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S2 Chop Chop Glitch? [CLOSED]
LittleWizard Yellow Sparx Gems: 1715
#1 Posted: 08:07:28 17/09/2015 | Topic Creator
Hello, I have just purchased a S2 Chop Chop, and there seems to be a bit of a glitch. I started him off with a new save, and it was on Easy Mode. Of course, I went to Soda Springs, and here is where he glitched. I went to fight Sheep Creep, and his sword glowed. He was also as powerful as Kaboom when you fight Sheep Creep. Has anyone else had this glitch?
****ing hell its been a long time
PwnageFTW Yellow Sparx Gems: 1688
#2 Posted: 10:43:36 17/09/2015
Glitch thread
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