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Chaos Flame (Return after Fire Sequel) [PT #1 FINISHED] [CLOSED]
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#1 Posted: 08:10:33 03/09/2015 | Topic Creator
I’ve done many stories, some were on the Fanfiction section, a small amount was sitting here. I recently re-read my old story “Return after Fire”. A story which was based upon two POV’S of two different characters. One was Dara, the other one was Lost Alvira. However, I’ve done many changes and tweaks on both characters, and by this time, the story that is now the original is bugging me with many plot holes, non-included content and stuff like that. So I have decided to create a story out of it. This story is more or less of a Sequel to the original story, taking place almost a year later. Hope you enjoy!
Dara is now Cedrick. Cedrick is a boy whose parents run their own company. Cedrick himself wants to become a Scientist or Biologist in his later years. He’s a boy who enjoys wearing a green cap on his head Black glasses, white shirt along with jeans. He tends to have a blue handbag along with him almost the entire time.

Tyla Valor is Lost Valor’s (AKA Lost Alvira) first form. The Shapeshifting is now only achieved by pure anger or special events.
At normal moments. Tyla prefers to wear a black jacked which the hoodie pulled as far over her face as possible. She tends to hide her left arm at all costs. She wears a blue scarf loosely around her neck. She wears simple brown shoes and blue jeans. If she doesn’t have her hoodie on, one can see Tyla’s pale skin. She wars Sunglasses with a red outline and has purple hair.
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Chapter 1: Teachers day
The rain poured down on Cedrick’s head with a pounding sound. The clothes he was wearing were soaked and the ground he walked on was almost an ice-skating track. It wasn’t a surprise to him he slipped and fell onto his back multiple times while walking to school.
He arrived just in time for the bell to make him deaf as Cedrick walked inside. However, he quickly found out the place wasn’t the way it should’ve been. Most of his teachers didn’t attend today, most pupils were absent. Even his mentor wasn’t in his office.

“Have they all grown scared or something?” Cedrick asked with uncertainty before a girl walked up to him. Tyla… the girl who people theorize as a maniac, sometimes insane. She followed private classes due to her behavior. No teacher nor mentor wanted to explain Tyla’s problem. Pupils tended to avoid her.
“You look…lonely.” Tyla commented on Cedrick’s strange look she had received. “You didn’t know most classes were free today. Ms. Bertha is ill, Mr. Emahs is at a congress. Other teachers are on vacation or are currently busy with Teachers Day…”
Cedrick gave Tyla an odd look. “If that is so, why are you on school.”
“Because my teacher is here, unlike the others.” Tyla said as she turned around. “You’re just like the others. Avoiding me. Just go do something useful I guess.”
With that, Tyla disappeared into a classroom.
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Chapter Two: Chaos Kitchen, The Unexplainable Flame!

It was two months later.
Cedrick flipped the pancake. He had fun following cooking lessons. It was a little new to him but enjoyable. The only classmate he had right now was a little less pleasing. Without him knowing, his mentor, along with Tyla’s mentor started a project. They were hoping for Tyla to become more social.

“Cedrick.” The teacher said. “Can you hand Tyla 3 eggs?”
Cedrick sighed. “Yes Ma’am.” Cedrick commented with a rather unpleased and uncomfortable face. He grabbed three eggs and handed them over. “Here.” He said.
Tyla took the eggs. “Thanks.” Tyla said before disappearing behind her cooking stuff again. “Children, I need to go upstairs to grab some plates. Be nice okay?” both nodded quietly. The door closed. Cedrick sighed. Many people said Tyla would behave oddly when she was not around a teacher…

The kitchen remained quiet…Awfully quiet. Cedrick than noticed it. “Tyla, you’re overcooking your dish.” he addressed. “Perhaps you should turn the heat down.” Cedrick said . Tyla ignored it completely. “It doesn’t matter.” she commented. Cedrick stared at Tyla with a confused look. “Do you want to burn this kitchen or something?”
“Why only bother with the kitchen if you can do the whole school?” Tyla said with a soft laugh on the end. “It’s not like anyone’s going to care. This stupid building is already over its 100th age.”
Cedrick sighed. Tyla had a point. The building was often having water problems. Holes and gaps are found almost anywhere in the brick walls section and spiders, mice and even raccoons tended to stay for the night on the highest level of the school. You only would need a match and strike it against the wood and the whole stuff would already collapse.
Cedrick looked at Tyla with a grin. “Haha, funny.” he commented, walking over to Tyla.
Tyla’s face was a lot more serious, though. “I mean it. Theoretically, if somebody can burn a kitchen you might just not care and make the entire building flash up into ashes.”
Then it happened. A big flame erupted from Cedrick’s pan. He had not been paying attention to his pancake whatsoever and now it was bursting with orange flames. Cedrick panicked. Tyla remained calm. “Overreacting much?” she asked as she grabbed a lit and put it down on the pan while forcing the flame to burn into the lit and not anywhere else. Successfully, Tyla closed the pan. “Just remove the lit after about 20 minutes and prevent it from gaining more heat.” She said to Cedrick while walking back to her own pan. Surprisingly, hers wasn’t having a strong bursting flame even though it was already overcooking the dish inside of it. At least, that is what Cedrick assumed. Before he knew it, a huge, ghostly, dark purple flame rose from the pan, hitting the selling and setting it ablaze as a whole. Cedrick panicked and ran out of the kitchen as fast as his poor legs could take him. He stopped in his tracks though upon realizing something. Tyla was still in there, why wasn’t she running out just like he did? He had to go back and help her, but as soon as he turned around, the whole lot collapsed. A loud noise and the sound of knifes cutting through the very essence of flesh. Cedric also heard a splash, than nothing but the crispy sounds of the bonfire burning the wood. Afraid of the ghostly-looking fire, he whirled around and ran away yelling for somebody to help. He himself was too afraid to deal with it altogether.

Cedrick let out a sigh of relief. The strange colored fire had taken it’s victory over most of the school. A small part had remained untouched. There was so far no report of further victims. Only 1: Tyla.
Cedrick told what he had heard, what he had seen and what he think had happened. The police was listening carefully. “-And I didn’t hear Tyla at all.” Cedrick ended his last sentence. The police looked up. “And it matters because?”
Cedrick winced. “You’d assume somebody caught in a bonfire would scream of fear or pain…right?” The police nodded. “Thanks for your time. We’ll contact you later for further details and information. Now, just get home and get some rest. I bet you had a big scare.”
Cedrick nodded, and walked over to his bicycle. He glanced back at the school one more time. Than he noticed something. Somebody was standing on the highest point of the now half-destroyed building, both feet on one small platform, it’s scarf and end of its hoodie flowing with a ghostly aura in the same direction as the wind. Only if the sun would have a different position now. It was nothing more but a salute now. Who or what could it be? Tyla? It seemed like it, but the being was much skinnier and had claws. Cedrick blinked, and looked again, only to find nobody at all. He shrugged. “I must be seeing things after all of this.” He said as he got onto his bicycle and went home.

Author's Note:
Was thinking of calling it Hell Kitchen, but than somebody cartain shot into mind. smilie
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Chapter 3: Monster in your bed? it's true afterall!

