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What Dragon Species Are You? [CLOSED]
SamXala Gold Sparx Gems: 2398
#101 Posted: 22:43:11 15/01/2012
I think I'm a Dream Weaver because I like dreaming or thinking about some magical worlds, I'm a very quiet person AND I LOVE MAGIC smilie. Also I think I'm an Artisan Dragon because I Love reading big books (with more than 300 pages, I know, I'm a nerd =D) and I'm very peaceful guy with everybody.
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spyroisthebest8 Gold Sparx Gems: 2930
#102 Posted: 21:03:40 22/01/2012
Definitely artisans.
Kiro Blue Sparx Gems: 765
#103 Posted: 23:47:34 22/01/2012
Peace keepers, if you go by Kiro/Neikiro herself. smilie
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Nexxis Red Sparx Gems: 11
#104 Posted: 19:37:54 05/02/2012
I think I would be a Magic Crafter. It almost fits me to a T, lol. I do like magic and, if I could, would probably spend a lot of time understanding it. I'm also a solitary person, and I do like the cold and high places.
Gemma Green Sparx Gems: 123
#105 Posted: 18:10:39 05/03/2012
I really think I'm a mixture of all of them except for Peace Keeper. Probably mostly Magic Crafter though. I'm shy and nerdy, and am generally fascinated by everything and anything! Especially things that no one can explain.

But like Artisans I like creativity and countrysides. Like Beast Makers I enjoy listening to music, and I kinda like the idea of being able to create animals. smilie And like Dream Weavers I am very quiet and keep to myself. The Dream Weavers is my favourite world in the game too, I just think my personality probably matches the Magic Crafters a bit better.
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VespiDragon8 Platinum Sparx Gems: 6542
#106 Posted: 06:25:35 11/03/2012
I say, living every kind and type of Dragon, while being good and not evil.
AshETERNAL Green Sparx Gems: 387
#107 Posted: 01:18:19 12/03/2012
Part Dream Weaver, part Magic Crafter, and part Artisan! However, I think the Dream Weaver part is the most dominant, while the other two tie for second dominence.
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SigmundSeal Green Sparx Gems: 461
#108 Posted: 14:17:40 08/04/2012
I'm a Dream Crafter/Magic Weaver. Dream Weaver because once I literally was moving around in my dream, & it felt so real (trust me! it was a dream! Mini Moons don't spit poison! :Maniacal laugh: I'm not CRAZY! Just Dream Weavin'). Magic Crafter because.......I LOVE USING MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm more Magic Crafter)
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crashdragon Green Sparx Gems: 344
#109 Posted: 05:02:33 10/04/2012
Artisan: For i love to read and love to explore my envoirment.
magic Crafters: I'm a little shy new new people and I like magic.
Dreamweavers: For I love. to dream and make up magical worlds.
emberelora Emerald Sparx Gems: 3059
#110 Posted: 09:17:21 10/04/2012
Probably Artisan with a bit of Magic Crafter. Artisan has my hobbies, while Magic Crafter has my personality. smilie
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WhirlWindLover Green Sparx Gems: 318
#111 Posted: 11:41:14 10/04/2012
I'm a Magic Crafter and also partly Artisan and Dream Weaver.
I read on mytholgy, dragons and griffins. Unicorns too!
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