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Who else finds this game overhated?
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#1 Posted: 08:10:29 12/09/2015 | Topic Creator
I definitely think it's a big step down from SF and to a lesser extent, the series as a whole, but not as bad as people make it out to be. The balancing is poor, postgame is limited, story is kinda subpar and the level design is dumb at times, but I still think it's very good overall and gets way too much hate.

The aesthetics and many of the story scenarios are very creative and make it fun to explore/revisit levels, there are a lot of badly overlooked characters (smiliesmiliesmiliesmilie to name a few, also a lot of overlooked villains such as Bad Juju, Smoke Scream and Threatpack), the challenge of Kaos Mode was pretty fun even if it was kinda cheap and got repetitive and the game did have great ideas and heart.
I also personally think villains were the best concept for a gimmick- kinda iffy in execution, but they could have been a great addition to combat (still good, but could have been much more). Hearing them commentate things and trying them out with different Skylanders added a lot to the game. I knew it wouldn't happen, but I wanted Sky5 to expand on them instead of adding a distracting new gimmick. *sigh*

I'd say when it's bad it's really bad and TFB bit off more than they could chew, but when it's good it's really good and doesn't get enough love for what it did do right, or at least tried to add to the series.

P.S. I think Sunscraper Spire is the single best level in the entire series. I'm just tossing that out there because nobody really discusses favourite levels or anything about this game in general anymore, so I wanted to say it somewhere. smilie
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#2 Posted: 11:58:24 12/09/2015
Well, Traptanium Gates hit a sore spot,and we know how hyperbolic some people can get over bad moments in these games.

I definately loved the story and the level aesthetics. Had TFB actually finished polishing this game, I wouldn't be surprised if they would've been able to hold up against Superchargers now.
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#3 Posted: 23:15:39 12/09/2015 | Topic Creator
Oh yeah, I forgot about those, because I buy all Skylanders by default. smilie Doesn't help a lot of Gates were short one-room areas in this game. People complain about Traps a lot too, but I think they're pretty good value and the game doesn't force you do buy pointless same-Element dupes to unlock anything.

I kinda feel like SA had the best Gates, mainly because of how they kept the level aesthetic rather than being random Element-themed areas that use the same setpieces over and over (maybe a minority opinion, but I got so tired of that- at least it wasn't the case all the time for TT, some of the Gates had really cool original designs, like the Fire ones in Chef Zeppelin and Future of Skylands). I'm glad that SC won't have that problem, but I'll kinda miss seeing how they can tie Elements in with levels too and I don't like how they made them so unimportant.
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#4 Posted: 00:38:41 13/09/2015
Didnt have enough polish, had little to no balance amongst the characters, and a weak gimmick/hook that was doomed to clash with future storylines, dropped lots of post game content (PvP always gives players something to do after storyline play), didn't even out the characters for the 8 standard elements, complete lack of enemies and general uneventfulness through giant chunks of levels, elemental gates only openable by very expensive Skylanders (just to have lackluster content on the other side) .......for everything they did right (introduce a myriad of new villains for example) they did two to three things wrong.

In time this will easily go down as one of the worst entries in the series that was far more of a money grab then content loaded game. They must have been playing DI and picked up some pointers from them on how to bleed people's wallets while building a lackluster game. (Though DI is far worst then trap team). This was a pivotal game to retain players before the online storm of Superchargers, and TFB didn't deliver.
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#5 Posted: 02:11:43 13/09/2015 | Topic Creator
Oh, I already know how you feel about it lol, so heavily agree to heavily disagree (I don't see why you think villains are a weak gimmick, but whatever). It's already pretty hated by many, and I'm just tired of seeing this game and TFB blasted or made fun of all the time.
I still think this is a lot better than Giants, that game just bores me and the game design shares very similar flaws, while single player replayability and story are worse (story purely because it has so much filler/repetition with the ship breaking, though it was still a nice continuation with good atmosphere and some great lore). I don't have anyone to play these games with and when I revisit video games over the years it's for single player, so PVP is moot to me and while I liked Heroics (really want them revamped), they got tiring and I have none left to do anyway.

