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The Ultimate Weapon "Don't Switch" - Flawless Victory!
LameLime Yellow Sparx Gems: 1200
#1 Posted: 22:27:18 01/02/2016 | Topic Creator
Well I went and did it. I had no intention of getting this Difficult Dare goal, but with a Level 5 Camo without upgrades and Evolved Golden Queen on Medium difficulty, I attained it. I found it pretty easy with Golden Queen, perhaps some of you thought the same thing.

Anybody else got this? Did you even do it on Nightmare Mode?
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Alphawolf Yellow Sparx Gems: 1692
#2 Posted: 23:23:20 01/02/2016
this for the final boss fight right? i did it both on normal and nightmare. first time with wildfire and i cant remember which traps, on nightmare i did it with knightmare, wolfgang and broccoli guy. you can swap traps just not characters. easy fight really, just got to jump over a bunch or circles, just a long fight is all.
weebbby Emerald Sparx Gems: 4201
#3 Posted: 01:49:16 02/02/2016
First try, wasn't even trying to attain it.

Jawbreaker + Golden Queen.
Sworn2Skylands Yellow Sparx Gems: 1353
#4 Posted: 02:26:52 05/02/2016
Yup, I got this one. I haven't done it on nightmare mode, but instead I did it on either normal or hard difficulty (I don't remember which one, it's been so long). I'm absolutely sure I used one of the following two Skylanders (Wallop or Axe Avenger Bushwhack) and one of the two following villains (Threatpack or Tae Kwon Crow). I'm almost certain it was Wallop and Threatpack, but it's been so long I can't be sure.
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