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What if the Traptanium weapons were the traps?
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#1 Posted: 15:46:13 27/07/2015 | Topic Creator
I was thinking about Trap Masters and Traps, and how they weren't particularly well integrated with each other. I was also thinking about how the actual figures could've had a gimmick that made them more fun in real life, like the Swappers' swappability or the Superchargers' vehicles that function as actual vehicle toys.

Well, what if the Trap Masters had removable, interchangeable weapons? Much like Swappers, this would allow you to combine different Trap Masters with different Traptanium weapons in-game. Other weapons would also be sold separately that you could have your Trap Master hold, including a Kaos weapon. Obviously, this would mean all Traptanium weapons would need to be handheld with a kind of universal peg, so certain Traptanium weapons wouldn't work with this idea (like Head Rush's horns; she would have to have something like a viking battle axe or battle mace instead) .

Trapping would still be a mechanic, of course, but the Trap Masters weapons' would be what functions as the Trap. You would have to remove the Trap Masters weapon from the Trap Master and place it in the Trap Slot, trapping the enemy inside the weapon.

What do you think? Would this concept have been a more dynamic way to incorporate Traps and Trap Masters together?
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#2 Posted: 18:55:02 27/07/2015
I already modded my Snap Shot, Jawbreaker, Gusto, and Wildfire to have removable weapons.
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