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What Dragon Species Are You? [CLOSED]
Aura24 Platinum Sparx Gems: 6561
#1 Posted: 01:38:48 23/12/2008 | Topic Creator
Artisan Dragons are rather average for a dragon species. They are very peaceful dragons, tranquil and calm in approache to their problems. Artisans are very experienced ambassadors to other worlds with their endless amounts of patience, and tend to make up most of the Dragon Aides to the Council. They usually would like nothing best but a quiet, sunny day to paint/draw/sculpt/read. As their name implies, they do most of the intricate artistry in all the Dragon Realms, including statues, construction, and portraits. Their imagination is nearly boundless. Because of their openness to other species, a pure-bred Artisan is a rare sight.

Artisans prefer soft, rolling meadows and countrysides to doze in, and ornate castles to spend their time. They harbor the biggest library in the Dragon Realms, and put it to good use almost every day. They enjoy sunny weather with a light breeze, and the occasional midday sprinkle. Their world is covered in the statues of dragons their hands have created, as well as tall, awe-inspiring buildings to call home.

Peace Keepers
Peace Keepers are the strongest and most toned species of dragon. They are warriors above all else and have an outstanding army to defend the Dragon Realms with, and always maintain discipline and courage. They take the “attack first, ask questions later” routine, and tend to have short tempers and one-sided views. Everything about their life, from the day they were born to the day they die, is about being the best soldier they can be. Although, they do know how to relax in the best tar pits this side of the magical plane!

Peace Keepers prefer to stay in hot climates, such as deserts and sun-beaten plains, though they have been known to inhabit chilly ice caves as well. Any sort of temperature-harsh environment is their specialty. Tar pits are localized in the Home World, where off-duty soldiers can soak and relax.

Magic Crafters
Magic Crafters are a rare sight to see, but when they are seen, people tend to remember them. They are shy creatures and aren’t very good with strangers, and like to stay confined to their top-most peaks to work on their sorcery. Because of this fascination with magic, they have turned their world into Albert Einstein’s worst nightmare: the laws of physics are regularly broken, as well as a few laws not yet known. They’re the ones to make the potions and magic spells of the dragons. Magic Crafters, above all else, like to use brains over brawn, and are usually the first to come up with a witty comeback. In the end, these are a few nerds you don’t want to mess with!

Magic Crafters like to stay up in the clouds, mostly to snowy mountains and high cliff-top caves. They are use to the strong winds and cold atmosphere, and can even be lulled to sleep by a low temperature. They rarely venture down from their cliffs, as living on the edge – with or without the help of perilous magic – seems to be their forte.

Beast Makers
If a dragon could ever let himself go, then he would most certainly be a Beast Maker. They are the champions of self-indulgence and would like nothing more than to lay around in their swampy baths and listen to some nice music. However, they have to work to eat, so they take up jobs such as their namesake: creating monsters and fodder for the rest of the Realms. They are responsible for nearly 78% of the non-sentient species inhabiting the Realms, and are quite proud of them too. While Beast Makers rarely get angry, once their set off, they’ll destroy everything around them with their charging attacks.

Beast Makers inhabit swamps, dense jungles, and [surprisingly] platform-supported tree tops. Their most well-known world, the Tree Tops, supported their girth on huge metal-and-wood platforms atop huge tree well over a hundred dragon-lengths long! Marshes tend to be the place to find Beast Makers, though: they loved to soak in the sticky mud.

Dream Weavers
Dream Weavers are arguably the most whimsical and beautiful-looking dragons of the Dragon Realms. They are a secluded species, with the smallest of numbers due to Gnasty Gnorc attacking their clan first in his first attempt on the Realms, and live in near-seclusion, rarely trusting outsiders and harboring among themselves all the secrets of the sleepless nights. Some have even called them arrogant and snooty. As their name suggests, they weave dreams and take care of the sleeping dragons all over the Realms. Having a nightmare? Call on a Dream Weaver to fix it right up! Dream Weavers are quiet and reserved, but can’t always be wise or knowledgeable in the ways of the outside world considering their hermit natures. They leave most of the thinking to the Artisans.

The Dream Weavers live in a very odd place: above the clouds on floating platforms and islands. Utilizing Magic Crafter levitating spells, they keep their homes afloat among the celestial bodies, living in huge, maze-like caves, castles, and other such structures. Their flora and fauna are the strangest of all, thanks to some Beast Maker ingenuity, ranging from playful Jokers to ogres cradling bouquets of flowers. While they live close to the moons, suns, and planets in the sky, there has been known to be no daylight cycle: their worlds are either always stuck in the daytime or the nighttime.