But seriously, just me, Drek and (presumably) Bifrost in the club who thinks this game doesn't deserve all the hate it gets? I mostly wrote this hoping people would give the game another chance but it looks like nobody cares, guess all the attention is on the SC forum too. *sigh*
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#6 Posted: 03:19:45 13/09/2015
I believe it gets harped on a tad bit too much. I actually liked it a lot overall. The gimmick might've been a bit too pricey and not worth the large investment, but I thoroughly enjoyed catching each villain. Felt satisfying.

Another thing that isn't talked about much is the music. Oh Lord, the music is incredible, especially the themes for several villains (Grave Clobber, Dreamcatcher, and Krankcase mainly), and Kaos. I especially loved the final phase of Kaos' fight, which is a remix of Night on Bald Mountain (ironic name). Lorne Balfe always outdoes himself with the music in the series. Each piece of music is unique (unless of course, they reuse music, which I don't mind).
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#7 Posted: 03:20:16 13/09/2015
What? All the Trap Team-loving is is already here! Y'know, you were there!: //forum.darkspyro.net/spyro/viewposts.php?topic=121014
So far I've seen Drek, Bifrost, GigaCamo, weebbby, and Swap Force Fan(ironically), all sharing your same points. I'm apart of the claymation, Guha Bala vehicle-fantasy, Rufus-loving, bland backstories-enthusiast minority, it appears. Maybe it's because of my poor eyesight that I like all the goofy putty and shimmer on things that aren't supposed to be shiny. I do agree Trap Team doesn't deserve the hate, as for whatever reason I found it more enjoyable than Giants, but it often confused me. What were the Trap Masters here for again...? Not in a storyline sort of approach, 'cause I know they're here for protecting Cloudcracker and other plot-related goodies. But what was I supposed to go out and use my parents' money to go buy them for? A boost for fighting bosses and even more zones? I always thought the main gimmick were the trap themselves. Was that it? But then what are the Trap Masters here for? That's all I want to know! Couldn't I have just used another figure to catch baddies? I know the answer to that already, because that's all I did. Perhaps they enhanced gameplay in other areas, but I didn't stick around the find out, always finding myself reaching for one of my sixteen, swappable cardboard-cutouts. I guess that's just my taste talking, though. Emotional connections and memories of staying up in the middle of the night to rewatch that same Dress Rehearsal trailer and what not. Gotta remember to not let my Swappie obsession interfere with my reviews anymore...

This game needed a few more revisions, as did the game before it. I mean, I can make the argument that SWAP zones were distracting, annoying, pointless mini-games that have nothing to do with the plot itself...because they definitely were(I just recently played through SF for the umpteenth time and gave myself a headache. Why do I have to pop these Kaos balloons? Why must I climb up this wall?! NO MORE SPIN ZONES, PLEASE! GRILLA, STOP BEING HIT BY MINECARTS AND FIND WHAT I NEED FOR A BONUS MISSION I WON'T EVER COMPLETE!). But, hey, what do I know? I'm a child who's just here for the interesting art, cool characters, and more lore so I can write fanfiction...
...and I am very disappointed that no art from I-Wei has been leaked yet. I wish TFB has their own version of Strata I could dig up. That really is the best part of Trap Team; the character designs. Plus my unhappiness also comes from the fact that Richard Horvitz promised me that I'd really, really LOVE this game. Apparently that wasn't the case. Now that the cat's out of the bag I think he was referring to being able to play as Kaos. I never did do that. Am I missing out on something? Mayhaps little baldy turned the game into an absolute 10/10 game of the year or something.

At least the theme kept me blasting something into my eardrums. Almost as great as the Giants one! All just a matter of opinion, really. However, I did like the inclusion of Light and Dark elements. Used to be an unpopular opinion, I believe. I've been seeing your opinions all around reddit, GR, and DS, Arc. Something about your moods changing whenever playing through SF and TT? I can relate. Your posts always make for some good debates that keeps me entertained. Sorry to hear Superchargers isn't doing it for you. B-bu-but...c'mooon! Knock mechanics? Madam Splat? VV pulling out a surprising and intriguing storyline? Cinematic trailer? Eh, eh? Enticing, no? No? Oh...okay. :(
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#8 Posted: 09:22:59 13/09/2015 | Topic Creator
Quote: Matteomax
Another thing that isn't talked about much is the music. Oh Lord, the music is incredible, especially the themes for several villains (Grave Clobber, Dreamcatcher, and Krankcase mainly), and Kaos. I especially loved the final phase of Kaos' fight, which is a remix of Night on Bald Mountain (ironic name). Lorne Balfe always outdoes himself with the music in the series. Each piece of music is unique (unless of course, they reuse music, which I don't mind).

