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ThroneOfMalefor Platinum Sparx Gems: 5190
#51 Posted: 02:37:02 09/10/2017 | Topic Creator
[User Posted Image]

Hello this is me
I am pre-Lenovo MOTOROLA

Skills: Makes excellent phones
dirty boi
somePerson Platinum Sparx Gems: 7027
#52 Posted: 02:37:57 09/10/2017
[User Posted Image]
fedex wakes up in an unknown surrounding. water rippling under his clothes he feels fear in his eyes. fedex doesnt know why he was created but the first thought that came to his mind was to run. he could sense the exit from this location so he started limping towards the light at the end of the tunnel. clinching his broken rib cage he falls down and lands face first into the water. blood starts running over his eyes. the light was a foot away from fedex yet the pain fin his body paralyzed him from being able to move. fedex starts crying realizing that his fat e would be death. he thought to himself why god would create such an ugly creature. fedex then starts fading away as the light at the end of the tunnel started smudging into a dark red color.
derpyhooves Platinum Sparx Gems: 5150
#53 Posted: 02:44:30 09/10/2017
ooc too hard to read make it shorter @soemprson
Big Green Platinum Sparx Gems: 6217
#54 Posted: 03:36:32 10/10/2017
New Washington Redskins logo from South Park awakes from its long slumber. Glancing over, it sees that dumbass Fedex embarrassing himself again. New Washington Redskins logo strolls over to Fedex cooly, its large girth swaying back and fourth as it walked without legs or feet. "Stop being such a drama diva, Fedex. Get up or I will finish you off."
"D'oh!" -Homer Simpson, S7E1: Who Shot Mr. Burns pt. 2 (1995) voiced by Dan Castellaneta. Directed by Wes Archer. Written by Bill Oakley, Josh Weinstein.
ThroneOfMalefor Platinum Sparx Gems: 5190
#55 Posted: 00:13:51 12/03/2020 | Topic Creator
Name: Slack (Rebrand)
[User Posted Image]

Skills: Unlimited messaging archive and integrations for as little as $6.67/month, or 10,000 messages/5 integrations for $0, no credit card required
Weaknesses: Commonly mistaken for a pro-LGBT nationalist socialist far-right insignia
Blood Type: Rh negative, it's a f\_/cking logo you dipsнit
Favorite food: Visa debit cards that end in a 6
Favorite drink: The oil that has been wrongfully abducted from the Terra Sancta يمارس الجنس مع أمريكا
dirty boi
ThunderEgg Gold Sparx Gems: 2608
#56 Posted: 01:54:52 12/03/2020
[User Posted Image]

hewwo. it is eye. teh japwanese spywo thwee logowo.

Skills: spweaks flwuent uwu
Weaknesses: doesn't knowo any japwanese
Blood Type: b pawsitive. becauwuse i want youwo twowo love me
Favorite food: suwushi. i've heard it's pwopular in japwan
Favorite drink: my animwe waifuwu's bathwater *hee hee*

my gosh, what have i subjected us to
I AM ETERNAL! (banner by skylandersfan60)
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ThroneOfMalefor Platinum Sparx Gems: 5190
#57 Posted: 02:21:07 14/03/2020 | Topic Creator
Waiting for more epic role players but we can start, this is epic enough
dirty boi
Iceclaw Hunter Gems: 8989
#58 Posted: 02:38:45 14/03/2020
Art (Credit to the artist :) ): [User Posted Image]
Blood Type: O-
Weaknesses: If you
Twinkies and 2hus
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Crystal Dragon Diamond Sparx Gems: 8605
#59 Posted: 02:45:23 14/03/2020
[User Posted Image]

Skills: being terrible as a search engine, microsoft logic, reliably poopy
Weaknesses: Google
Blood Type: B-ing
Favorite food: the 16 digits on the front of your credit card with a side of the month/year of expiration
Favorite drink: the 3 numbers on the back of the card
Clank Gold Sparx Gems: 2940
#60 Posted: 06:19:17 21/11/2020
Since arceustheprime is banned can I be Wendy's??
"*runs around like a headless gnorc*" ~Jaggedstar©
Carmelita Fox Prismatic Sparx Gems: 11080
#61 Posted: 06:45:43 21/11/2020
stupid idiot *punches u*
ThroneOfMalefor Platinum Sparx Gems: 5190
#62 Posted: 23:11:44 03/12/2020 | Topic Creator
You need to be female if you want to play wendys.
dirty boi
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