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Chest Keys [CLOSED]
spyro_lover17 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1398
#1 Posted: 01:56:47 15/06/2007 | Topic Creator
I really need help to find these chest keys HELP!!!
Ross Gold Sparx Gems: 2159
#2 Posted: 17:01:27 15/06/2007
You know the Sgt Byrd and Agent 9 Challenges? Complete 'em.
"My life is meaningless now that my blue line is incomplete" - Quoting Me. It's not random, there is a story behind saying that.
spyro_lover17 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1398
#3 Posted: 01:26:06 18/06/2007 | Topic Creator
ya i no that but i cant find them
Dragginwings Gold Sparx Gems: 2279
#4 Posted: 14:30:02 18/06/2007
Look for the air ducts throughout the levels.
spyro_lover17 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1398
#5 Posted: 00:02:18 19/06/2007 | Topic Creator
Were is the air vent in Dragon Shores
spyrolifacent Fodder
#6 Posted: 11:40:36 21/06/2007
it is in the banana place and it is nere the second money bags volt swith now beacase i helped you can you help me
spyro_lover17 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1398
#7 Posted: 16:09:36 21/06/2007 | Topic Creator
Ya sure with what?
spyrolifacent Fodder
#8 Posted: 16:51:21 21/06/2007
have you played shadows legacy
spyrolifacent Fodder
#9 Posted: 16:56:02 21/06/2007
then if you have then go to the soserer spoilers and im the last add on there and i dont just need tips i need help ps i forgout that not all the chalenges are easy
spyro_lover17 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1398
#10 Posted: 14:46:17 23/06/2007 | Topic Creator
ya i have it but im not on that part yet and i still can find the vent
spyrolifacent Fodder
#11 Posted: 19:51:50 24/06/2007
thats ok just let me know wenever you do and ill try, ataemt , fail to find it my self
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