Once home, he got a very unpleasant surprise. His parents where home, yes, but his room wasn’t feeling… correct. Cedrick looked around only to see something move in the corner of his eyes. Cedrick turned around, but to his surprise he saw nothing. “Strange.” Cedrick said as he laid down on his bed.
A loud scream escaped Cedrick’s mouth as soon as he had laid down. He was laying onto something, and whatever it was, it wasn’t pleased with the heavy boy laying down on it. Cedrick jumped off, and took a good amount of distance from himself and the bed. “W-Who is there?” Cedrick said. He grabbed a long stick of wood in case some sort of animal would pop out from under the blanket. Slowly, Cedrick kneeled down to see what could be under the blanket. He saw something grey, fangs. Whatever it was, it had opened its eyes, and wide. Light shone straight into Cedrick’s eyes, he jumped back all the way to the other side of the room in fear. The two eyes kept on staring. The left eye was glowing yellow with a deep red iris in the middle. A slit pupil almost identical to that of a snake held its full focus onto Cedrick. He could see his own reflection inside of that eye. The right eye of the being wasn’t identical to the left eye in any way. Almost entirely black with what appeared to be a red pupil in the middle. It seemed like the pupil leaked. Droplets of blood slowly slide down over the rest of the eye. The red pupil gave a soul-piercing light that would be able to even harm a blind person.
A hiss, than a growl, followed by a blur of purple, grey and black, that followed by the shattering sound of a window. Cedrick’s strick was left broken in two pieces. A fresh trail of a mixture of black liquid and blood marked the pathway the thing had taken. But the trail was only in his room. Outside, Cedrick found no trace of it.

Chapter 4: Abandoned House Adress
After the event in Cedrick’s bedroom, he had trouble sleeping. He always lifted up his blanket in the fear the thing was there again. He always entered his room with high caution. One day, Cedrick, however, was highly surprised to find a letter in his room. The letters where written in blood-red, but somebody clearly used a sharp tool of some sort to write it down.
It provided an address Cedrick didn’t like to read. The address, which stated ”Frontier street, #9” was the exact same address as the Abandoned House. Over the past year, many groups of young brave souls have attempted to enter that house. Cedrick used to be amongst a group who also attempted a try, but a sudden flame which erupted from the roof had scared them off. Nowadays, the house was a forbidden area since the government wants to take it down. Whatever they tried throwing at the house, however, had ended in many problems. One time, they even tried explosions. Everybody got injured, but the house had no harm done to it somehow...
Why would somebody send him that address specifically, and why in blood-red. Was somebody expecting him to just swoop by to become a volunteer for becoming dinner? Cedrick sighed and went on with something that was written in much smaller letters. “You Have abandoned me… Come to me and I’ll forgive…don’t…and you’ll meet my hive…”
Cedrick cocked an eyebrow. What did the person mean? A hive? Bees?

Cedrick wasn’t sure whether to go or not. Eventually, he chose to let his exploring spirit take the better of him and he went out of his room. He walked out of his house and took the first possible bus.

Author's note:
Two chapters ftw. There have it!
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Chapter 5: The true appearance of a unknown soul.

It stood there, empty. The abandoned house seemed worse compared to the last time Cedrick was here. It seemed like it was actually occupied by somebody. Slowly, Cedrick stepped over the boarders. Courage and bravery as well as adrenaline was going through his body. He slowly proceeded on knocking on the door. “H-Hello?” He said quietly as he knocked on the door again. “A-anybody…there?” He continued.
No answer was given whatsoever. Cedrick knocked again. This time, the door swung open and he was dragged in. It took him by surprise. Cedrick panicked. He started squirming in an attempt to release himself from the grasp he was in. He succeeded and got himself freed. He whirled around but got startled.
Nobody was holding him at all.
Cedrick silently started backing off, then attempted to run back to the door. He was able to pen it but his path was blocked by a girl. Not just “a girl” but a rather more familiar girl. Cedrick didn’t believe it.
The girl was clearly identical to Tyla. The hair color as well as the skin color matched. The clothes, even though they were ragged, burned and heavily damaged, were clearly the same. Tyla’s eyes however, along with her mouth, weren’t. Large fangs, blood dripping past those fangs, and the same eyes Cedrick witnessed before. Those eyes he once saw staring at him from underneath his blanket.

Tyla walked forwards. “I have been waiting for you…” She chanted, a mysterious echo followed, as if her voice was hollow. “You never bothered to save me. There’s no need. Humans were never good.” Tyla pushed Cedrick back with every word she spoke. Her eyes didn’t move away from him either whatsoever. They were locked onto the boy. “You have failed me.” Tyla continued. “And for that, I want you to meet my children.”

Cedrick couldn’t keep it together anymore. The glare Tyla had put on him made him feel uneasy, paranoid, insane. He clearly could see sorrow, distress, hate and the pure essence of death within the eyes of Tyla. The thought of ‘her children’ was unsettling as well. “What do you want from me!?” Cedrick said, almost bursting out in tears of insanity. “Just what!?”

Tyla didn’t answer. She had stopped pushing him… Physically that is. Mentally, she forced the paranoid thoughts further into Cedrick’s mind. Cedrick could hear the splat, the crisping fire… Eventually, it seemed like a different point of view was given to him. He could see the school’s kitchen. A lizard was sitting in front of Cedrick. It showed a grin from cheek to cheek, large teeth and no eyes. It spoke. “She is the one. Mother of the children of hell. You were supposed to cure her. You failed, now you pay.”
The kitchen disappeared, so did the lizard. All he saw was Tyla.
“I am Lost Tyla Valor. Mother of the Children of hell, and you, Cedrick… You have failed me!”
Cedrick took a heavy blow, he could feel something that had stabbed him in the chest. He looked down, his eyes and mouth shaking, his breathing unstable. A claw created of an unexplainable essence had passed through the bones of Cedrick’s body. He could feel something being taken from him…
“Your pure essence of life… is mine and mine alone…”

Author's Note:
I find my chapters awfuly short, actually
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Chapter 6: Reptile horror -Part 1
Cedrick came home, ragged clothes, dizzy and sick. He went to the kitchen straight away and reached out for the biggest kitchen knife he could possibly find. This sorrow, it had to end. At least, that was what he was thinking. It wasn’t real, but instead, a dream.
Cedrick started to notice it as he felt being mocked around by something.

“Hey, boy, wake up! Are you okay?” a voice spoke out. Cedrick shot his eyes open and his sight met a white selling. Along with that, a unfamiliar face was hanging above him. Slowly, Cedrick proceeded to rub his eyes clean. “Ugh… What…happened?” He then asked. A hand moved underneath his back and pushed him up, then he was given a glass of water. The same question was given to him afterwards. “Are you okay?” a female voice said. Cedrick looked around to meet a person just on the right side of him. She was wearing a black clock all over her body. A hoodie was pulled over her head but two long pointy ears were sticking gout of the hoodie from the back. Both ears had a green tip on the end. Cedrick could see her face as well. Two fangs…
And there they were again… the non-symmetrical eyes Tyla had as well. The only difference was that all that was supposed to be red was purple nor were the eyes bleeding with the strange substance he witnessed before. For as far as Cedrick could see, the girl was identical to Tyla in any kind of way for the rest of her body.