I'm an Artisan dragon, but part Magic Crafter and part Beast Maker. smilie
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artiste_violet Prismatic Sparx Gems: 10803
#2 Posted: 01:40:17 23/12/2008
I'm definetly an Artisan. I love making art!
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Aura24 Platinum Sparx Gems: 6561
#3 Posted: 01:43:18 23/12/2008 | Topic Creator
Oop. There's already a topic about this. My bad. smilie;
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Aqua-Dragoness Gold Sparx Gems: 2851
#4 Posted: 02:14:08 23/12/2008
I would be an Artisan. I like to draw and read. smilie Also a bit of Beast Maker. I like to listen to music in the shower; it could be Angels&Airwaves, or Daniel Powter's nice-pop music.

I like the descriptions you put for each dagon species, Aura24! They're very detailed, and I like that information.
Wolfie1 Blue Sparx Gems: 748
#5 Posted: 02:51:45 23/12/2008
ok Defenatly Artisan for art and maby a bit of peace keeper magic crafter because they keep to they selves and beast maker the lisining to music bit
mabey a bit of dream weavers the wisdom and the beaty everyone says a look beautiful and once my mom got told off for puting makeup on me when i was young! but i don wear makup atall and this is totally off topic!
Matter of opinion!
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DARK CINDER Ripto Gems: 1062
#6 Posted: 14:45:05 23/12/2008
Magic Crafters im shy and i love magic lol
Cynder794 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1127
#7 Posted: 15:30:55 23/12/2008
I'm a Dream Weaver that's part Magic Crafter. smilie

Love you <3
IceStar Gold Sparx Gems: 2186
#8 Posted: 18:02:13 23/12/2008
I would say I'm in between Dream Weavers,Artisans and Peace Keepers.
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cynder21 Gold Sparx Gems: 2214
#9 Posted: 19:44:19 23/12/2008
magic crafters or dream weavers......i am da nerd!
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randomwarrior Yellow Sparx Gems: 1067
#10 Posted: 23:33:27 23/12/2008
Probably mostly Artisan but also part Peace Keeper.
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Mewnaphy Gold Sparx Gems: 2750
#11 Posted: 00:55:46 24/12/2008
I'm indeed a Magic Crafter.^^
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spyro52 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1746
#12 Posted: 13:37:37 24/12/2008
dream weavers
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Call_Of_Duty Red Sparx Gems: 36
#13 Posted: 22:29:58 24/12/2008
I love white wolves smilie
Night Shade Green Sparx Gems: 166
#14 Posted: 04:06:24 25/12/2008
I'm part Dream Weaver, part Peace Keeper, part Artisan.
Crush Gold Sparx Gems: 2812
#15 Posted: 13:43:54 25/12/2008
I am diffently a Beast MakerxD
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Dragonhope Gold Sparx Gems: 2992
#16 Posted: 18:52:03 26/12/2008
I'm an Artisian! And half a Magic Crafter.
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AntauriWolf Yellow Sparx Gems: 1248
#17 Posted: 20:44:37 26/12/2008
Magic Crafter for sure.
Blackholes_Wolf Ripto Gems: 10760
#18 Posted: 15:01:56 27/12/2008
Artisian or Beast maker :>
Dark Cynder_27 Platinum Sparx Gems: 6041
#19 Posted: 00:38:04 28/12/2008
Dream Weaver or mabey a Artisian
Malefor0001 Gold Sparx Gems: 2365
#20 Posted: 17:00:02 28/12/2008
I'm an Artisan. I luv to read and Draw
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KasiyatheDragon Gold Sparx Gems: 2537
#21 Posted: 22:56:05 29/12/2008
I'm an Artisan, because I love to read and draw.
Ross Gold Sparx Gems: 2159
#22 Posted: 20:51:56 02/01/2009
Magic crafter.

I hate doing art.
I'm not that tough.
I don't "let my self go" that much.
I'm not all that beautiful smilie.
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ShadowDragon91 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1427
#23 Posted: 21:27:43 02/01/2009
I am a Magic crafter dragon.......
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ShadowDragon91 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1427
#24 Posted: 21:30:04 02/01/2009
Quote: ShadowDragon91
I am a Magic crafter dragon.......

I tend to stay away from others and I like the well.
It is not wise to meddle in the affairs of dragons, fore thou art crunchy, and taste of chicken...
supermalefor Green Sparx Gems: 148
#25 Posted: 21:35:42 02/01/2009
i am either a Peace Keepers or a Beast Makers. i love to fight but i also luv to eat.
Cynder_543 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1277
#26 Posted: 00:44:26 03/01/2009
Artisan because I love to read, draw and make things. A bit of magic crafters because I like spells and I am userly shy. I am also a bit of Dream weavers because my mum says I am "beautiful" and some girls said that I am "pritty"(smilie). I can be a bit "arrogant and snooty" sometimes. I also really want to live in the clouds and I love it when its foggy. I am mostly Artisan. smilie
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Spyro Technics Yellow Sparx Gems: 1899
#27 Posted: 08:49:45 10/01/2009
Probably Magic Crafter... Don't like strangers, and I like to be in places with as few people as possible. I love the cold, and I can be witty.

