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Skylanders Collection Vault App [CLOSED]
SilverWolf2308 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1148
#1 Posted: 10:05:04 24/07/2015 | Topic Creator
So recently I've come across a problem on the Skylanders Collection Vault App, I can not add/download new characters. Contacted Activision Assist and they are aware of this problem and I just have to keep checking back with the app until it's been updated/fixed. Most likely won't be fixed until SuperChargers comes out. Just like Lost Islands has been past few weeks, boring and will not mostly be updated until SuperChargers comes out :/
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Bifrost Prismatic Sparx Gems: 10064
#2 Posted: 12:46:04 24/07/2015
No way but to wait, unfortunately. The mobile games are all done by Vicarious Visions, and since they're doing the main game this year, either the mobile group is on a break or they were even moved to the console temporarily. I don't think Orville even showed up here recetly to respond to glitches or someone's curiosity.
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TakeYourLemons Gold Sparx Gems: 2350
#3 Posted: 04:02:47 17/04/2016
I removed the app after not getting updates for figures on a timely basis, the bugs, and the space this app uses. Does anyone still use this app?
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