“Y-You’re not going to kill me…r-r….right?” Cedrick ask as he started to shiver from the thoughts of it. The girl let out a chuckle. “Kill you? No, that not. I want something else from you though.” the girl explained. She stood up and walked to the nearest window. “What happened? What made mom so angry? Why you? Did you do something to her?”
Cedrick was confused. First off: Mom? What was that girl talking about. Second of all, he didn’t remember making anyone angry on purpose… Unless…
“Your mom…is Tyla?” Cedrick asked with uncertainty. It was a wild guess, but as soon as he said that, it started to make sence. The identical body shape, the eyes and perhaps even the strange claw Tyla possessed instead of a normal left hand…
Slowly, he started to back off in the bed he was laying in from the start since he woke up. “Y-You’re not going to be like your mom…r-right…”
The girl laughed. “No you silly. I only want to help you but for that I need to know what is going on. Come on, you can tell me.”
Cedrick sighed. “Fine. It started normally. She was just a pupil at our school. Perhaps behaving odd at times. I once had kitchen class with her…. And…I don’t know!” Cedrick cried out in tears of fear. “Some sort of Purple flame and and-“
“Hush it!” the girl demanded. “I get it, thank you.”
She picked up Cedrick and carried him over to a table. She proceeded to look at something Cedrick had not noticed yet, until the girl touched it at least. A piercing pain shot through the boy’s body. He winced and tried to look down to where the pain had come from. He gasped upon seeing a big wound were bones and organs were visible. He wondered if that injury was the work of Tyla earlier.
The girl silently looked at Cedrick. “You’re a victim of a rather…rare event.” she said softly. “You’re in deep trouble boy.” she than said.
Cedrick didn’t get it. He didn’t do anything to Tyla nor did he ever heard of said “special event”.
“Can’t you help me with anything?” Cedrick pleaded but the girl had already turned her back towards him. “Sorry, I can’t help you. My mother has chosen you as the victim. So it’ll be. There can’t be any changes made. Don’t attempt to run away or fight against my mother or you make the situation worse. Okay.”
“Yes but I don’t want to di-“
“DON’T” The girl shouted in a loud manner towards Cedrick. “Just DON’T!”
She got up and towered over Cedrick like a true demon. Wings appeared from under the cloak. The wings were Black, with red outlines clearly visible. Underneath those big wings were a pair of smaller wings. These where blood red and appeared to be actually letting go off droplets of blood. The sudden appearance of the wings had caused for the cloak to me partly moved out of the way. A dinosaur body with a light grey bally was visible. The rest of the body had dark-grey fur. The tail appeared to be at least 1,5 meters long and had a blood red tail tip. Two feet with each three claws similar to that of Tyla, same goes for the being’s arms and hands. The most noticeable was a red, light giving orb on the chest. It was put into a golden chest plate which appeared to be actually a part of the body due to the wings being attached to it. Only now, Cedrick noticed the Raptor like shape of the girls head.

Part 2 V-Underneath this post-V
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Chapter 6: Reptile horror -Part 2

She glared down, He looked up with fear. “You’re not going to interfere with her Cultural doings, clear!? You are going to die, accept it!” The girl said with a loud tone to her voice. It caused her voice to have a unsettling raspy and glitching tone. She started leaning in towards Cedrick, making him back up all the way to a wall. She kept on approaching the boy until he couldn’t back off any further nor flee to the right or left side. “I don’t want to die!” Cedrick said crying out loud. He wished he was brave enough to fight this twisted being.
Slowly, the creature reached its hand out towards Cedrick. He clamped his eyes shut, not wanting to see what happened in front of him. He started hearing another voice. “Crimson. You know we were supposed to keep the boy save, right?” Cedrick could feel a three-clawed hand touch his shoulder. “I know Abyss… He’s just reckless and foolish.”
Slowly, Cedrick opened his eyes. He saw a second girl standing next to the red one. This second person was almost similar to the red one. However, everything that was red was purple, and it’s eyes were blue. It had a diamond shaped purple gem on a silver chest plate with feathered wings, unlike the red one who had dragon like wings. Other than that, they were identical. Their sizes couldn’t be compared though. The first one was about a head shorter than the one that just arrived.
The purple one kneeled down. “I’m so sorry my sister startled you.” She apologized. She had a kind voice, almost similar to his mom’s, but not quite the same. This creature’s voice had an echo along with it. “Please… get yourself hea-“
Cedrick interrupted straight away. “Tell me what is going on! What’s your ‘mom’ going to do to me!? Let me go home!”
“We can’t let you darling.” The Red creature said. Her voice had taken down a more kinder tone, but it was still glitching. “We’ve been assigned this tastk and we shall keep you here.”

Cedrick winced. He didn’t want to be around these raptor-creeps at all. He wanted to go home and just now he saw his chance. He quickly got through the two beings and made a mad dash for the exit. He slammed the door open and ran out of the room. The two immediately started the chase on him. “Come back you brat!” the red one yelled out as she was closing in on Cedrick. Their wings gave them their advantage. The purple one catches up to him and attempted to grab Cedrick by the middle. She missed though. “You’re on a forbidden area! Get back here!” They both called out to Cedrick. He himself was too bussy looking back making sure the two dinosaur freaks wouldn’t catch him. If he would’ve taken the time to look foreward, he could’ve seen the edge of the road. He tumbled over it and fell down in what appeared to be water. It was pleasing warm water. He quickly swum up to look where the creeps were hanging out, but he didn’t see them. Relief went through Cedrick’s body as he started to swim to shore. Once there, he started running again out of fear.

Author's note:

YAY long chapter weee!

Ironic how Chapter 6 gets two parts. COINCIDENCE! Nah, I was just 484 words over the character limit smilie

For anyone who is like "Who are those two I still dont get it."
Here! Wild Spoiler for Chapter 7 appeared!
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Chapter 7: Children of Hell: Crimson LostBlood and Abyss LostLight

Cedrick had slowed down after a good 20 minutes of running. He was worn out and couldn’t keep it fast-paced anymore. The walls around him were lit with torches placed around occasionally. He could see wall-paintings on the wall carved by something. He could see claw marks. Perhaps these girls from earlier. Cedrick stopped walking, and listened. All he heard was the noise of the flames dancing on their standards, than he walked over to the walls and exanimated the paintings. One painting showcased a long kraken breathing fire. Some parts of the dragon were colored in with stained blood. Something was written underneath it, but it was a language he never had seen. Next to the dragon were three strange creatures painted on the wall. They were placed in a triangle form. In the middle was a black circle. Cedrick didn’t get it.
He heard footsteps. It was best not to stick to one place at any time. He had to get moving. He went pathway in, pathway out. Sometimes a dead end. That’s were he realized it: He was stuck in a maze. Upon that realization, one of the two Raptor girls showed up. The red one. She peeked through the corner and faced Cedrick with a sleek grin. Her ears where all the way upwards. “Found you. Was it fun playing hide’N’seek?” she grinned. “You’re coming with me.” She continued.

Cedrick backed off. “What is the purpose of this whole madness!?” Cedrick reached out for a pebble on the ground and threw it. A direct hit. The pebble came with a big “smack” onto the girls muzzle. “Auch!” She wined. Cedrick took the time to flee once more. “And don’t even think of following me you corrupted dinosaur!” He yelled. That’s where he heard something behind him. A flurry of wings, claws and fangs rushed towards Cedrick. “You don’t insult a child of Hell like that!” the reptile shouted, it’s voice taking on the corrupted tone again. Cedrick dodged the attack in time. “I said leave me alone!”
The being stood still. “All we want is for you to be ready.”
“Ready for what?” Cedrick gritted his teeth when he noticed he had bumped into something: The purple one.
This time, Cedrick got pinned up to the wall straight away. “Okay kid, listen up.” the purple one said with a demanding tone. “First of all. I am Abyss. That there is my sister, Crimson. We want you to behave! Clear!? Second: We are the Children of Hell! Our mother will demolish you if you misbehave!”
With a nervous nod, Cedrick realized there wasn’t much he could do. He was stuck with Crimson and Abyss. Quite obvious names actually. The two girls started to walk, Cedrick in the middle. They walked down to a deeper place. Cedrick didn’t know how deep it already was and now they’re going even deeper. Droplets of a black substance started dripping off from the selling. He wished he had the courage to ask what that substance was. The two girls stopped in their tracks suddenly and exanimated Cedrick, from top to bottom. “You jumped into the Black Royal Waters.” Crimson said. “Foolish…”
Abyss let out a chuckle. “Yes, foolish. Perhaps it’s best for you to don’t understand what this ‘Black Royal Water’ is. You’ve freaked out too many times for our liking.”
They continued walking, until they reached a big, cirulair room. It was decorated with thousands of red, purple, black, blue and green gems. Here and there, large blood red crystals poked out. “These are Blood Crystals. Our victims are kept in there until they wither away.” Abyss suddenly explained. Cedrick gave her a weird look. “I don’t care I want to go home and have my li-“
“-You will never go home.” The two girls said, their voices taking on the corrupt tone once more. They pushed Cedrick down to the bottom of the room. Abyss grabbed some blood-stained chains that were already stuck to the walls on one side. Crimson held Cedrick tight up. He tried to struggle lose, but Abyss already got his feet chained up and stuck to the chain. His arms didn’t had to wait long either to be chained up. In fact, he was already hanging in a star shape. Cedrick looked up frightened, only to see both coming up with what appeared to be a sticky, Black piece of tape. He yelled as much as he can but his jaws got shut together by Abyss and then taped by Crimson. He groaned heavily to show his unpleasing feeling, but the two only laughed with their corrupted voices, and stared at Cedrick with their soul-piercing eyes.
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Chapter 8: Truth

Cedrick had no idea how long he’d been hanging above ground by now. The chains held him up tight and there was no way he was going to move into a different pose anytime soon. The two raptors had left the room not all too long ago. Cedrick was rather happy he was alone by now. The two raptors had creeped him out with those staring eyes.

