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Activision & King Buyout [CLOSED]
UncleBob Ripto Gems: 4565
#1 Posted: 21:29:04 03/11/2015 | Topic Creator
So, big news today - Activision is buying insanely successful mobile developer King (Candy Crush et, el) for insane amounts of cash (about 30% of which probably came from me personally buying Skylanders).

Thoughts on how this might impact the Skylanders franchise?
Badwolfmichael Gold Sparx Gems: 2511
#2 Posted: 21:31:45 03/11/2015
I wouldn't think it would affect it at all.

Maybe give them an idea to do a Candy Crush style Skylander game, like every other successful franchise is doing, but other than that I don't think it would affect the game.
UncleBob Ripto Gems: 4565
#3 Posted: 21:56:30 03/11/2015 | Topic Creator
When this finalizes, Activision will just have acquired millions of users who pay millions of dollars every quarter to play "free" games. I don't see this having an major impact on the core entries to the series, but I can very much see this having an impact on the mobile entries.

Granted, Activision could pull an EA/Popcap and cancel all projects, fire everyone, and just bring all the existing IPs in-house. But they spent a *lot* of money to do that.

It will be interesting to see if King gets the ability to use Activision's IPs in future products.
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