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The Struggle is Real [CLOSED]
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#1 Posted: 23:18:40 10/07/2015 | Topic Creator
Has anyone else had trouble finding all the quills? I think it is the hardest thing to do. I am currently new to the site and am surprised I never discovered it before, since I am a big Spyro fan. Now, I felt this should be under TLOS: TEN because it is about the Scriber's quills. I recently just beat the game because believe it or not, I have been stuck on the second Skabb boss battle since I first bought and played the game sometime around its release in 2007. I already know about the guide on this site that explains where the quills are, however I am still struggling. How long or difficult is the quill collecting? I currently have 30 out of 40. Please give me some feedback. I would much appreciate it. Furthermore, this is my very first post and I hope I could get some help or feedback.
34 now ! With the help of DarkSpyro ! And I beat the game a second time -.- Why is this so challenging for me?
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#2 Posted: 01:54:34 11/07/2015
You're on DarkSpyro, there's a walkthrough right in the game's page - Dark also wrote the entire gamefaqs one. Just go by what he says and you'll end up in the locations with little issue, he's good at explaining.
I think I had the hardest time finding them in my first run by myself but with the walkthrough had no trouble in other runs - a lot of scenery just doesn't look traversible when it actually is.
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#3 Posted: 02:10:16 11/07/2015 | Topic Creator
Well yes, I know the website's name, but I just haven't gone in depth and really explored and gone through the entire site or looked at the walkthrough. Thank you for a response, I really appreciate it. smilie
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#4 Posted: 05:59:44 12/07/2015
Ha, yep, those quills are a pain to find.
Here's a link to dark52's guide on where to find them.
I wish you the best of luck with tracking them down!
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