Cedrick stared at the walls of the room. Minutes ago, he was complaining about the darkness, right now, however, he wasn’t at all. It looked as if his eyes got used to said darkness. His eyes darted around the room. Only by now, he noticed that the bloodcrystals were placed in a specific shape: A circle, and they all had their sharp ends pointed towards the center, or, in this case, towards Cedrick. He attempted to struggle loose from the chains. It had no use at all. It only made him get hurt more.

Eventually, Cedrick noticed the bloodcrystals to illuminate a weak, dim light. Cedrick quickly noticed he had companionship, and not any kind of nice companionship. Afar, in the darkness, light started to appear. Two eyes, one yellow with a red iris and a slit pupil, the other eye nothing more than a red dot. Two orange lights appeared underneath the eyes. The lights approached, until the light of the crystals revealed the being that was approaching.


Cedrick felt a cold shiver going over his spine as he looked up at Tyla who stared down at him. Her clothing had changed entirely, swapping out the black jacked for a purple shirt with blue sleeves. The left sleeve was ripped off partially, the rest of it appeared to have been burned away. She had swapped her jeans for pants that also had ragged edges. She blue scarf was changed into a scarf held together by a orange gem, a amulet with a similar gem was hanging just underneath it. Tyla’s fangs were dripping with blood. Her right eye almost tearing with that eerie black substance Cedrick had seen before. Tyla’s hoodie was flowing gently up and down even though there was clearly no wind.

“Hanging nicely there, boy?” Tyla started. Cedrick couldn’t realy say much, so he could do nothing more than groan. “Oh, you cannot talk?” Tyla kneeled down, holding that strange arm just underneath his chin. “That’s unfortunate…” Tyla teased him. She looked him straight into the eyes. “You know. Tyla wasn’t much other than a fake name. My real name is Lost Alvira.”
Cedrick would’ve gasped if he could. He used to know a girl named Alvira. She disappeared along with another friend about a year ago. “I was responsible for the school attacks 11 months ago. These despicable humans don’t know where to set their boarders. I was forced to hide underground! These pests ruined my life! Humans are worthless. They show no value other than reproduce and then die. I decided to seek more purpose for them… And I found one… Some humans show passion and courageous behavior… they deserve to be saved from the hell that is called human life!”
Cedrick was shivering with every word Lost Alvira spoke. She showed anger, but somewhere, she was holding back tears.
“Over the course of 11 months, I out a whole hive together of creatures like me. They started calling me their mother, their caretaker. Yes, I am the caretaker of this whole word! The world that lives straight underneath these pathetic humans!” Lost Alvira got closer with her muzzle towards Cedrick’s nose. “And you? I’m honest, you didn’t had much of a chance…”
Lost removed the sticky tape that held Cedrick back from talking. “Go on that. I know you wish to disagree.” Lost than teased. “Or am I not your mother after all?”
“You’ve never been my mother…” Cedrick said with gritted teath. “Oh, realy? Your mother has already met with a terrible fate. Believe me. By now she’s already dead.”
Cedrick growled. “She’s not.”
Lost sat up, grinning. “I assume you know your uncle, right?” Lost crossed her arms. “That guy who threatened your father into doing a science project?”
Cedrick gasped. “How do you know?”
“I know more than a human’s soul can remember. Listen, kid, you are never seeing your pathetic feather-packed parents ever again. Be happy I took you so you’ve been saved the horrible picture!”
Cedrick didn’t believe it, but something in Lost’s voice was making it sound like something far from a lie. He looked down.
As soon as he did, he flopped onto the ground. He looked up to his arms and legs. The bracelets from the chains were still there. Fragments of the chain where still attached, however, these fragments were not attached to the walls, selling or ground. He was free.
Lost got closer to him and kneeled down to get to Cedrick’s eye level. “You’re my child now… My child of Hell…”
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Chapter 9: The life of the dead.

Cedrick gritted his teeth together as he fiercely growled. Lost held him in a tight grip. “Quit your squirming and listen to me for once!” Lost commanded. Cedrick attempted to kick Lost, but missed. “I’m never listening to you, freak!” he bellowed. He got a stinging pain in his neck as reply. Cedrick screamed it out as he saw his world get blurry. Eventually, black. He had passed out.

The room he was laying in was cold. Cedrick slowly moved his limbs around hoping he didn’t break anything. His first feeling was regret. He shouldn’t have attempted to fight Lost in the first place after she claimed she was his mother. It sounded ridicules, yes, but if she spoke the truth, then so be it, right? Cedrick slowly sat up with his eyes closed. He felt as if he was beat up. How long had he been sleeping? Cedrick didn’t know exactly, nor could he guess. There was no clock nearby and he definitely couldn’t see the sun or moon with the rocks being in his way. He sighed and sat up. Upon that moment he noticed the chain fragments still being attached to his wrists. He looked down to see if he could attempt taking them off, but upon seeing his hands he yelped.
Cedrick didn’t see his hand. He saw a claw. In fact, it was a grey coated, three fingered claw with sharp nails that were at least 5 to 8 centimeters long. They had a black coloration. Cedrick quickly looked at his left hand. Now he felt as if he had lost is sanity. His whole arm had made place for the same arm Lost possessed. His’ wasn’t fully developed yet due to some of his original arms flesh and skin still being present. He moved it. It didn’t feel pleasant, but it worked. Cedrick got up, but tripped over his own feet. Once he was sitting up again, he looked down at his feet. Also three clawed with grey coat. Was he dreaming? No, he wasn’t, he just got hurt. Slowly, he got up again and this time, he held himself tightly onto the wall. Experiencing the new shape and structure of his feet, he sumbled around the room. He eventually got the hang on it. “Well, this truly is a change of being… yourself.” Cedrick said as he sat down again.
“Yeah, get used to it darling.”
Cedrick perked up as he looked at the direction of his voice. Behiend a wall of metal bars, Lost stared at Cedrick. “Oh, it’s you… “ Cedrick said, turning his head away. “What have you done to me?”
Lost grinned. “Nothing. This was your own fault.” Lost said as she held up a bottle. “This is Black Water. It’s the same substance our right eyes are made out of. You jumped into a pool about 5 months ago. It is now responsible for your gradual shape-alterations.” Lost let out a chuckle before continuing. “that, and since you’re mine now, your body is adjusting to the life of our kind. You’ll be fitting in just right. Tee-hee.”
Cedrick clamped his newly achieved claws onto the metal bars, attempting to get out of the cage he was put into. “You’ve made a monster out of me!” He shouted as he gritted his teeth. Lost turned around. “I didn’t jump into a pool of Black Water. You did.”
“If you really are a mother you would show care to your children!” Cedrick said. He quickly put his claws in front of his mouth. Did he really just say that? Was he expecting for Lost to prove herself as his mother? He quickly backed off. Lost had turned around. “You actually have a point.” She snarled. She walked over to a door and opened it, then entered Cedrick’s cage. She let out a high squeal noise mixed with that of a dolphin. Not long after, a small, fox-faced creature hopped in. It had large ears, black eyes with each having a red pupil. It possessed a long, streamlined tail and large claws.
“This is a Pyrill.” Lost explained. “These critters work in and around the hive each day. This is a female. Males do not have tails but much longer claws.”
Cedrick kneeled down. The little being wasn’t scary looking at all. “why is it here?” He then asked. Lost let out a series of squeels and squeeks and non-understandable gibberish. The creature reacted with a similar series of sounds, than hopped away. It returned a minute after with a plate. It than moved the plate through the bars towards Cedrick. It let out a low pitched hum and ended it with a high pitched klick. “It’s says ‘For you.’” Lost explained. “Answer back with one single high-ptiched klick, than you’ll say ‘thank you.’”
Cedrick looked from Lost to the Pyril and then to the plate. It appeared Lost was attempting to teach im their way of talking. He had not much choise than to cooperate. He looked at the Pyrill and gave a high pitched tone back. It put down the plate in front of Cedrick, than crossed it’s arms. “What now? Did I do something wrong?”
Lost laughed in a quiet manner, than let out another series of gibberish. With that, the Pyrill hopped away. Lost turned her attention to Cedrick. “Nothing. You said nothing bad...” Lost walked out of the cage. “Now, that’s your food for the rest of today. Eat wisely.” With that, Lost threw a knife at Cedrick’s direction, it passed the metal bars and almost hit Cedrick’s chest, but he dodged in time. Upon looking up, Lost had already disappeared.

