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Skylanders: Trap Team - "Meditations on 'Boom'"
Chapter 1
Location: Soda Springs

"The name, "Flynn" comes from the ancient Arkyean word for "awesome". In fact, Arkeyans have over a hundred words for awesome and all of them are "Flynn".

Chapter 2
Location: Know-It-All Island

"Not only can I fly faster than the speed of light but also the speed of dark, not to mention the speed of sound, time, and yes, the abstract concept of love".

Chapter 3
Location: Chompy Mountain

"I actually have some secret ninja commando skills myself, you know. I just try not to brag about stuff like that. And believe me, that's not easy when you're as awesome as I am".

Chapter 4
Location: Phoenix Psanctuary

"Do you ever get the funny feeling like someone is watching you? That's me. Just makin' sure you're safe. You're welcome."

Chapter 5
Location: Chef Zeppelin

"How many enchiladas can I eat in one hour? All of them."

Chapter 6
Location: Rainfish Riviera

"Only one time have I seen another pilot as awesome and yes, as handsome as I am. I was looking at myself".

Chapter 7
Location: Monster Marsh

"I bet I can read your mind right now. You're thinking..."I wonder what he's going to say I'm thinking." See, I did it. Boom."

Chapter 8
Location: Telescope Towers

"Someone once asked me on my birthday if I wanted to make a wish. To this I responded, " I don't make wishes. Wishes make me."

Chapter 9
Location: Mystic Mill

"I really thought it would be hard boilng down all my awesome qualities into these scrolls but it turns out that I'm pretty awesome at that too."

Chapter 10
Location: Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink

"Just for kicks, I actually took a pilots' license exam once. Scored 1000% on it. And all I did was write down my name."

Chapter 11
Location: Wilikin Workshop

"Not only do I fly ships but I fix 'em too. Even when they don't have the spare parts and they're not broken in the first place."

Chapter 12
Location: Time Town

"Besides being an awesome pilot and great hero, I'm also pretty good at math. For example, I can divide any two numbers and never get a remainder."

Chapter 13
Location: The Future of Skylands

"There used to be a Skyland's Book of Records but I broke them all. Not just the records but the books themselves."

Chapter 14
Location: Operation: Troll Rocket Steal

"Its been said that I can cook an enchilada so delicious, even I can't eat it. Impossible."

Chapter 15
Location: Skyhighlands

"I actually hold the current Skylands' air-speed record of infinity miles per hour. A record I plan breaking very soon."

Chapter 16
Location: The Golden Desert

"Did you know that I have been voted the Most Handsome Fellow in Skylands 5 years running? Oh, and coming 2nd? That's right, a picture of me."

Chapter 17
Location : Lair of the Golden Queen

"You ever heard the expression "If at first you don't must not be Captain Flynn because he always succeeds?" Yeah, me too."

Chapter 18
Location: The Ultimate Weapon

"Before the Skylanders returned, I used to have to take on Kaos all by myself. Those were some scary times. For him, I mean."

Appendix I
Location: Midnight Museum

"As Skylands' greatest pilot, not only can I fly aircraft with expert precision and crackerjack timing but my baggage is always stored safely in the overhead compartment."

Appendix II
Location: Sunscraper Spire

"I knew I was cut out to be a pilot when I was just a little kid and made my first paper airplane, which I then flew across Skylands. That airplane is still in service to this day."

Appendix III
Location: Nightmare Express

"I once beat an octopus at arm wrestling. My one arm against all 10 of his. He was a rare octopus with 10 arms, FYI."

Appendix IV
Location: Mirror of Mystery

"Have you ever heard of the 7 wonders of Skylands? 6 of them are me and the other is...ha, I was just messing with you. They're all me!!!"
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