OMGYES! :D I tend to take good music for granted because most of the games I like have great soundtracks, but TT's is definitely overlooked. Some of it gives me the chills. IMO, the best music in the series, closely followed by Giants. Wish they would use more guitar too, especially after hearing Wolfgang's music. I'd just love to see what more they can do with that. SC's music sounds very interesting so far (aside from the battle theme in Chapter 29, which seems boring, hope the other action themes are better).

Also, random, but I find it ironic that this theme is so obscure in the console version. Not only is it the only theme that plays in Sunscraper Spire on the 3DS, they used it in Air Gates on that version as well and I think one of the levels in the main game.

Quote: BlueFox
*really long post so snip*

Wow, I completely forgot that topic. Thanks for linking it. I guess those of us who like it are just silent about it. I still feel like outside of some topics Trap Team gets hated a lot more, though.

Ooh yeah, I don't see the point to Trap Masters. They're just normal Skylanders to me. That made it so my normal Skylanders can't explore the extra Gates on their own e_e Traps should have been the only gimmick. I don't see the point to Minis either. While not a full-fledged gimmick, I'm honestly glad they aren't part of SC because they had no point in either the gameplay or lore.

I seem to be the one person in the world that loved SWAP Zones XD They're not forced like normal minigame sections (the turret ones and fishing in Mudwater Hollow) and all pretty distinct from eachother and normal gameplay. Spin Zones suck (I liked the rest, for the most part, it's just that the control in Spin Zones is too damn loose) and they're dumb lore-wise, but they were a really nice bonus.
I actually enjoyed playing the SWAP Zones more than mixing around the swappers because I felt experimenting with the latter wasn't that rewarding and there were so many SWAP Zones I could play. Actually, I didn't think about this until now, but it's nice how VV's gimmicks have multiple gameplay appeals (mixing/the minigames with swappers, different areas in the story/bonus challenges/racing with vehicles).


Aww, thanks. ^_^ Really it's just that my preferred game depends on my mood, but sometimes they do influence my mood. SF makes me think a lot and TT is more relaxing to wind down with.
Also, off-topic, but kinda a shame Ghostroaster seems to be dead now... I don't have any way to contact the admin and the monthly bill is a week late. I don't think I backed up my two reviews either (though I have drafts). They would've been fun to look back on. :(

I feel like I've said this before, but if all vehicle zones in SC were just optional and maybe it had some more new Skylanders, I think I would be much more positive about it. Vehicles look great as side-content but mediocre as main stuff, especially next to the on-foot sections. On-foot looks great, but I just feel like forced vehicles will hamper the whole story mode for me.
I'm fine with the other two because at least I don't need to go through them, but I hate the Land segments. They look on the same level as all the past turret/piloting robot/whatever minigames (usually my least favourite segments), yet much more common. Comparing the ones in Cloudbreather Crags and the one in Chapter 29, doesn't seem like the latter is much better either (although, as I've said somewhere else, the CH29 Land boss looks fun if unoriginal). Upgrading/modding all of them could have been interesting, but it looks like those just provide stat changes.

Honestly, at this point it's pretty much Survival that's the deciding factor for me (it seems like it's in, but I'm still gonna wait until it's confirmed for sure). I love KMs because of trying them out in Survival. It's much more combat-focused than anything in the main story and by far the most interesting place to experiment with moves. I have so many torn feelings about SC, but playing TT's characters with KMs in Survival would be worth it. Might just buy the Starters because I want Bowser and DK for my amiibo collection. I'm buying Splat and probably her vehicle regardless, though. :P

Anyway, thanks for posting both your optimisim and criticism. If you play on Wii U and I get SC, maybe we can add eachother and race. (I don't really play any other online games on it, although I will get X when it comes out, obviously...)
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#9 Posted: 09:24:29 13/09/2015
I especially loved the final phase of Kaos' fight, which is a remix of Night on Bald Mountain (ironic name).

