chuckle. I looked around one more time... I could have sworn I saw something in the dark clouds... I shook it off and we walked forward. We then came to some white-fur apes. There only seemed to be three, and with the power of all our friends they were disintegrated in seconds.

    We continued on by bashing open some iron barred gates. We came towards a tall, dark tower. The doors immediately opened in our presence with a gang of more of those albino apes. There was one big bulking one that held a lightning scepter. He held it up and electric gates formed all around the area, red electric sparks flying everywhere. I quickly made a plan and commanded everyone to attack their own ape while I went for the one with the scepter. It was settled and everyone charged. It was all one big fury of screeching, punching, and other violent things. Fire, fury, everything, everywhere! The smaller apes were down and the big one was weakened and vulnerable. This was my chance! I charged at him and burned him with my fire and took the scepter! I held it up in the same way the ape did and the gates fell. I knew it would be needed later so I held onto it. I was right too.

    We entered the dark tower, which had red electric gates all around! "I knew this would come in handy." I thought out loud. I held it up and the gates fell and we walked onward. We came to some higher up places. I looked around for something to get up to them. I sighted some short pillars and the gang and I hopped along them, eventually making it to the top. We came to a short bridge of pillars and we carefully glided across each one and made it to a door which led to the outside, just where we needed to go!

    We hopped along the rocky ledges of the area, occasionally getting a tiny shock and we worked our way forward. We made our way up to another tower and went in. We battled many apes that had been in there. I used every bit of my strength though... I had to save Ignitus... After defeating the apes, we simply went to the other end of the tower and went outside to a larger area.

    Sparx went ahead and looked around. I then heard flapping of wings... "Oh please don't tell me..." I worried. A dark figure then zipped by in a dark flash, knocking Sparx to the ground! "SPARX!" Midnight rushed over to him before anyone else did. He had his eyes close and Midnight sit there, staring at him. "No, no, no... Please..." Midnight whimpered out. "Can't talk... Heart... Breaking up..." Sparx dramaticly said. "Oh, he's fine!" I said. "Sparx! Darnit, you nearly gave me a heart attack!" Midnight growled at him with slight tears rolling down her face. I chuckled and shook my head. "Come on, we have to keep moving... Ignitus is waiting..." We all nodded and Midnight shot one more glare at Sparx. Though I noticed some relief in it as well and smiled as we walked forward.

    As we walked forward, I noticed the sky wasn't sparking with electricity anymore, at least in this area. I bet I could find an updraft to fly in through there... I thought. I turned to everyone. "Come on, guys! I spotted an updraft space in that place where there isn't any electricty, we need to make it to Ignitus as fast as we can!" Everyone shared glances for a moment then nodded to me. We shot up into the sky and went through the air! It almost looked like we were going through a tunnel of sparking air... We went over towers, apes, electric gates, and a big thing I didn't manage to catch... We then came to a large tower and spiraled down onto the top of it. I then spotted something on the other side... Ignitus! A crystal was draining his energy and he looked weak... "Ignitus!" I yelled in alarm. "Cynder..." He rasped. "Destroy the crystal... Quickly!" I nodded. And without hesitation I ran over to the pink Crystal and grabbed it in my paws. It felt very unstable and made me feel weak... I shook my head and raised it over my head.

    That's when I heard the flapping noises again... Claws snatched me up and took the crystal from me, still holding onto me as well... "If only life were that easy, little dragoness..." The sleek words rolled off the dark dragon, Spyro's toung. He clutched me high above the tower from my friends in his back talons and held the crystal in his fore paws. Even up so high I heard Sparx stutter out. "S-s-so... B-b-big..." Ignitus tried to fly up to me but he immediately fell back to the tower grounds with a loud thud. Everyone got by his side. They all looked far to frightened to face Spyro... I mouthed. "Don't try." To them and they all looked like Spyro had snapped my head off now... "What... What do you want with me?" I said as clearly as I could to him.

    "My Master tells me much about you, little whelp..." He cunningly said. "You've had much persistence to make it so far... It all ends now though, for my master has plans for you! And once he's free, he can finally accomplish them!" Spyro laughed in a loud, roaring tone. I shuddered, not even giving a comeback. "Now is the time..." He whispered to himself. "My... My time..." He almost sounded desperate. He held the crystal to my head and everything started to blur. Spyro almost looked sorrowful in his eyes. They were the last things I saw before loosing everything in my mind. My worries, wounds, dangers... Gone... Into the darkness of my slumber.
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    Chapter 26: The Shocking Truth

    Midnight's P.O.V

    I shook my head in disbelief, blinking back tears, as I helplessly watched Cynder be carried away by Spyro... There was nothing I could have done... Nothing... Though, while Spyro and Cynder were up there, possibly talking, I saw through Spyro's neon white eyes. Something in them... Seemed oddly warm and welcoming and yet, they seemed full of despair and fear... As if, he wasn't fully in control of his actions. I turned back to Ignitus, Amber, and Blaze.

