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How do you judge / do you judge people? [CLOSED]
Snow Green Sparx Gems: 361
#1 Posted: 21:19:45 02/07/2015 | Topic Creator
If you judge people, how do you judge them? By actions? By words? By appearance? Or do you remain indifferent to all?

For me, I remain unjudgemental or unassuming...But, that does not mean I do not have reactionary emotions toward certain actions that causes a drift from most people, I'd just like to get to gain knowledge of people though before taking the course of action of assuming. But even I admit to being inexperienced and it being a work in progress or something that I try to do to put in simpler terms.

The way I feel about, some things may not be what the person or persons intended to be bad...And intentions may seem clear at first...But I have found them not to be what I depicted or not of my expectations, and can be either the exact opposite or different from what I see in my eyes...So I'd like to have facts rather than guesses and try to have a rational explanation. I still theorize and keep possibilities in mind. But I'd like to keep it seperate so my fiction, my theories don't mix with the facts, or reality.

These are my personal views on the subject.
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somePerson Diamond Sparx Gems: 8623
#2 Posted: 22:35:48 02/07/2015
Their looks. It's the first thing you notice. ^.^
StriderSwag Gold Sparx Gems: 2769
#3 Posted: 23:37:58 02/07/2015
I definitely judge people by all three of the above.
sonicbrawler182 Platinum Sparx Gems: 7098
#4 Posted: 00:33:33 03/07/2015
dS is getting philosophical again.

I don't actively go out of my way to judge people. Impressions build up on each other.
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DarkCynder_543 Platinum Sparx Gems: 5210
#5 Posted: 02:32:24 03/07/2015
All three of them I guess. I'm not going to lie about judging people on looks even if it does sound like a terrible thing to do, although its more on the lines of 'whether the person bothers to take care of himself/herself or not'.
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MagicFizz Emerald Sparx Gems: 3571
#6 Posted: 03:32:11 03/07/2015
First impressions last forever.

So pretty much their attitude.
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Project_Unnamed Prismatic Sparx Gems: 10345
#7 Posted: 13:57:45 03/07/2015
How do I judge people? First of all I would like, I mean seriously like to say that I do not judge people but that is not possible to apply to the working reality at all. I guess that I could write something to this topic right now.

First of all I will go to the process of judging itself. We all judge another people, it is just a fact (for now) and it happens either as a conscious act or subconscious act. We all compare other people’s looks, actions, personalities, words and all that to our own personal world of values and if they match, we usually like to be around those people and give them our acceptance. If those values don’t match together we end up disliking, ignoring, tolerating and even isolating ourselves from those people. Everybody’s a judge in their own right. I tend to judge people on a basis that it has the most minute effect on everything i.e. keeping my judgements to myself and leave others just be.

I personally prefer judging people by their actions. And of course as a macrocosmic value to every aspect of my judgement is the core value of freedom. If people I judge act the way that they do not limit other people’s practical freedom, I am fine with those people. Of course the vice-versa situation where people act the opposite way, I simply start to ignore them and make everything in my might to isolate myself from them. So to me the actions and their reflections on my values of freedom are the ones that matter to me most.

I must say right now in contradictory manner that words are just words. They are written and spoken but talk is easy. Everybody can talk the talk but acting based on the words has its own nice quirks in real world. People can say the other thing and do completely different thing, they can be hypocrites, liars etc. Everybody lies. But being a hypocrite, having double standards on many issues is just a natural for every one of us even though we strongly try to deny it. Human experience and all the aspects having to do with it are in a spectrum between simple and highly convoluted so it is perfectly natural and understandable that it is hard to remain consistent with the words and their corresponding actions. Therefore I use the words in a term of judging people more as guidelines to be taken into critical consideration.

I have tried to train myself to be highly indifferent towards things and whatnot since the amount of really important things to individual’s human experience is not that mind-blowing. But eventually as group animals we are hardwired to judgement and it is totally ok. As long as your judgement remains objective and is not clouded by blind and hateful bigotry and take action based on those sensations, you should be fine. So there you are…
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AvatariDragon Platinum Sparx Gems: 6085
#8 Posted: 07:08:19 05/07/2015
I generally judge people based on their actions or behavior, and unfortunately I'm a very judgmental person so even if you do or say one small thing that I find annoying or don't like I will hold it against you until it builds up and gets to the point where I just don't like you. And I do this all the time because I get annoyed easily, which is why I don't like very many people.

I will also get certain vibes from people. Like, I can usually just look at a person and tell whether I'll like them or not, which I guess means I also judge based on appearances. And since these vibes are usually right, it contributes to my perception of you.
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