I was too busy trying to live to appreciate any music at that time . EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!

I dont think TrapTeam was "harped" on any more or less then Swap Force when it came out or Giants before that . Heck half the Portal Masters here are insulting Mario Kart Skylands before any of us have even tried it .

Trap Team had great moments but fell short in other areas just like the game before that and the one before that .

I actually have a more mature view on buying extra toys for Trap Team thanks to the previous games . We all know whats behind those elemental gates . We dont need 5 traps per element . I will buy what Skylanders I want and leave it at that .
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#10 Posted: 13:45:13 13/09/2015
Put me in your little "club" that likes this game. smilie
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#11 Posted: 08:51:28 16/09/2015
I haven't yet bought it, and I will later on this week so I may come back and change my mind from what I'm about to say. Based on what I've seen and what most people have warned me about... I'm iffy about it. I hate the trap gimmick especially. The traps are ugly, and I dislike the idea of limited use of the villains. I'd have just preferred villains as figures, with some cheap story reason as to why they're now Skylanders.

I don't know why TfB had to go and cut all of the good things Swap Force had, because content and replay value is a bad thing.... right? xD. Also, if what I am hearing about stunning and whatnot is true... yikes. The way certain attacks would drag, stun, slow, or stagger enemies in Swap Force, well it was one of the best things Swap Force had going for it. So I hope this issue isn't as bad as people have told me. Overall, it sounds like the worst game in the series.

To be fair, I adore these figures, and while I have yet to play as the characters within them, I really, really like the figures. Very possibly the best figures in the series yet, and I know, that's not the popular opinion. They just look so cool, especially the Trap Masters. The stages themselves look great as well. I don't know about the level design, but the presentation of these stages have me very excited. I'm not expecting something as good as Swap Force, and to be fair... I am happy Vicarious Visions are back for Superchargers, but I think I'll enjoy this for what it is. I don't think any of the four (soon to be five) games are worth being *hated* though. The fanboy attitude can be a drag.
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#12 Posted: 10:10:19 16/09/2015
Good game, not the best in the series,
IMO lacked content and replayability
Like finding all chests and stuff was fun but like it goi boring after a while,
No pvp was what IMO screwed this game
But yeh
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#13 Posted: 12:37:21 16/09/2015
Well I think you already know my opinion about this game since I was mentioned. smilie
But I'll try and motivate it a bit more.

First of all I have to say I simply personally prefer TfB's style over V.V.'s.
I love their humour, their ideas and the mood they give to their creations.
Now, that being said...

Trap Team has had incredibly creative characters, both in terms of Skylanders/villains and NPCs.
Not to mention the settings and the Story which might have not been that original or complex but still worked rather well.
The Skylanders particularly amazed me for their outstanding abilities: those characters have truly been a blast to play.

The gimmick is great and really adds an interesting strategic element to the game.
A true shame it won't be back in the fifth game.

The soundtrack and the themese are some of the best in the series and the hub is probably the best so far (thought I think it has been improved even more in SuperChargers).

I was also really happy to see a lot of old faces once again.

It definitely has its problems (little to no replayability, Traptanium Elemental Gates and unfinished aspects) but I overall consider it to be the best game in the series so far.
Quite honestly I doubt SuperChargers will beat it even if it will turn out to be the amazing game I'm expecting... But I sincerely hope so. smilie
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#14 Posted: 13:41:24 16/09/2015
I absolutely love TT, but I do feel like it's a low point in the series. I'm on my phone now a won't be home for 8 hours (at work). Once I get home I'll expand of my entire thoughts on the game.
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#15 Posted: 14:35:56 16/09/2015
Oh yeah, the soundtrack is definately a certain upgrade - no wonder SC is reusing some of the one-shots(namely Chef Zeppelin Flying Sequence and Mirror of Mystery Fight). I said it a few times, but some straight up feel straight out of movies or western RPGs.
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#16 Posted: 23:23:25 16/09/2015
Ok, so here's why TT is such a mixed bag for me

I'll go over the good first.

