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What to get with the game?
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#1 Posted: 08:30:21 16/09/2015 | Topic Creator
Okay, this topic may be similar to a previous one I did, but it's different enough to make separately.
I should be heading out to finally buy Trap Team (console and 3DS) this week, and while some characters like Enigma are must buy's, really.... just about anyone (other than Gusto, Bushwack, or Blastermind) all interest me. Watching some gameplay videos of even the disliked characters such as Funny Bone, and wow, I am loving just about every character. The only five I definitely won't pick are the three already mentioned, and the Dark and Light dragons due to rarity and insane price.

So the main question here is, what characters do you recommend? If there were anyone you just loved, who was that character and why are they so worth buying? I need some recommendations here.

My other question is the traps, of course. I really don't have too much interest in these so I'll only buy one or two, and I don't want the Kaos trap. So considering each boss for each trap, which elemental traps would you say are a huge miss to pass up?

(Edit) Also, which characters and traps would you suggest I avoid buying, and why are they so bad?
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#2 Posted: 08:45:22 16/09/2015
I got Krypt King,Blades,S4 Pop Fizz and Knight Mare, all very fun to play as, but the last one is definately expensive on ebay and the first is rare in stores as well(I got him around the first week of launch day so it was for normal price).

On Traps,I just got an Earth one for GD and Chomp Chest(who can farm gold) really - in raw damage Cuckoo Clocker and Threatpack will help more than enough, and everything else you'll want Broccoli Guy with.
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#3 Posted: 13:23:05 16/09/2015
I will assume you played previous Skylander games . Whats new with Trap Team ?

Traps are technically the gimmick of the game and not the TrapMasters .
Consider 2 different element traps cost about the same as a skylander core but possibly gives you maximum 10 villains to play with . All 11 element traps gives you possibly all 46 villains . Best traps would be Life , Water and Tech because you get 5 villains . Worst is magic <only 3 villains >. Kaos is the ultimate butt kicker villain perhaps you may want to reconsider buying that trap .
Most villains are very good at attacking other villains . The only thing i dont like about traps is that they dont work on 3DS .

If you never had a chance to collected sidekicks/ minis before , Now is a great time to get into it .

Light and Dark Skylanders are the new kids on the block . Only 4 to collect there .
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