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password recovery glitch [CLOSED]
Redizcool15 Fodder
#1 Posted: 19:50:02 10/06/2007
I was trying to get my password back untill when I typed in my account and e-mail address it said it was valid. Redizcool15 is a REAL account! Dark52, could you try to fix this glitch?
dark52 Spyro the Admin Gems: 13997
#2 Posted: 21:50:01 10/06/2007
There's no email address attached to that account.
If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, I hate you.
DragonFire Red Sparx Gems: 10
#3 Posted: 13:31:29 13/07/2007
What I'm about to say here, Redizcool15, I'm hoping that it will sink into your head. When you register an account on here, you always want to put in your e-mail address, that way, if you forget your password, you'll get an e-mail with either a temporary password to help reset your orginal password or you will get your real, actual password that you made when you first registered your account. Thank you and I hope this will sink in.
Redizcool15 Fodder
#4 Posted: 23:11:55 08/08/2007
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