    "There was something in his eyes, Ignitus..." I said. "Something familiar..." "There should be, Midnight." Ignitus said. "You, Cynder and Spyro share more than you know... It's time I told you the truth... All of it..." Amber, Blaze and I settled down and listened to what Ignitus was going to say. My attention never had been so encircled around a topic... "Alright..." He started.

    "You see... After I took Cynder's egg to the Silver River, I returned to the temple to find utter chaos... The other eggs we had been storing had been smashed. In all of them though, I managed to find your egg, Midnight... In all the broken egg shells, the bombs that had assaulted the temple which had prevented me from saving Spyro's egg, had saved me some time before any real enforcements arrived... I managed to give your egg to my closet allies, who were the last of the Light and Dark Guardians, Spotlight and Blackout. They took your egg into hiding within the Dante's Freezer, raising you to the dragoness you've grown to be... As for Spyro... I... I thought I could have gotten back in time... The apes had already gone with his egg and I was left with nothing but broken eggshells and a sorrowful heart, which burns inside me to this day..."

    Amber looked confused. "But why? Why did they need Spyro in the first place?" Ignitus let our a broken sigh and continued. "You see, the Dark Master was torn... He wanted to destroy all the eggs to prevent the birth of the Purple Dragon... But... He also needed a dragon... Blaze questioned further. "Why would he need a dragon?" Ignitus then explained furthermore. "Because, there would be a dragon born in the Year of the Dragon who would open the portal that served as the Dark Master's prison..." It then fell all into place, and I finished it all with the final peice. "Spyro..." I said. Ignitus nodded gingerly. "I'm afraid so..." "But... If what you say if true - that we come from the same place - why is Spyro so... Dark? Why does he seem like he's, well... Not what he's supposed to be?" I questioned. Ignitus went on, with what seemed a heavy heart. "Because... After the night of the raid, Spyro was corrupted with the Dark Master's poisonous powers... Twisted by his evil lore... He'd become the Dark Master's monster..." "Why though? What did this Dark Master even want?" I asked. "He wants to be freed from the portal of the Convexity... To wreak havoc across the realms..." Amber looked down at herself and murmered, "The Covexity..." Ignitus hadn't noticed and continued. "If Spyro gets there... He might just succeed in being freed, and I connot imagine what will happen to Cynder then..."

    Before anything else happened, a giant swirling vortex opened in the sky. Ignitus had never looked more frightened... "I am afraid... We might be too late!" He said. "No! I refuse to give up! We're going to save Cynder, stop Spyro, and put an end to the Dark Master's plans!" I said as I jumped to my feet. Amber and Blaze got up and nodded too. "Right! This isn't the end, Ignitus!" Amber said. "We're going to do this and maybe this world will finally be at peace!" Blaze said. Sparx nodded gingerly. "I might really hate this idea, like really, REALLY hate it, but I'll do this! I can't let my little sis die to this Spyro jerk. She still needs to grow up." I smiled affectionalty at Sparx's maturity. "That's right! We're ready... Now!" I said. Ignitus smiled faintly. "Yes, you are right, young ones. At the very least you have to try... Just know, if the Dark Master does infact succeed, a shadow will fall over this land... And who knows what will happen then..." I went over to Ignitus and nudged him affectionalty and whispered to him. "It won't happen... I promise... I won't fail you..." Amber then clutched Blaze and I spread my wings and we headed towards the vortex.

    I looked back one more time to Ignitus. He stared up at us, I saw a glimmer of hope in his eyes. I turned back towards the portal. I watched Amber and Blaze dissappear into it. I flew in behind them. "May the Ansestors look after you!" Ignitus called out. "May they look after us all..." I finished to myself. This tide will turn and this world will be safe. I promised Ignitus. After failing Cynder... I will not fail the world...
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    Chapter 27: My Master Returns

    Spyro's P.O.V

    I entered the realm where my Master was being held captive. The little light purple dragoness dangled from my clutches. I shook my head, slightly amused by her attempts. It would have been her loss... I thought. For she does not understand that this world will come to an end, one way or another. All the pain and suffering will be gone. Just like Master said... I clutched the crystal to my chest, now with the power of the Fire Guardian and the Purple Dragon in it. I knew my Master would be most pleased. As I flew though, I felt like something had been wrong all this time... I looked down at the little dragoness again. I wondered why she had worked so hard to save this world... It didn't seem right. It had, for once, gotten me off guard. She was an odd one... Hadn't she known the horrors of this world? It would have been most impossible to be hidden from all of it. So... Why? Why try and save this miserable world when knowing it would make everything worse?