The cast:

It's the best in any game by far. I love nearly every playable character (Not all, some are duds). They have amazing designs, and play SO DAMN WELL! Ugh, TfB out did themselves! The Skylanders I couldn't get enough of them and rarely get bored with them, even the ones I found underwhelming I play as still (Just like in SF).

The villains are very mixed tho. I don't like how non-doom raiders only have two moves, it feels lazy. I also HATE the timer and the villain themes even more. I like the idea of villain themes, many of them are GREAT, but I wish there was an option to turn them off. I also wish the villains had a health bar, instead of the damn timer.

The levels:

Again it's fantastic, they're all so different from each other (Something SF lacked).Monster Marsh is in my all time favorite Skylander levels (The reigning champion in Iron Jaw Gulch). Some are better than others tho I'm not a fan of how short they were either. SF's level length felt perfect.

Skylanders Academy:

Drawdler knows how much I love this hub. I've spent much more time in the hub than I have in the actual levels. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Its SO goooooood! My main complaint it that it's terribly empty. I can't wait to see SSC's rendition of it, it looks so much better and improved!

And now for the bad.

The gameplay:

Its not bad by any means, but after SF' perfected the gameplay for Skylanders, TT was a huge step back. It feels too slow while SF felt actioned packed and adventurous It basically was Giants with prettier graphics. Also knock mechanics are gone, which butchered some characters (Poor Wind-Up). Also TFB IS TERRIBLE WITH BUTTON INPUTS!

The story:

Once again it has a good, if not great idea, but it feels childish at moments, more so than SF and is repetitive with the villains escaping right after an arena battle (Happens THREE times!)

The Trap Masters:

I love all of them (Well most of them). They play great, but they're basically Giants 2.0. I'm not a fan of their idea. They are Trap Masters, but all Skylanders can trap, so why aren't they Crystal Warriors or something instead? Also Traptainium Elemental gates are the worst idea in the series.
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#17 Posted: 12:40:29 17/09/2015
I personally loved the game, more so than Swap-Force for many reasons. First-off, the story in Trap Team is far better, as instead of Kaos feeling like he is incompetent thanks to his mother, Kaos is on your side temporarily, and soon stabs you in the back when all the Doom Raiders are gone. And I feel like he nearly won in Trap Team, just like in Giants. That's part of the reason I'm excited for Superchargers, the story will take place after having him win with the Doomstation. But Swap-Force, they hit a very sour note in the series for lore and story, and while the idea was nice for the plot, he felt almost more like a side-villain than the main one, due to his mother's patronizing attitude towards the way he conquers.

In terms of level variety, once again, Trap Team wins. Swap-Force had what, seven different environments? In Trap Team, almost every level looked unique, complete with mechanics within the level too. And I prefer the Lockmasters to the Bolt Locks. They feel more like a challenge. Besides that, Trap Team level length is perfect, and just enough action for me. Swap-Force, they may have hit the combat sweet spot in terms of distribution of enemies, but they blew it in length. Midway through, even before the checkpoint, I'm wanting to move on. At least in Superchargers that should be solved.

Characters. Trap Team had probably one of the best line-ups, second only to Giants in my opinion. There were so many great looking and great playing characters in the game, one of the few I dislike being Flip Wreck (he has a TERRIBLE mechanic for his moves). Aside from that, the one thing they did wrong here was the fact that they locked all of the gates to Trap Masters, easily the most expensive characters necessary to get 100%. Don't ever, EVER, do this again TFB.

Villains were easily the best gimmick so far, possibly with Vehicles beating them once I have more of a chance to try them. The crystals are cool looking, and the villains commenting on things will be something I will sorely miss in Superchargers. My only complaint as that since I've adapted well into Trap Team, they come in mostly in Nightmare Mode, hardly ever now in Normal or Easy. I'm a great player, and if I have the skill to just use Skylanders in TT, aside from the Doom Raider battles, I can easily make it through without them in the standard difficulties. But I refuse to not have them there in case.

