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Anyone have broken TT portals ?
Dark fhoenix Emerald Sparx Gems: 3166
#1 Posted: 13:36:26 03/09/2015 | Topic Creator
I am just curious . This portal seems very fragile to me .
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Badwolfmichael Gold Sparx Gems: 2511
#2 Posted: 22:12:44 03/09/2015
Mine hasn't broken, but I agree STT's portal seems the most fragile

I've had the most glitches with the TT portal, mind you, it's only been a couple times,
Arc of Archives Yellow Sparx Gems: 1486
#3 Posted: 03:01:32 04/09/2015
No, but I purposely disassembled one of mine. It was an absolute pain to take apart the white outer rims, but the rest wasn't too hard to get off (although I broke most of it- don't care though).
Dark Snap Shot Gold Sparx Gems: 2604
#4 Posted: 03:30:50 05/09/2015
Mine seems fine.
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