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Character Buffs & Nerfs 3 = Supercharged Boogaloo
Bifrost Diamond Sparx Gems: 8611
#51 Posted: 18:49:13 29/09/2015
I don't know about the numbers,but Rain of Skulls takes a FEW frames more to charge, but there's nearly no break between the projectiles - I'd run up to enemies after setting up only for the skulls to have finished the job long before. The phantom orbs are less spammable for sure, but the bone wall is crazy and I had to SIT and wait for enemies to attack it to see it fall; all other times I'd throw it inside an enemy and only the strongest attacks did so much as take down a few. Skull Buddy isn't as destructive, but it also seems to have the smaller breaks so if you're up close already, it's going to leave a mark as you set up rain after rain.

Oh yeah,and the TT glitch got fixed,so jump to your heart's content mid-rain now.

Master Caster is definately the definitive path this time no matter the version.
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Blink182Bouncer Yellow Sparx Gems: 1659
#52 Posted: 21:25:42 29/09/2015
Tread Head easily does 120 dollars now!
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Sleepy0429 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3094
#53 Posted: 21:38:27 29/09/2015
is bash still a god?
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Spellslamzer75 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1333
#54 Posted: 00:50:03 30/09/2015
Wind-Up is amazing in this game. His spinning attack does not have the small pause on hit that most other melee Skylanders have now, and it pulls in enemies too.

Bushwhack's Soul Gem is now almost useless. It does almost as much damage as a normal axe swing.
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Zekrom Prime Blue Sparx Gems: 816
#55 Posted: 19:29:14 22/06/2016
Magna Charge plays like he did in Swap Force
Wallop Swings his hammers a lot faster than he did in trap team
CountMoneyBone Emerald Sparx Gems: 4168
#56 Posted: 12:30:15 23/06/2016
Quote: GaiaMemories
All 8 Elites were nerfed. TH used to do 90-98 per shot Now does 35-57 per shor.

so they aint much elite anymore then... i at least thought they would leave these as they where, since they cost more and are a special series of collectable. but i guess nothing can escape the buff and nerfs...
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Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3825
#57 Posted: 11:07:03 24/06/2016
I didn't use him a lot, but Jawbreaker of all characters seems fairly strong in this game.

But most of the TT characters I just don't like here, even for SC.
Zekrom Prime Blue Sparx Gems: 816
#58 Posted: 14:57:22 22/05/2017
That slowdown every up close character had though...
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