The one thing I see Swap-Force beating Trap Team in is the post-game content. Boy, I feel like that just as they were ready to begin work on that, they were forced to implement Traptanium Gates, and to adjust the Villains to make timers rather than health bars. Swap-Force had so much to do, while we resorted to making our own challenges in the Story, and of course, Nightmare Mode (please keep the sheer difficulty of it, it makes it feel worth having a large collection). Probably the biggest strike on the card for Trap Team.

Overall, I think Trap Team is probably my favorite game, so much so I wanted to compete all four of the save files available. Haven't done that yet, as the hype for Superchargers has settled in, plus I got bored of playing the games until I finally get Superchargers. I hope that Superchargers is better than Trap Team, bringing VV up a notch in my book.
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#18 Posted: 15:37:11 17/09/2015
I'll never forgive trap team for having me beat the game and then right out of nowhere giving me a corrupt save that I have no way of knowing for what reason my save was corrupted. With my entire gaming life this is only the 2nd game to give me a corrupted save.
Overall I have to be honest and say i just don't like Trap Team. I didn't like Swap Force but Trap Team is the game that almost makes me want to turn away from the series because I expected so much better from TFB and really I only have one thing that I can always praise about this game.
They made excellent new very fun to play skylanders.
I'm once again going to go through the whole game and leave myself a finished save but I don't see myself ever revisiting Trap Team afterwards. Unlike Adventures, Giants and Swap Force which I can always be willing to replay.

I think my biggest problem with the game was the levels and their layout. They were short levels and they weren't action packed. Just plain boring level design. I also get on Swap Force for having such short levels when you take away the special zones.. But at least the levels looked nice and had a lot of action in them.
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#19 Posted: 23:54:48 18/09/2015
I do not get it at all. I think it's the best game since Giants.

Hell, I'd go as far as saying it's my favorite Skylander game yet! Has everything(except online of course).
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#20 Posted: 01:20:10 19/09/2015
I like the game, but it's far from perfect. Levels fit perfectly, etc. I do criticize it for the fact that there are too many villains to capture (watering down the experience) that interrupts and trivializes the game "flow" itself...and the fact that there's almost nothing to do when story mode is complete. Replay is very minimal. I agree the dark/light levels were very decent, the other adventure packs were incredibly inferior--worst in the series. So, this sounds like most of the other games....some good, some bad. Replay value is weighted heavily for me though, and I do think Trap Team is the worst in that category.
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#21 Posted: 14:52:45 19/09/2015
I love Trap Team, though the fact you NEED Trap Masters to open element gates was annoying....and the insane difficulty finding the light & dark expansions is more frustrating than playing on nightmare....and I miss the character bios like Swap Force had. The only other major annoyance for me is the obnoxious "don't get hit" challenges in the arena ( which also ticked me off in Giants & SF )....I despise crap like that, it just feels cheap IMO.

The story, new characters and Kaos Doom Challenge are awesome...I hope they keep the Kaos challenge around, it's fun and a great way to grind money & XP
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#22 Posted: 05:12:49 20/09/2015
In my opinion, SSA had the best soundtrack, SG had the best art style, SSF had the best gimmick/replayability/combat mechanics, and TT has the.... best.... erm.... characters, although I absolutley LOVE Chop Chop Daddy over Krypt King. The Trap Masters really served no purpose game wise (do like 2X damage to a pretty easily killed villain, unlock the gates that don't make sense lore wise, and look pretty). Like, seriously. I have yet to come across a single Villain that I can't rip through with my Series 1 Drobot(even Kaos was pretty darn easy to beat, besides the healing factor). And the fact that 99% of them are close range fighters made using them against Kaos an almost laughable idea. Trapping villains is the best (concept) idea yet IMO, although the execution was shoddy. There were just too many villains, even if they had rather varying playstyles. The Doom Challenges actually required a bit of thinking, because you had to defend the Box, your turrets, and yourself (and maybe even your partner, if you had one). It made for the best gimmick to find good Skylander teams (Drobot+Chop Chop=OP level OVER 9,000!) The best game so far seems to be SuperChargers because of the combat, story(though I have yet to even see a demo in person), and the drastically different combat styles between the Terrains. I mean, come on, 360 degree dogfights, exploring murky depths, and just simply running **** over with a tank? So much hype... So much...
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#23 Posted: 05:35:32 20/09/2015
It's my least favorite game in the series, but I don't think it deserves all the hate it gets~
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#24 Posted: 06:22:46 20/09/2015
I can't say I hate it but I didn't really enjoy it because its flaws. I like to use older characters in the game but if they are so unbalanced it ruins it for me and the gameplay is also a step down. This game just has the least content in the series, worst balancing and wasn't too enjoyable for me so it's my least favourite in the series.
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#25 Posted: 01:15:46 28/09/2015
Why is Trap Team hated?