VV continuation of chapter underneath this post VV
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Cedrick looked down at the plate. He jumped up onto the celling a second later. On the plate laid a dead chicken as whole, with feathers and all. Cedrick felt his stomach acting up straight away. “Don’t tell me I have to eat that!” Cedrick screamed. Lost’s voice echoed through Cedrick’s mind. “You would prefer a living chicken?”
Cedrick let out a loud “eep” before bolding his fists. “Now you’re inside my head too, freak!”
”Oh please. Just cut open that chicken and enjoy it’s blood splatting all over you. Get used to it.”

Cedrick sighed and sat down in front of the plate with the dead chicken. He poked it with the knife he had received from Lost. The chicken didn’t move. Slowly, Cedrick stuck the knife into the chicken. Blood slowly dripped out of the fresh cut. Cedrick almost threw over. “Eeeuww why meee…”
Cedrick slowly proceeded to make the cut bigger and so more blood slipped out of the dead bird into Cedrick’s claws. Eventually, Cedrick had a large enough cut to grab one of the organs out of the chicken. With a rather sick feeling and shaking hands, Cedrick grabbed a piece of meat and pulled it out. A snapping sound could be heard just before Cedrick had pulled the organ out. He felt is sickness rising to a rather ennoying level and turned away from the chicken, throwing over.
He then turned back to the chicken. He slowly grabbed the knife and wanted to cut the piece of meat in smaller pieces. Lost’s voice echoed again. ”You’ve got teath, drumhead.”
“Are you now also poking fun of me?” Cedrick shouted. “Shut up. I’m already having a headache.”
He looked down at the chicken, then slowly picked it up and bit down on the raw chicken. Upon doing so, he felt a krack and he could feel blood dripping down his mouth. Cedrick released the chicken from his teeth… Or, he would if he teeth didn’t fell onto the ground. Cedrick felt with his tongue at the place his teeth were supposed to be. He could feel sharp points. “Oh great. Now I’m a carnivore too.” He complained. Cedrick than, senselessly, bit into the chicken again in irritation and pulled out a big bite of flesh. He swallowed it up like a brutal predator who madly had murdered their prey. Only after he swallowed his first bite, he realized it. “No no no! I don’t want to become like them! C’mon Cedrick, think straight, think clearly.”
He looked down at the chicken and shove it away, but he couldn’t help it. His stomach was complaining, he was hungry, especially after-if Lost wasn’t lying-5 months of sleeping. He sunk his remaining teeth into the chicken and repeated the whole process. After a whole time of devouring his meal, he sat against the wall and stared down at his feet. He trembled at the thought of him being integrated within this horrific society. He had to get out of this cage and quick! Before he becomes one of Lost’s slaves. He started banging with the plate into the metal bars, but the plate broke. Eventually, he made himself charge into the metal bars. It took a good amount of charge and a good amount of bruises. He got up after the so minuet time, trembling with pain. He charged once more, and two bars actually gave way. Cedrick slowly walked out of the cage.
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Chapter 10: Spill the Beans

Cedrick sat down in a corner of one of the many hallways. He stared down at what used to be his feet. Now they looked more like paws of some certain species. He sighed. What has he gotten into? What made him change in appearance? He couldn’t believe he ate a raw chicken.

Cedrick shock his head around, hoping to clear his mind from the millions of questions he had. He darted his eyes around. Cedrick had gone used to the minimum light about a while ago and it gradually became better by the hours. Cedrick started to understand how to move through the many tunnels that creatures long ago had dug out. He had seen Pyrill clenched against the wall. Perhaps something Cedrick needed to learn or wait for. Luckily, he didn’t see Lost, or her creepy “children”. Cedrick hated the thought of him becoming one of them. His right eye had the strange tensing feeling of wanting to pop and he kept on scratching his left arm as it itched him to death. Only by the thought of that he started scratching again. He stopped as he heard a pebble fall. Quickly, Cedrick looked from left to right. He kept his breathing as quiet as possible as he did so, but had trouble with it. Eventually, he saw the source of the sound.

“One of these children again?” Cedrick hissed to himself as he hid himself further into the corner.
A cloaked figure walked through the hallways. It held a box which was decorated with silver patters and a blue gemstone on top. The figure stopped walking upon standing in front of Cedrick. It looked down. “You must be the newling awaiting integration?” it asked with a girl voice. She kneeled down in front of Cedrick and removed her hoodie for a bit. A similar face to that of Lost appeared; same eyes, same face. Her hair was darker though. She also didn’t have the same fang-type of Lost. Cedrick held his claws up. “If you’re one of those that think you can hurt me, I warn you.”
“Please. You’re new. You stand no chance against me.” The girl said as she stood up. “Go back to your room if you wish to please our mother.” the girl said. With that, she picked Cedrick up and put the box away underneath her cloak. Cedrick struggled to get loose but had no power compared to the person that was holding him.

Not even 5 minutes later, he was back in his cage.
Angrily, Cedrick crossed his arms as he stared at the cloaked figure who was already walking off. He could hear her have a chat with somebody, only for Lost to walk in a minute later. Cedrick felt like he wanted to rage out at this moment. “Okay, seriously, spill the beans already and tell me what the heck is going on!” He bellowed, his claws clamped around the metal bars. “C’mon! Beat it up already!”
Lost snickered. “Are you really that keen on wanting to know what happened? Fine, I’ll explain, but calm down first.”
Cedrick loosened his mood a bit.
“Good. Okay, Cedrick, listen. What is happening to you is…I admit it, my doing.” Lost stared as she sat down in front of the cage with her legs crossed. She gave Cedrick a calm gesture to sit down as well. Cedrick obeyed and sat down.
“I wanted to finish you off back at the abandoned house. You see… But…something made you hang on. So I…well… I took you down with me to my empire…” Lost continued. Cedrick listened.
“I wanted to take you to the Black Water Rivers myself, so I asked Crimson and Abyss to keep you locked up for the time being, but you escaped and jumped into the waters yourself later on. You see… the Black Water Rivers is what gives us our… supernatural appearance and behavior. We can’t go up to the surface without good preparations and such so we live with what we have. It doesn’t happen often I take down somebody with me to give them eternal life... Only to those that prove or deserve it. It never happened somebody jumped into the waters on their own will…”
“I didn’t know any better! Those…. Those freaks chased me so I jumped into the water to shake them off!” Cedrick replied fiercely.
Lost sighted. “Either way. You’ve chosen to become like me and my relatives. So you better learn to be like me and my relatives or you will die of starvation or during battle.”
“But we if we are given eternal li-“
“You are immortal, not invincible.” Lost interrupted as she walked away. “Enjoy your calamity. We’ll start your training soon.”
“Training!? What training!?”
Cedrick didn’t get his answer
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Chapter 11: Hive Fighter Class

