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Funky Shelves! [CLOSED]
LameLime Yellow Sparx Gems: 1200
#1 Posted: 02:14:49 01/02/2016 | Topic Creator
Any interesting shelves you have for gaming, collectibles, etc.?

I just got another shelf as a belated birthday gift after my dad was about to throw it away. I mean I collect too much stuff and I really saved a lot of space with this. Here's what it features:

Bottom shelf: Bases for Toys to Life games and tower for electric.
First from bottom: Disney Infinities and LEGO Dimensionses. I usually put a TtL base on this shelf for whatever game I'm playing.
Second from bottom: TV with Wii U, remote, controllers, hard drive, and also a dollar store box for my STT traps (With additional materials in it)
Third from bottom: Amiibo, Pop figures, my custom painted Disney Infinities, and other gaming stuff.
Top shelf: This is going to have random pop culture and gaming items on here, mostly special ones. Includes stuff like some of my most valuable skylanders, my custom painted Amiibo in a display case, and even my own custom pop of Mettaton Ex. Check my art topic for more info.
30/32 Skylanders -- 4/4 Levels -- 8/9 Items (Includes VV)
Missing: smilie smilie + Ghost Swords
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