    She was a dragon I couldn't understand, she seemed so out of place. Master had seen the truth of this world, he will soon show this dragoness the same. I shook the thoughts out of my head and appraoched the platform with the other crystals in place of the portal activator. I placed the little dragoness down and held the crystal from my mouth. It was time. Go... Release the power you have stolen for me... So that I will return to this world... My Master's dark voice rang in my head. I nodded and stepped forward to the final place to put the crystal down in. I hesitated a moment and looked back at the dragoness and to the activator. Why was I hesitating? I had trained all my life for this moment. All the lives that were taken... Everything I had destroyed had helped me prepare for this moment... So why did it feel wrong?

    I closed my eyes and inhaled sharply. I nodded to the activator. "Yes..." I mumbled. "My Master returns!" I said as I placed it down.

    I then heard something behind me. "Oh no! We're too late!" I turned to see yet another Purple Dragon and two cats, one that had wings. I smirked at them, still feeling the nagging feeling in my heart. "Heh! Persistent little ones aren't you?" I got down in their faces. "This is where it shall all end!" I told them. "Bring it!" I heard a female voice to my right. We all turned to see the other little purple dragoness had awoken. I then felt that sense of confusion. She's still going... I thought. After all I took from her... She still fights back... I shook the thoughts out of my head.

    I forced the words out and stared into those blue, determined eyes of hers. "No mercy this time..."
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    Chapter 28: It All Ends... Now

    Cynder's P.O.V

    I shook violently. I was completely drained... All but my will remained. I straightened myself as well as I could in a battle stance. I felt the power of my friends beside me, I was not alone. I was never alone. Spyro looked as though he tried to hesitate himself, trying to think of a better way to settle this. He shook himself and stood tall and proud. He unsheathed his claws and roared. This was the time. The battle begun.

    Spyro rushed towards us, everyone scattered and I jumped up and landed on Spyro's head and ran down his back and stabbed him on his tail, where he did not wear his bracers. He howled in pain and threw me off his back as I rolled on the odd floating platform. "Foolish dragoness!" He spat. "You never know when to quit!" He then took flight. He flew around the platform breathing shadow fire in a large area! "Run! Run! RUN!" I shouted. And so we did. I scrambled around the platform, hearing the searing sound of the shadow fire.

    He eventually ran out of will to breath fire so, he spiraled back down and roared at us again. "Now is the time! I've stored enough power for this!" Amber said.


    Amber's P.O.V

    I channeled all my power... Eveything I could possibly find inside my soul... I knew now my power was an unstable Element of this realm, but that didn't phase me... I had to do this... For Cynder. My purple aura enveloped around me, shining brighter than ever. My sight went purple, seeing only the ultraviolet light! It stung, I was being overwhelmed. I didn't stop! This was my one chance! I held up my paws and fired a large beam of the purist energy! I didn't see it, but it heard Spyro roar in pure terror as it hit him! He roared as he fell with a thump to the ground. I fell on my side and shivered, feeling drained and powerless. Blaze went to my side in consern. "Amber!" I looked up to him. ""I'm fine, that drained every last bit of me..." I said. I looked over his shoulder to see Spyro shaking as he got up. He wasn't done yet... Not that it surprised me. Blaze looked at Spyro then at me. I nodded to him. "Go... My time is done for now." He nuzzled me, his warm fur feeling so comforting, and turned back to the battle with Cynder and Midnight by his side. I closed my eyes and let my rest overtake me for now...