The tunnels Cedrick walked through were stained in deep red blood. Pieces of flesh and organs were scattered across the edges. Here and there, several Pyrill with bags collected the pieces of meat. Cedrick shivered. Lost walked in front of him. “This used to be an opposing part of the hive.” She informed. Cedrick looked around. It seemed more like a bloodbath to him. “So I made the Hive Fighters get rid of them.” Lost continued. “They’re brutal and have no mercy to anything that is informed or told to be their foe.” While Lost was talking, they arrived at a bigger section of the tunnel. Much more Pyrill were here to gather the meat. One of them, however, wasn’t a Pyrill. Cedrick swore he’d seen that cloaked girl before. This time, long, purple pointy ears were sticking out of her hoodie. She faced Lost and Cedrick.
“I heard you coming from miles…” the girl commented. Lost continued the conversation in their own language. Cedrick still didn’t understand it. “Ugh, not this nonsense of gibberish again.” He complained. The two stared at him. “You’re the sightseer here, you speak the Earthian language. Teach him all about the Hive Fighters.” Lost instructed the girl before walking past Cedrick and away.

Cedrick faced the girl. Her cloak wasn’t covering her whole body this time. She looked identical to Lost with the same purple clothes and teal sleeves and pants. She had an orange gem holding her hood and cape together. A big red stripe ran down from her neck all the way to her side. She only had one fang. The other one had broken off. Both her right claw and foot had a brown bandage held together by green tape. “I am Devilee LostAngel.” Divelee announced. “High commander and sightseer of the Hive Fighter Troops. You are that newbie I’ve seen before.”
She inspected Cedrick, then commented. “I can clearly see. A human with a grey coat and claws just looks odd. How about your fangs?”
She abruptly pulled open Cedrick’s mouth and look. “They’re growing, nice.” Devilee commented, she then stared straight into Cedrick’s eyes. Only now, Cedrick noticed a corrupted sight from his right eye, that, and the tension of it actually exploding was strange. Devilee took distance again and gave an approving nod. “Come.” she announced as she walked.

After walking for a short distance, Devilee stood still in a big dome-like room. Large pillars of rocks as well as wooden planks were scattered around the room. It almost looked like a fighting arena. Cedrick’s body stiffed up at the thought of it. Was he going to fight?

“This is one of the many training domes. This one’s for newbies, like you.” Devilee informed. “But that’s for later. I’ve got something more interesting for you, we’ll get back in here eventually.” Devilee continued as she walked down a staircase. After walking down too, Cedrick saw a huge pool of lava. The temperature was insanely high. In the middle of the pool was a box… the same one Devilee held before when he first met her.
She slowly went into the lava without anny issue, then looked back at Cedrick and gave him a gesture, telling him it is fine to waddle through the lava. Slowly, Cedrick gave it a try. The lava was hot, and much more “slimy” than water, but not hurtful. He slowly swum along with Devilee to the center. Once there, she didn’t say much. “It’s up to you. Open it or not.” With that, she dived underneath the lava. Cedrick was alone.
He slowly went over to the box, and gradually as he approached, whispers were starting to be heard clearly.
“Open the box…”
“Find your destiny…”
Cedrick stopped and looked around, but there was nobody. He looked forward again, only to see a giant dragon blocking his way. It hard pitch black eyes, and a giant underjaw accompanied with a needle formed jaw on top, thousands of small teeth were all across the creature’s beak. It spread its bat like wings to a span of at least 4 meter each side. It had a brown color and green wings. It roared as slime slipped down across its ragged teeth. Cedrick backed off. “Good boy… Yess good boy, don’t attack….”
Cedrick wished he could remain calm, but he set it onto a rush and ran underneath the creature towards the box. He reached it, and opened it. His gaze was met with an item lying inside of the box. A sword with blood-red patters and a green lower part. He grabbed it and aimed it at the dragon which backed off straight away. It folded its wings and turned around, only to disappear into the lava. “Gosh… that was…fast…” Cedrick said, only to face the dragon again. It had jumped out of the lava and now attempted to bite at Cedrick. He swung his sword at the dragon, slamming out several teeth. It spitted the blood that came out of the wounds at Cedrick, who got covered in it entirely. Cedrick’s reply was another slash with his newly acquired sword. This time, hitting the creature’s chest. It howled and disappeared into the lava, for good this time.

Cedrick calmed down as he attempted to get the deep red bloody mess out of his coat. “Eeeghhh…” He complained.
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Can you upate a new chapter? I'm very curious actually.
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Chapter 12: Instincts

It took Cedrick a good bath or three in the lava before the mess was out of his coat. He ripped off a part of his sleeves to see if he could rub it out, but to no use. He tried using the walls but that only made the whole mess spread all over his coat even more. After an hour of rubbing and washing himself, he gave up.
“Forget it.” he said. “I’m doing this later.”
Devilee chuckled. “Aren’t you a clumsy one? In all honesty, you seem much more battle-worthy with those stains.”
Cedrick grunted. “If getting a stupid sword is something you creeps consider a legend… You guys are insane.”
“If so, you’re one of those.” Devilee said, firing the comment back at Cedrick. “Yes, that’s nice.” He said. “Now what? Kick me into a dome and fight your crapped up mother?”
Devilee gave Cedrick a devilish grin.
“Ooh you’re kidding me!” Cedrick exclaimed. “I should’ve kept my stupid mouth shut… Fine… I’ll do it. Like, not that I have much choice.”
Devilee gave Cedrick an approving nod and started walking back into the big dome. Cedrick looked around more carefully this time around. He caught two beings fighting on top of the pillars. Large blasts of flames were launched at one another, claws and fangs raced across the two fighters.
Cedrick watched the fight as he felt a strange sense. He started smirking. He wanted to participate as well. He shook his head. “No, fighting is bad. Don’t do it!”
His body was disobeying his thoughts as he kept staring at the two fighting. Cedrick was so into watching the fight, he didn’t see a arrow racing up to him. Devilee was in time to kick it away. “Hey, you two! Carefull!” She called out. Both stopped their fight straight away. “We’re ssorry.” One apologized. “We didn’t see you.” The other said. It spread its wings and flew down. It wings appeared to have a red outline. It wore a red shirt with grey pants, holding a bow in its right hand. Its hair was a mixture of Black and Red. “I’m Shadmé LostAngel.” the red-winged girl said. “You must be the newbie everyone talks about. How nice to meet you.” Shadmé said. She gave Cedrick a proving grin. Cedrick felt a push onto his back. He turned around. The other girl grinned. “Hii. I’m Tenceara.” The girl said with a sleek voice. “You sseem like a beginner in fighting. You probably don’t even know how to usse your feet…”
Cedrick backed off from Tenceara. Her appearance was sleek and deadly-appearing. She had similar clothing to Devilee and Tyla, but had wings with scorched skin in-between each finger. One of its feet was almost entirely skinless too and a part of her pants was gone. She had more ragged clothing than anyone else. Her hair was mainly in front of her face. Tenceara grinned. “Am I scary?” She asked, jokingly. Shadmé interrupted. “Well, our battle got interrupted.”
Tenceara giggled. “That’ss okay. We’ve got betterr work to do.” she said.
Cedrick gulped. “L-like what type of work…?”
All three grabbed him tightly, and lifted him up. “You’re coming with us.”
With that, Cedrick got dragged into a different room. He could see a wooden plank across the whole length of the room. A pair of chains with bracelets on them were hanging onto the big wooden plank. Before Cedrcik knew, his skin met the metal again as his arms got lifted up and were hanged onto the chains. Shadmé separated her bow in two to make blades out of them and then proceeded to walk over to the now hanged Cedrick. The poor boy barely could touch the ground with his feet. In horror he watched Shadmé come closer, then make two deep cuts within his chest.
A strange tension went through Cedrick. Of course he felt pain, but amongst the pain was an unexplainable feeling. He felt his adrenaline moving with might. Shadmé noticed it, and smirked as she looked over to Tenceara, which now also approached Cedrick. She held a two bladed sword in her hands and also separated them, only to make two extra cuts into Cedrick’s chest. This time, Cedrick growled. He felt a strain onto his right eye and he could feel he was growling his own remaining human teeth loose. Cedrick could feel his own blood gently dripping down over his chest. He could hear droplets of the warm liquid impacting onto the ground. All three of them grinned in a dark manner. Devilee then approached with a spear. She aimed it at the center of the four cuts, then, in a flash she stabbed Cedrick, and hard too.
Cedrick now just felt to the need to struggle and get loose. He began to scream in an attempt to make the three girls scared, but to no use. He tried to snap with his mouth, but also to no use. He eventually did something that caused him to feel the heat boiling up in his throat.

