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Noob needs help getting started.
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#1 Posted: 23:05:38 03/08/2015 | Topic Creator
So I just bought the PS4 Trap Team starter pack for my 8yo daughter. Her birthday is this weekend.

This one --->

I'm a casual gamer myself but am clueless about Skylanders.

Can you guys please give me a list of characters,traps or whatever else is involved to let her be able to unlock everything in the game.

I have no idea what the strongest/best characters are, and I would love to give a bunch of them to her, to open for her birthday. I'm not worried about rare ones, just ones I can find in TRU,Game Stop,Walmart and Amazon.
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#2 Posted: 23:10:19 03/08/2015
Its all in the walkthroughs section at the top of your screen. Just go to the Trap Team section.
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#3 Posted: 23:22:04 03/08/2015
But in a word, you want one Trap Master per element, and one Trap per element, to unlock everything. Adventure Packs might be a good call after she's done with the main story too as they unlock new levels, though I don't know if they're actually counted towards the save 100%.
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#4 Posted: 00:18:01 04/08/2015 | Topic Creator
So what are the differences between Trap Masters, New Core, Mini Skylanders, Returning Core and Eons Elite?

Would Eons Elite be the best ones to start off with?

Maybe buy one of each?
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#5 Posted: 00:24:03 04/08/2015
Quote: Ecko
So what are the differences between Trap Masters, New Core, Mini Skylanders, Returning Core and Eons Elite?

Would Eons Elite be the best ones to start off with?

Maybe buy one of each?

Trap Masters can only open up the trap master gates that match up with their element. The new cores are basically to fill up space. Same thing with minis, but when you unlock the library in the Academy they're the only ones who have access to a certain area in there if you talk to a mabu in there. Returning cores are basically the same thing as the new cores. Eon's Elite are basically super powerful versions of regular skylanders, but they cost $25 a pop.
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#6 Posted: 00:27:33 04/08/2015
ATrap Masters are the new characters, they are the only ones to break traptanium and open gates.

New cores do nothing of importance but are really fun.

Minis are small and cute series one characters only one area where they are needed
Returning cores are reposes of old characters with one new power.

Eon's Elite are really powerful series one characters.

I recommend getting a Kaos tap off amazon. Trust me she will want that. Hope tbis helps.
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#7 Posted: 00:38:04 04/08/2015
Chill Bill Hack: You can get to the Mini only area by using his jetpack attack...but's that's when you trap him with the Water Tiki Trap.
Get one trap master of each element, and one trap of each element. Pretty sure that's all you need to unlock everything.
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#8 Posted: 00:52:32 04/08/2015
To 100% the game you will need:

Light expansion pack, which comes with; Light hawk (Light trap) Knight light (Light trap Master) and Sunscraper spire (level piece)

Dark Expansion pack, which comes with; Dark Spider (dark trap) Knight mare (Dark Trap master) and Midnight Museum (level piece)

Mirror of mystery, which comes with Dèjà vu (magic core) Mirror of mystery (level piece) Tiki Speaky (Magic item) and rocket ram (magic item)

Nightmare express, which comes with Blades (Air core) Nightmare express (level piece) Hand of fate (magic item) Piggy bank (magic item)

Earth element trap master (Wallop or Head rush)

Fire element trap master (Wildfire or Ka-boom)

Life element trap master (Tuff luck of Bushwhack)

Water element trap master (Lob-star or Snap shot [snap Shot comes in the starter pack])

Air element trap master (Gusto or Thunderbolt)

Tech element trap master (Jawbreaker or Gearshift)

Magic element trap master (Blastermind or Enigma)

Undead trap master (Krypt king or Short cut)

Light element trap master (Knight light, who comes in the light expansion pack)

Dark element trap master (Knight mare, Who comes in the dark expansion pack)

Earth trap

Fire trap

Life trap (one comes in starter)

Water trap (one comes in starter)

Air trap

tech trap

Magic trap

Undead trap

Light trap (comes in light expansion pack)

Dark trap (comes in dark expansion pack)

Kaos trap

One mini (not entirely necessary, but they do unlock one secret area)
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