    Blaze's P.O.V

    I glanced at Midnight and Cynder, they still had fighting fire in their eyes. "It's quite sad you all had to suffer this fate..." Spyro said in his dark and cunning voice. I glared at him and felt the fire building inside me. "It is you who shall suffer a fate!" I said to Spyro. He snorted and abruply breathed out a blazing red fireball. Luckily we jumped out of the way in just a split second before it hit us. He unsheathed his claws and chased Cynder around the platoform, roaring in laughter. Midnight took to the air and started breathing electricity at Spyro to get his attention away from Cynder. I had to make myself useful... I glanced at Amber again. I sighed and closed my eyes. Fire burned hot inside my heart. Spyro will fall today. I opened my eyes to find firey sparks all around me! I snorted out smoke and built up my Comet Dash, as I decided to call it. "This is for everyone..." I mumbled. I ran, every step getting faster and more unstable by the second. Even in my firey rage, I saw Cynder and Midnight fighting their hearts out. "For everyone..." I said. "For Cynder!!" I yelled as I rammed into Spyro's side and sent him flying across the platform. He fell with a sickening 'crack' on his side, but I knew this wasn't over yet..." I staggered over to Amber fell onto my side. She opened her eyes and smiled at me. I smiled back. "This isn't over yet..." I said. She nodded. "I know... Now is their time..." She said, looking over to Cynder and Midnight. I closed my eyes, my warm feeling left and I fell into darkness. My worries were over for now...


    Midnight's P.O.V

    I flew to Cynder's side and we shared a faint smile, but it quickly ended as we saw Spyro stagger back up. He coughed a ragged cough and I cringed a little. He glared at us with his peircing eyes and charged in fury. "Go..." I whispered to Cynder. She nodded vaugely and stepped aside. I charged up my Elements... I fired the most powerful fire blast I had ever managed at the dark dragon's head! Blue firey sparks flew everywhere and he roared in screeching pain and clutched his head. He chased me around the platform as I powered my second attack. Electric sparks charged in the back of my throat. After a few more moments of chasing, I adrubtly turned around and blasted Spyro to the ground with a giant blast of my blue electricity! He screeched and fell once again as electric sparks charged through his black scales. He puffed and spat as he forced himself up again. I didn't even give him a chance to react again, I already had a blizzard flowing inside me! I opened my mouth and a flurry of ice and cold winds flooded out of me and ice formed all over Spyro! I took a moment to catch my breath before Spyro shattered out of the ice. He tackled me to the ground on my back. He swiped at my face and I squirmed from side to side to doge the attacks! I built up the last attack I had planned... As Spyro had gone for another swipe at my face, I fired the most powerful Earth Blast I could muster up straight in his face! He tumbled backwards and let go of me. I forced myself up and got to Cynder's side. "Thank you..." She whispered to me. "Don't thank me yet." I said to her. I wrapped my arms around her and transferred the last of my elemental power to her. She gasped in surprise at me. I smiled. "This isn't over quite yet! Now is your time, Cynder!" I said to her. She nodded and smiled at me. We faced Spyro again. He was only up to one final round.


    Cynder's P.O.V

    From the looks up it, Spyro looked like he would only be able to survive one final round before his fall. Spyro shakily got up and looked down. He then rose up and embraced himself with his wings as darkness swirled around him. My eyes widened as darkness exploded in all directions! He had been planning a fury attack... My vision darkened for a moment and when it cleared my friends were all around me, even as tired as they were... I felt dark energies flowing in me, I had somehow channeled the dark powers of Spyro! The same had happened to Midnight. Blaze and Amber nodded to us and mustered up what they had left to attack Spyro. Midnight and I fired dark blasts at Spyro and Blaze and Amber fired their Purple Fury and Fire blasts at him too! Spyro screeched in fury and I saw in his eyes that he had lost all hope. I then heard a voice above us, somehow... Ignitus said, "Now is the time to unleash the true dragons within you!" We shared glances as light surged all around us and we fused together in light! We shot up in a dizzying spiral and shot back down onto Spyro! Light surged all through him, inside and out! He screeched and roared and it sooned all died down as his eyes slowly closed and he fell to the ground on his back. We came back to the ground and the light left us. We all smiled together and I felt a wave of an amazing feeling of relief as I realized... It was over.
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    Chapter 29: World at Peace

    Cynder's P.O.V

    I smiled, knowing the world was at peace. I turned my attention to Spyro again and the most shocking thing happened! I watched as the darkness flowed out of him. "Ohhh... Oh..." He softly said as he shrunk down to our size. He also lost lots of his black and he turned more of a dark purple color. He looked harmless now and he curled up uneasily and let out a somewhat cute sigh. "He is just like us!" Midnight said. "What?" I questioned. "Cynder! Spyro is one of us, he came from the same batch of eggs!" I gasped and looked back at him. "It all makes sense..." I whispered and stepped closer to him. That's when the portal activator made a rumbling sound and started pulling everything around it in! Sparx buzzed over to us. "Guys! We gotta get out of here... NOW!" I hesitated a turned back to Spyro. "I can't leave him behind! I've got to save him!" "What?! Save the beast that's been trying to KILL US?!" Sparx looked at me like I had finally lost it. "That wasn't his fault!" I said. "He was being used by the Dark Master!" Everyone nodded and we drifted towards him and all worked together to drag him along with us. I got a good hold of him and we headed towards the outside world! "Now we can go!" I said. "Right behind you, buddy!" Sparx said. We all flew towards the outside, almost there! Spyro looked up at me a whispered, "Thank you..." And he closed his eyes. I smiled and then we were all adrubtly launched out and hurled onto the ground as the portal closed behind us. "Mommy? Fluff my pillow..." Sparx whimpered out and we all went unconscious...