I mean aside from element zones locked to Trap Masters it wasn't bad.
Fancy Skylanders are stronger in this zone.
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#26 Posted: 01:24:42 28/09/2015
I don't hate it, but it's far from eggscellent. The characters are good, but outside of Kaos Doom Challenge, there's not much to do after beating the game 100%, which doesn't take that long and KDC isn't even that great after doing constantly to level up everyone.
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#27 Posted: 18:08:55 29/04/2016
It was horrible, glitchy, costs way to much money, lacking content and the old Skylanders... so GLITCHY and they look so small in the magic moment sometimes that i can barely see them.
what even is this site anymore lmao
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#28 Posted: 19:24:18 29/04/2016
The old Skylanders are still there, no idea what you're talking about. A glitchy game isn't still the end-all for it, there are plenty of glitchy games that are still enjoyable in the working side - that's not to say you're not allowed to dislike it just because of glitches,but it's a combination of issues rather than just one.
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#29 Posted: 00:06:40 30/04/2016
From the little i have heard , Trap Team is awesome sauce when compared to Super Chargers .

I dont think the Trap Masters were any more or less expensive then say Swoppers or Giants but unlike those two games , people on a budget had the option to buy traps to hold villains which was even cheaper then buying new cores . These villains especially Kaos could kick as much butt as any Trapster .

Thats assuming you bought it as it became available . I waited a bit and enjoyed lots of discounts as a result .

We finally got to play with sidekicks/minis properly Yay . I have been wanting a sidekick or three since SSA .
We had a serious amount of toy choices for Trap team . Trap Masters , Cores , Traps/villains , Minis and Eons Elite .
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#30 Posted: 09:39:36 02/05/2016
I don't just hate it because its glitchy, it just has stupid issues like sizes in the magic moment and Skylander breaking bugs like Voodood and his combos... not to mention how horrible multiplayer is with these stupid bounce pads. the game is just plain horrible, superchargers was bad too but at least that one was playable in multiplayer. Dood god is there anyone that has respect for other people's opinions here?
what even is this site anymore lmao
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#31 Posted: 09:54:48 02/05/2016
Quote: Kevin16
I don't just hate it because its glitchy, it just has stupid issues like sizes in the magic moment and Skylander breaking bugs like Voodood and his combos... not to mention how horrible multiplayer is with these stupid bounce pads. the game is just plain horrible, superchargers was bad too but at least that one was playable in multiplayer. Dood god is there anyone that has respect for other people's opinions here?

That should kinda go without saying.
I absolutely respect your opinion but disagree almost entirely.

From a technical point of view Trap Team is indeed inferior to SuperChargers but there is no glitch, bug or other small technical issues that will make me prefer the "perfect" second over the first.
Not to mention Trap Masters' size was greately reduced in SuperChargers yet apparently no one complained about it as much as for the other character's differences in the fourth game.

Many says Swappers were small and short in Trap Team but I never saw a big difference between their model and SWAP Force's, and I'm kinda happy they reduced Trap Masters' size in the fifth game because I feel like some of them were waaaay too big, some even bigger than a few Giants.

But, returning to technical issues, I sincerely feel like TfB characters were altered (and sometimes plain ruined) much more in SWAP Force and to a minor extent in SuperChargers than the opposite: some animation changed to the point they took away what made those Skylanders special and other moves are either too slow or almost entirely different.

I simply never personally saw those problems in Trap Team and sincerely doubt the sixth game will be different since they will only have to take care of 10 brand new Skylanders and a bunch of reposes.
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