Though, Dream Weaver seems alot like me too... I can be really quiet, as strange as that may seem. I would love to "weave" dreams for myself... >smilie
spyro super fan Emerald Sparx Gems: 3096
#28 Posted: 12:33:48 10/01/2009
artisan and part magick crafter
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crashpro Gold Sparx Gems: 2027
#29 Posted: 21:08:42 11/01/2009
I'm not a Dragon... I'm a human.
Aura24 Platinum Sparx Gems: 6561
#30 Posted: 07:45:21 18/01/2009 | Topic Creator
Sure, crashpro3, sure. This thread is about what species of dragon from Spyro the Dragon you would be that best describes you.
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Spyro Fanatic Hunter Gems: 12148
#31 Posted: 11:23:37 31/01/2009
Peace Keeper.
American Spyro Blue Sparx Gems: 644
#32 Posted: 00:38:53 05/04/2009
Artisan. im an artist and a darn good one.
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claw Blue Sparx Gems: 685
#33 Posted: 09:13:32 14/04/2009
I'm definitely a dream weaver.
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XenoSpyro Ripto Gems: 246
#34 Posted: 00:53:34 24/06/2009
None of the above, but if I had the choices I'd probably be BeastMaker.

I love that swamp design, it's so..."spooky-dark"..

Yes, I can make up words....
Midnight_Moon Green Sparx Gems: 364
#35 Posted: 08:40:09 24/06/2009
I'm an artisan or an magic crafter. I'm shy and i love magic but i also like to read and draw.
Dragons <3
cynder21 Gold Sparx Gems: 2214
#36 Posted: 16:06:55 24/06/2009
dream weaver
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Eragon25 Gold Sparx Gems: 2019
#37 Posted: 16:58:32 24/06/2009
i'm a bit of every dragonsmiliebut,overall,i'm most like an Artisan.
Rabbit Red Sparx Gems: 83
#38 Posted: 18:37:07 25/06/2009
Part Magic Crafter...Part Beast Makers
im blowhard Blue Sparx Gems: 541
#39 Posted: 00:50:29 27/06/2009
Quote: cynder21
magic crafters or dream weavers

me too
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Plasticboyfan Yellow Sparx Gems: 1170
#40 Posted: 10:41:42 27/06/2009
I'm an Artisan, I really love drawing!
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The DoomSong Yellow Sparx Gems: 1120
#41 Posted: 04:59:54 31/07/2009
Im mostly a Magic Crafter but im a little bit Peace Keeper and littel bit artisan because I write stories and songs.
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Light dragon Green Sparx Gems: 457
#42 Posted: 20:46:48 02/08/2009
Dream weaver
spyro2rr Green Sparx Gems: 387
#43 Posted: 07:48:33 07/08/2009
i'd be a dream weaver
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Cynderfyre Emerald Sparx Gems: 3813
#44 Posted: 14:57:51 07/08/2009
Bit dream weaver, bit artisan
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Polorapknight Blue Sparx Gems: 595
#45 Posted: 15:33:03 07/08/2009
I would be a Artisan Dragon! Love doing art stuff smilie
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Flamentah Yellow Sparx Gems: 1364
#46 Posted: 16:19:15 07/08/2009
I wish I could be a mix, I would be either Artisan, Beast Makers, or Magic Crafters. My friends say I have a large imagination so all three of those would be kinda good for me. smilie
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xx chloebabez Yellow Sparx Gems: 1087
#47 Posted: 18:58:24 07/08/2009
half magic crafter, quarter artisan and quarter peace keeper. smilie
Aura24 Platinum Sparx Gems: 6561
#48 Posted: 07:31:23 08/08/2009 | Topic Creator
I even made video informations of the dragons from Spyro the Dragon with footages of the Dragon Species, with the same description of each of them as shown in the first post of this topic.

Here's the link to the playlist of my description videos:
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jimmy dragon Ripto Gems: 841
#49 Posted: 10:49:14 10/08/2009
I am a Magic Crafter.
SequoiaDragon Emerald Sparx Gems: 3930
#50 Posted: 22:35:36 13/08/2009
Let's see now...
Artisan: I love to draw, write, read, create in general.
Magic Crafter: I'm a whimsical nerd and I love the cold, and I'm reclusive.
Dream Weaver: I'm often quiet and I almost ALWAYS have my head in the clouds. smilie

I don't know. It's hard to pick.
(PS: This reminds me of my "Unbeatable Spyro" idea... smilie)
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