    My eyes opened and I awoke with Spyro laying next to me with a conserned look. We were both on a bed made of leaves from the swamp. They were surprisingly comfortable. Amber, Blaze, and Midnight all had similar beds next to us. "Feeling better Cynder?" Ignitus asked. I looked up to see all the guardians around us. "Not really, Ignitus..." I said. "That battle drained every last bit of my strength, I can hardly even lift my head..." He nodded slowly. "Yes, it will take some time for your powers to return... But they will in time, young dragoness. They will in time." I smiled. Ignitus turned to Spyro. "Spyro... Ever since I failed the night of the raid, I've dreamed of this day..." Spyro gingerly nodded and glanced around the room nervously. "It wasn't just you, Ignitus. We all failed." Volteer admitted. The other guardians nodded in agreement. "Be that as it may... We're all together now... Thanks to Amber, Blaze, Midnight, and most certainly of all... Cynder. Well done, young dragoness!" He nodded to us. I smiled a nodded back. "Thank you, Ignitus, but we still don't know what's happened to the Dark Master..." I said. I noticed Spyro jumped a little at the name. "There will be time to talk of the Dark Master later, Cynder." Terrador said. "Now is the time to be grateful for your success!" "Her success?!" Sparx jumped in. "What about me? Just becuase a bunch of weird stuff doesn't fly out of my mouth doesn't mean I didn't help, ya know!" I snorted. "You were a big help, Sparx, no doubt about it. But, for the record... A lot of weird stuff does fly out of that little mouth of yours." I smiled. "Now what the heck is that supposed to mean?!" He buzzed in fury. "You know, I don't need this! I could've stayed with the... Llama people! Whatever, but no! I decided to help the poor defensless dragons rid the world of evil! What a big mistake that was! Becuase, I get no love, no credit, no thanks!" "My goodness! And I thought Volteer talked a lot!" Ignitus joked. Sparx then continued his rant. "I left home too, you know! I'm a little guy. Yeah, that's right! And maybe you haven't noticed, but things are a lot bigger to me than they are to you! And did I back down? Nah, nah, nah. Why? Because, I've got moxie. I'm a tough cookie. I've got class. I've got a fro... Got a little frog in my throat. As I was saying, in Tall Plains they knew a good thing when they recognized it! They recognized the value of a quality dragonfly like me! But here I get nothing! Not even a "Hey, How you doing, good, let me buy you a drink". I should go back to the swamp... Mom'll make it all good... Mommy always does!"
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    Chapter 30: A Lasting Peace?

    This is the darkest night

    Stars have all faded away

    Quiet upon this world

    Through the clouds, there is a light

    We will find our way

    I would die for you

    Cross the sky for you

    I will send out a light burning for you alone

    You're all I need

    You set me free

    And this fire will guide you home

    There is an open door

    Somehow it feels so familiar

    We have been here before

    Through this old forgotten fight

    There must be a way

    I would die for you

    Cross the sky for you

    I will send out a light burning for you alone

    You're all I need

    You set me free

    And this fire will guide you home

    Where our hearts are wide open

    I would die for you

    Cross the sky for you

    I will send out a light burning for you alone

    I would die for you

    Cross the sky for you

    I will send out a light burning for you alone

    You're all I need

    You set me free

    I would die for you

    Cross the sky for you

    I will wait for you

    And I'll stay with you

    You're all I need

    would die for you

    Cross the sky for you

    I will wait for you

    You set me free

    Set me free

    And this fire will guide you home


    I walked outside on the balcony. I smiled and settled down to admire the night sky. After moment, a dark chill ran down my back... A sickening feeling. I felt this was far from over... I then heard light paw steps. I turned around to see Spyro walking outside too. He looked around cautiously, jumping at every slight noise. I smiled a gestured him over with my tail. He settled down next to me. "See anything, Cynder?" His kind and calm voice asked me. "No... But I've got a bad feeling..." I said as I looked up at the three moons in the sky. Spyro nodded as he too, felt the rising darkness. "Me too..." We both glanced up. All we can do now is hope for the best. With this lasting peace.
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