All three dodged a incoming white flame just in time. Shadmé looked inpressed. Tenceara appeared to be stunned with amazement. Devilee had herself pushed up against the wall. She stared at Cedrick in pure amazement. The three said no word, Cedrick himself was faked out for a good moment. In pure silence, the three girls pushed a rock underneath Cedrick, making him able to lay his legs onto it and give them a bit of rest. The three girls left after that, and with a lot of haste too.
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Chapter 13: Not explained, why?

Cedrick had bended his head down after an unknown amount of time. Silently he stared down at the ground underneath him. He gave a loud sigh. “Why am I here for darn sake?” Cedrick complained just before he heard somebody entering the room. He looked up to see Lost entering the room. The three girls from earlier straight behind her. “I heard you accomplished something?” Lost said raising up a blood-red stick. “What you’ve got with you-“Lost pointed at Cedrick’s Sword which laid in front of the rock. “-is not just a sword. It’s a Devil’s Item. The name it has is up to you.”

The Three girls showcased their weapons too. A bow, a two sided sword and a spear. All had a similar color. The bow Shadmé held was brown along with green edges and blood-red bases. A single purple stripe on each of the sides. The spear’s point was blood-red also while the rest of the stick was brown. A green and purple ribbon were tied around the spear. The sword had tons of bloodstains on it, as if the owner didn’t really care about cleaning it. Cedrick could see tungsten grey underneath all of that, though. He also detected a green stripe in the middle along with purple edges. The three smirked as they held their weapons up. Cedrick could see fresh bloodstains on each weapon. His own...

“You’re worthless!” Lost suddenly shouted at Cedrick, giving him a violent push. “You almost hurt my children!” Lost took hold of the chains and looked at Shadmé. “Get a blanked.”

Shadmé obeyed straight away and speeded out, only to return with a blanked. Lost looked back at Cedrick and smirked. “Say bye bye to yourself… I’m done with your childish behavior! The feeling you had was supposed to be stored! Not unleashed!” Lost’s right eye started to leave out some sort of red swirly trail. Cedrick could see something inside Lost’s body illuminating, as so did her anger. She let out a terribly loud scream. The three girls started to laugh in a maniacal laugher. Cedrick could see Lost raising the blood-red stick. She stroke it across the wooden plank. The stick caught fire, just like a match.

A purple, ghostly flame…

Cedrick feld as if he was held by the devil himself. Lost aimed the ghostly flame towards Cedrick’s right eye. He saw it approaching. Then it was black. A strong sting of pain went through Cedrick’s eyes. He could hear a loud splash coming from the direction of his right eye. He felt a sharp, hot object being stuck inside of his eye socket until it was pulled out. Now half blind, he looked up at Lost and the three girls. He gasped upon seeing a stabbed out eye pinned on Lost’s Match. She ignited the flame without striking it this time, and the whole fleshy substance exploded. Cedrick gasped in horror and fright. His own eyes! Stabbed out and destroyed!

“What is the meaning of this!?” Cedrick shouted as best as he could. He could feel himself shaking. Lost ignored the question and sat down next to him on the left side. Cedrick turned his head to the left and growled. Lost ignored it again. She got out a knife and started cutting away the remaining parts of flesh that still were on his left arm. The sound of tearing apart flesh and blood spilling everywhere made Cedrick choke in his own breath.

Worn out, Cedrick caught his breath. Lost had cut open almost his entire back removing all of the remaining parts of flesh onto his left arm. She had gone over several strange words and gibberish during the process of cutting his back open. Cedrick just hang there without much to do. He tried to sleep but the strain in his arms because he was holding them up all the time kept him awake. He eventually just stood up on the stone to stretch out, but he banged his head into the wood above him he had to lower his head down. With an annoyed look, he stared at Shadmé who had been on the other side of the room. Her wings folded up in a way they would serve as a blanked. Her boy was somewhere hidden in the feathers. Cedrick felt a little jealous on how Shadmé had wings and was able to sleep. He would’ve loved to get wings too. Now that he thought of it, many of the creeps he saw had wings in their possession. Cedrick wondered why, but he started thinking out loud. Mumbling to himself a little too loud, Shadmé woke up. “Quiet, whump.” Shadmé complained. She turned over and tried to resort back to sleep. Cedrick held his breath in. He whimpered upon the feel of yet another droplet of blood escaping his eye socket. He looked up at Shadmé, but was glad she had not looked at him yet again. Slowly, Cedrick stood up to remove the strain of the chains so he could move his arms around more freely. He got his hands to be able to reach the other chain. As silently as he could, he started to take an attempt in removing the chains. Shadmé however, had better ears than Cedrick had thought of. Before he knew it, the fallen angel stood in front of him with a rather unamused look. “You fool.” She said, before forcing Cedrick to sit down again. “You know how a chicken takes three steps and forgets?” Shadmé said with a joking grin. Cedrick looked up at her in a questioning manner. “How do you mean?”

Shadmé giggled softly. “Why would I mention? You’re a goldfish, wich means you won’t last long at all. You’re going to wither soon boy. You should’ve never interfered with our mother. You should’ve left your questions to yourself. You should’ve been brave and stay with her when she lost her mind.”

“Lost her mind!? Ever since that stuff that happened on school I’ve gone through jump scares and pain! What else is there!?” Cedrick shouted. Shadmé gave another giggle. “You never will and shall understand the biography and autonomy of our species and society.” Shadmé said before walking back to her corner. “As for what happened at your pathetic school. I don’t know. Nobody knows but you.”

Cedrick quietly exhaled and stared foreward. He wanted to get loose, but he was stuck on the spot. He started squirming and moving around as much as he could. Suddenly, the wood the chains were attacked to give way. Altogether with several large pieces of rocks and pebbles it crashed down, almost hitting Cedrick He stepped out of the way just in time. With the large impact came also a defect in the lock used for Cedrick’s bracelets. They broke under the large force put onto them. Quickly, Cedrick put them off and proceeded to grab his sword. Shadmé already got up to him, but he deflected Shadmé’s first attack with her de-attached bow-blades, then proceeded to push her out of the way. He started making a run for it. Shadmé quickly followed him, but Cedrick shot off to the left. Shadmé stopped and looked around. “What’s the matter!? Scared!?”

