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Darth Abominus and the Jar Jar Binks Theory [CLOSED]
Chompy-King257 Gold Sparx Gems: 2956
#1 Posted: 22:35:18 10/11/2015 | Topic Creator
Okay, so, if you are even a tiny bit into Star Wars, you have probably heard of the Darth Jar Jar theory on Reddit. If you have not, then you should definitely make sure to read it. I have conveniently posted a link right here so you can read it. It's really amazing and will be worth the lengthy read:

Right then, now you know what I am talking about, let's get down to business. Do you believe this theory? I am a little doubtful at first, but I see the reason in it and actually could get behind it. I mean, this theory is very air-tight. It's almost impossible to pull it apart because it's so well thought out.

Anyway, if Jar Jar Binks was a Sith Lord, what would he be called? I think it would be Darth Abominus. Now, you are probably wondering where the Heck I got such a name like that out of the blue. Actually, it's not out the blue. So where does Jar Jar Bink's Sith name like Darth Abominus come from, you ask? Well, I'm going to be using the title of Darth, as all Sith have, such as Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Darth Tyranus (or Count Dooku,) and Darth Sidious (or The Emperor.) Now, where does Abominus come from? You see, when making this Sith name, I was inspired by how Count Dooku's name origins. As I mentioned earlier, "Darth Tyranus" is Count Dooku's real Sith name, though he likes to just be called Count Dooku, which in my opinion, is a pretty lame name compared to an awesome that makes him sound like a Tyrannosaurus Rex Sith Lord! Anyway, back on topic, "Tyranus" is an obvious reference to the word "Tyrant," which means a corrupted and evil ruler. I decided to use this way to name Jar Jar Binks instead of using the way Darth Vader or Darth Maul were named. Using Darth Tyranus' name origins and the word "abomination," which means something that causes disgust and hatred, which I think a lot of people use to describe a Sith Lord, I made the ultimate name for Sith Lord Jar Jar Binks: Darth Abominus. It's short. It's simple. It sounds evil. It just fits in ways I can't explain.

So, there you have it. If the theory was true, I think Jar Jar would be called Darth Abominus. What are your thoughts on theory? Do you think this will go into Star Wars: The Force Awakens? If so, how do you think this will play a role in the story? Why am I asking so many questions?

This is Chompy-King, signing off! Goodbye!
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shroom boom Emerald Sparx Gems: 3133
#2 Posted: 03:02:48 11/11/2015
hahaahah no I don't want that to be cannon. plz no
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LunarDistortion Ripto Gems: 3606
#3 Posted: 04:26:31 11/11/2015
I'd love for this to be canon. It would really redeem one of the most prominent and hated parts of the sequels for me.

Here's a few comments from that Reddit thread that I really liked regarding the naming of things.

Some about why Jar Jar is called that.

Quote: skadoosh0019
2) The name could perhaps provide some clue. Lucas is often not particularly subtle with his naming choices while still not making them seem unnatural. Skywalker, Solo, Darth Vader, etc. So can the very name Jar Jar Binks help solidify this theory?

Let's take them in order. Jar can mean a number of things. From, "to have a harsh or unpleasant effect on someone or something", "to hit or shake something forcefully", "to make someone feel uneasy". A couple of secondary meanings given are "an unsettling shock", "an unpleasant break or conflict in rhythm, flow, or transition".
Now for Binks. My best guess is that Lucas was drawing on another already existing source as his inspiration for Binks. The popular fantasy world of Xanth, created by Piers Anthony and with its first book published in 1977. The main character of the first two books and a recurring character through other books in the series is...Bink. Copy/Pasted from Wikipedia, here is Bink's description.

"Bink is the Magician of Magical Invulnerability and the main character in the first two novels of the Xanth series, A Spell for Chameleon and The Source of Magic. He is the son of Roland of the High Council and Bianca. He serves as king pro-tem during Trent's reign.

Bink is banished for not possessing a magic talent when, in fact, he does possess magical ability. Bink's magic does not want to be known because, if it were, those of non-magical means would injure Bink and his family, with the magic being indirectly responsible. Hence, in order to keep itself hidden, Bink's magic works in quiet ways, by seeming coincidence, and very few people know of it. For example, it causes an invisible giant to walk by just as Bink was to reveal his magic whilst under a truth spell. Furthermore, Bink's magic protects him, making him seem an unusually lucky man."

So, Jar Jar Binks. With the above information, his name seems like it could actually help inform what George wanted from the character. And based on this information, if Bink is in fact the source for Jar Jar Binks' last name, then it implies a hidden magic user who appears to be just ridiculously lucky but is in fact just keeping his true nature on the down low. And the two Jars are perhaps to tell us that he will cause a dual jarring: one in the Star Wars universe when he destroys the Jedi Order and dismantles the Republic, the other in the movie audience when his true nature is finally revealed.

Quote: FrogManJoness
When he says, "Meesa called Jar Jar Binks" he's not saying, "My name is Jar Jar Binks" just saying that that's what people call him.

And some about why the The Phantom Menace is called what it is.

Quote: originalginger213
So the title of Phantom Menace refers to Jar Jar then? He was the real menace all along?
I can get behind this.

Quote: Lumpawarroo
Yeah, Palpatine was never a "Phantom" from the audience's perspective. We all knew who the eventual Emperor was- they didn't even really bother to mask his hologram face.
Jar Jar was the intended villain that was to be "unmasked" and shock everyone, the requisite middle chapter "I am your father" calibre reveal moment.
Sadly, it didn't come to fruition. Not until this December, anyway.

Still doubting that this will actually happen, but man, if it does...
IsisStormDragon Platinum Sparx Gems: 7127
#4 Posted: 09:01:43 11/11/2015
Quote: shroom boom
hahaahah no I don't want that to be cannon. plz no

It's absolutely impossible for this to be a cannon. This is a theory about a movie. Cannons are used to blow up stuff.

Now, whether or not this ends up canon, who can say?
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