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Knight Mare - need expansion piece just to use it?
khanso Red Sparx Gems: 15
#1 Posted: 01:18:36 19/10/2015 | Topic Creator

I am pretty ignorant about these games, so I apologise for asking a question that probably seems obvious to everybody.

We bought our young kids the Knight Mare figurine and when they put it on the portal it won't work. I have been hunting around for answers as to why this is and the closest i can get is this thread on this forum:


So, is it correct that to even use the Knight Mare character, we first need to buy some "expansion piece" and place that on the portal? Or is the expansion piece only required to achieve something specific with Knight Mare, but our one wo9n't work because it is broken?

Apologies again for asking noob questions.
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TakeYourLemons Gold Sparx Gems: 2350
#2 Posted: 01:44:33 19/10/2015
Knight Mare only works in Trap Team and SuperChargers. Skylanders are "forward" compatible from the game they were first introduced.

If the figure isnt working in one of those games then Activision Support can replace it, if it's within the warranty period.
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