Cedrick heard the words, but he didn’t focus on it at all.
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If anyone's curious, I made some art

Also, next chapter:
Chapter 14: Nature

Once more, Cedrick found himself dashing through the tunnels. He noticed each time his stamina and speed increased. He got more used to jumping from wall to wall if needed and even walk on the celling without issue. He found himself having a tail on the spot were Lost cut himself severely once. It helped to maintain his balance pretty well actually. He actually started to learn how to survive here. He went depper into the tunnels at time to get himself something from what appeared to be the food storage chamber. He slept in the best cranny he could find and most inportant: Stay away from Lost.

Cedrick found himself higher up than usual. This section of what was called “The hive” multiple times, appeared abandoned. Cedrick wondered why, but didn’t need to answer the question. He found a crack in the celling, light shone through. Underneath the crack, in the floor, was a hole. Cedrick looked into it He did not believe his eyes. In the hole was one of those creeps again, only this one appeared much more peaceful and kind hearted. It had nothing much to it though. A slim tail, spikes on it back and the general basics to identify a “Lost child”. Cedrick called out. “Hey, are you awake?” He asked on which the person looked up. It growled softly. It got up. Cedrick could see scars and wounds everywhere on this one and not to mention, normal human eyes and skin. Cedrick backed off as the creature stepped out. Cedrick could hear the splashes of water as it did. Upon the creature completely being out of the hole, Cedrick could see a black substance leaking down. “Back Water…” Cedrick mumbled. The creature was a girl, just like many others. Cedrick started to wonder if males even existed in this species. The girl whore half ripped off clothing similar to that of the rest. Just way more damaged than usual. Cedrick could see tiny wings piercing through the purple shirt of the being. It had 6 holes in its tail and what appeared to be a hole in her head too.

The girl proceeded to growl. Cedrick backed off. “I didn’t mean to disturb your sleep. “Cedrick apologized. The girl kept on growling. Cedrick didn’t understand why until he heard something walking up to him. He turned around to see Lost once more. He started to have a grudge. It felt like a curse. Lost was almost everywhere he was when he didn’t understand things properly or did something what appeared to be wrong according to her. Cedrick gave an annoyed glare, but Lost seemed to look at him with a forgiving look. “Please, cut out the growling.” Lost said in a calm tone as she walked over to the unknown girl. The girl snapped at Lost, changing entirely in appearance. Her wings grew out to giant feathered blue wings along with dragon-like bones. She also had the nonsymmetrical eyes and a rather psychotic grin. Blue fire came out of the 6 holes on her tail and a giant one out of the hole in her head. Its normal left claw splatted open causing its oil hand to be freed of its fleshy prison. Lost walked over to the girl, which now stood higher than Lost in size. Softly, Lost stroked the unknown girl on its head. “You scared her.” Lost said to Cedrick as she started tickling its chin. The girl started purring. “This is KuroYami.” Lost said with a kind smile. “Kuro for short.” She added as Kuro now gave a peaceful purr. “Why did she growl at me?” Cedrick asked with uncertainty. He was clearly afraid of the answer that was going to be given. Lost did not give any kind of answer and looked back at Kuro. She walked up to Cedrick and sat down in front of him, just like a dog. She moved her now non-flames-tail around calmly. Now that Cedrick looked at it, he noticed Kuro having a peculiar size in weight. He whimpered on the thought of what was going on at the moment. He gave Kuro a nervous pat on the head. “Is she…?” Cedrick asked, not daring to say certain words. Lost rolled her eyes. “Yes, she’s getting babies.” Lost said in a hasty tone. “Just leave her alone.” She added with a minor

irritated tone before walking off. “W-wait!” Cedrick asked as he walked after Lost. Kuro walked aside them in quietness, “If the majority of people here are female…how-“

Lost had put her oil hand in front of Cedrick’s mouth, giving him a clear look that she wished not to talk about it whatsoever. Cedrick blushed in awkwardness and nodded. Lost released her grip and continued walking. Kuro followed her.

Cedrick looked up weird. Lost left him behind. Wasn’t she going to take him and do something to him again? Apparently not…

Cedrick silently sat down in front of the food chamber again. The Pyrill around here had already noticed him but said nothing. Cedrick munched down on what appeared to be some sort of organ. He didn’t bother thinking of it. He got used to eating raw meat. It actually tasted pretty OK for his doing.

While eating, Lost walked over to him. He wasn’t sure wither to groan, growl or show nothing at all. He chose for the last option and did as if he didn’t see her coming. “I think you’re ready enough for something.” Lost said as she stuck out a hand towards Cedrick. With uncertainty he took the hand and walked along with Lost to the higher levels of the hive again. They passed by Kuro, who had been sleeping in one of the tunnels again, this time accompanied by 8 little kids. They all were grey with small cat-like ears. They all had a tail and the same eye coloration as their mom. They had two little fangs and weenie claws. They all crawled underneath their mother’s wing as the two passed by. “That’s natural. They’ve so far only seen their mom. It’s nothing to feel pity about.”

They continued walking until they found a large entrance. Cedrick had to cover his eye from the beaming sunlight. Upon slowly opening his eye, he noticed his other eye being able to see again, but the sight was corrupted. He saw everything in a different manner. He was able to see through things as if he had X-rays. Lost looked at him. “I see it came through, finally.” She smirked, then took hold of Cedrick’s arm and dragged him outside in the fresh air.
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Chapter 15: The final phase

Cedrick plummeted onto the ground after Lost finally let go of his arm. She had dragged him all the way into some unknown place. Silently, she looked through the corner, as if she was waiting for something to come. She then turned back to Cedrick. “You stay there and watch, then tell me what you felt as you watched me. Okay?”

Cedrick felt like he had no much other choice, so he nodded. Lost krept out of the corner, and sneaked up to what Cedrick guessed was a man older than 20. He watched as Lost started to stalk him. The boy looked around. When he was done, Lost had already gotten in front of him and attacked him with a loud, intimidating screech. The boy started to run to the opposite direction, but Lost already grabbed him. Cedrick could see something in Lost’s eyes…: Enjoyment.

Lost started to cut down with her knife onto the boy’s body as he screamed for desperate help. Even though two policemen came, Lost took them on both as well. Their guns seemingly no match to Losts agile movements until one of the two got a sleeping dart to hit her. Cedrick gasped. He felt something boiling up in his body. He felt like screaming out in true horror, and he did. The sound was that loud, Lost appeared to react on it, slowly getting up and attempting to pass through the sleepy feeling. However, she wasn’t the only one hearing it. Before Cedrick knew, a arrow raced down through one of the eyes of the policemen. Splatters of blood and a now de-attached eye were lying on the ground. Cedrick looked up to see Shadmé being the one sending the arrow down. She was soon joined by Tanceara and Devilee. They all had their weapons out and attacked. The policemen who went blind not all too long ago was defenseless. With strong force, he quickly fell victim to Devilee’s spear. He could see Tanceara slashing off the guy’s hands. Cedrick felt something strange once more. This time around, he wanted to join. He grabbed his sword which he kept in his belt and charged. He could feel adrenaline running through his body as his sight was locked on the boy who Lost attacked earlier. The hit he made was futile for the boy as Cedrick pierced the sword through his victim’s chest. He watched as the boy slowly collapsed. He felt something that he himself was surprised to like: Paranoia and insanity. He jumped up and started aiding the other three untill they all passed away.

On their way back, Tanceara and Devilee chose for them both to carry the sleeping Lost while Shadmé walked in front. Cedrick quietly walked behind. The three girls were chatting and even brough up the subject of the past situation. Tanceara looked at Cedrick. “You called for us so we rushed in.” She explained. “That what you felt there is true bonding. Admit it ssmall pall. You might not like us butyou don’t hate uss.”

Cedrick sighed, than nodded. “I felt sorry for mom.” He slapped himself. “I mean….”

The three girls snickered…
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