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Frostburn [CLOSED]
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I tried (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
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How can it be so cold in the middle of a volcano? Then again, it is dormant, but still, you would think the thousands of years’ worth of magma that once surged through it would have left some kind of heat to give. I sunk deeper into my coat, hoping to produce enough body heat to keep me from freezing. It’s ironic really. You would think with my powers, that I’d have a higher body temperature then normal or some jazz like that. Living up here; however, has caused my body to become such a low temperature, that I can’t even use my powers. But then again, that’s why I came here right? I let out an exasperated sigh before forcing myself to stand on shaky legs. I needed to take a walk outside where hopefully the sun was shining and I would at least come a little farther away from death. My steps created eerie echoes that I have long since gotten used to. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the walls of the tunnel. I began to speed up my walking with downcast eyes. The walls were covered in scorch marks, each telling how I’m unstable and can’t control my powers.
Rounding the corner and coming to the entrance of the cavern, I saw Jayden. It’s bittersweet to see him. He always brought food and other necessities, even with heavy objection from me. He also brought his objection to me living here. “Please Derrek. I will ask you every time I come here, please. Please come back with me to the town. The damage has been fixed! Most people have forgiven you! They understand that you can’t control your powers! Stop beating yourself up about this! Just…please, come back with me!” he pleaded, choking on his words a bit. Tears stained his eyes as they sparkled with hope, looking for some sign in mine that I would finally agree. I stared at him for a while, having to fight off my emotions and reaction to cry yes and jump into his arms. I looked away and walked past him. Every step I took away from him seemed to only chill me more. I began to make a trip farther up the mountain when a hand latched onto my shoulder and shoved by back into the side of the mountain. Before I could cry out, Jayden’s lips crashed upon mine, taking my breath away and shutting me up. He pressed his body onto me, crushing me between the painful wall and his hard body. My mind was shouting at me to stop, but my heart ignored it as I sunk into the kiss and his body, his arms wrapped around my waist. As I returned the kiss, my body began to heat up. Just as we stopped, my brain somehow took back control through the lusty haze surrounding it. I pushed him off me, accidently causing him to trip back and fall into the dirt. He looked up at me with a face reflecting heart break as I looked down on him with an expression I was pretty sure was horror. I stuttered to apologize before I gave up and began to flee up the mountain, sprinting at full speed.
Emotions began to attack my mind as the heat in me spread throughout my body, warming it up. My hair began to flicker and spark the more warmed I became. “Calm down” I chanted to myself, taking off my scarf, beanie and earmuffs in an attempt to cool my body off. Last time I had become this warm, I started a huge fire in my village. The cause for my body to heat up wasn’t the same as this time. No, last time it was the hot anger of jealousy. The image replayed in my mind often, the scene I had witnessed filling me with white, blind anger. When I became that heated, I couldn’t control myself anymore. My body worked on its own, making me black out mentally. When I came to, I learned that I had set the town ablaze. Homes burned down to ash, possessions and even pets got caught in the flames. I had wounded so many and I didn’t even know how. They saw me as a monster, a ruthless kid who just burned their lives to the ground. I had hurt so many people that guilt mixed with the awful things my past neighbors and friends were throwing at me, that I immediately fled. Somehow I was able to come up to this dormant volcano, where I subconsciously knew that it was too cold for my powers to work. As I ran through the volcano, my powers went out with a bang, scorching the walls of the tunnels and leaving permanent marks.
Ever since then, I stayed up here, refusing to face the village ever again. Jayden tells me that everything is fine. He tells me that people forgive me and are ready to accept me back. How can I believe that? I destroyed their lives, sending so many people to the hospital with horrible burns. I couldn’t face them even If they did forgive me. I wonder what my parents would tell me if they were still alive. I mean, they are kind of famous for being heroes. What irony that they have a son that could be called a villain. I could already see the headlines on the newspapers the day of that incident. “Son of Mikeal Klein and Phoenix Hadley caused enormous village fire!” Slowly, the heat began to disappear and was replaced with a haunting but familiar cold. I slowed down before falling to the ground and began to cry. All the emotions I felt mixed and surged out of me in ugly sobs. As I wept, I felt a hand touch my shoulder. “Jayden?” I asked weakly, turning towards the person. A sharp pain burst through my head as I cried out. Darkness surrounded me as I fell to the ground. The last thing I saw was a pair of black and green sneakers before the darkness claimed me.
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