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Giants... Best Installment?
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#1 Posted: 15:27:59 25/06/2015 | Topic Creator
I don't know about y'all, but Giants is my favorite installment in Skylanders franchise.

It has a great story line, unforgettable new characters, great gameplay, and high replay value.

IMO the other installments just don't seem to have the "depth" or charm that Giants has. They seem just thrown together and rushed.

Giants never fails to bring a smile to my face. Where as the other installments leave me wanting.
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SlinkySlinks Yellow Sparx Gems: 1114
#2 Posted: 18:52:58 25/06/2015
Agreed, I LOVE Giants! probably the one I play the most out of the series, the levels are LOTS of fun and it has a great storyline.
LameLime Yellow Sparx Gems: 1200
#3 Posted: 03:31:40 26/06/2015
I'm still bound to this game as well as SSA. The latest two games, not as much. I continue to build my collection of green base and orange base figures for these games. Not only these games are cool, but I keep seeing many used oranges and greens at EB Games/Gamestop for $3 and $4 CAD (~$2.50 USD) and getting them all. I tried doing the orange base collection two years ago, but didn't get much success from the pricing and the same old hard-to-find irritation.
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#4 Posted: 09:29:32 26/06/2015
I like collecting orange and green bases too . I am backward buyer
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julio71599 Green Sparx Gems: 267
#5 Posted: 07:55:58 29/06/2015
Just regret never picking up ninjini, i have some form of every skylander between giants and ssa. Then i stopped, sort of outgrew it i guess but im playing again and its so much fun, and its great when i see threads like this because i feel like i didnt miss out on much from the other two games
I have all except l-spyro,l-bash, and l-chop chop from skylanders giants
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#6 Posted: 12:26:58 19/07/2015
i actually think giants is the worst

boring level design, least new characters, story pacing is meh, most features were done as good/better in sa or polished in later installments

i wouldn't outright call it bad though

it still has some merits like good lore, the best backwards compatability, a few nice environments and great pvp

but these days i never play/want to play it
Darksteelforge Blue Sparx Gems: 692
#7 Posted: 19:47:37 06/08/2015
I loved Giants, but also of the heroic Challenges. It gives quite a lot of gameplay and I still play it frequently
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Dark Snap Shot Gold Sparx Gems: 2478
#8 Posted: 10:32:06 27/09/2015
Favourite of all
In order of fav to least fav
2 Superchargers
3 swap force
4spyros adventure
5trap team
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Dark fhoenix Emerald Sparx Gems: 3107
#9 Posted: 11:38:16 27/09/2015
The toys themselves were awesome and so many cool variants and game ideas . Everybody wanted a polar Whirl Wind .

Light cores were invented , Battlepacks were invented . Sadly no adventure packs but your old adventure packs got an upgrade .

S2,s showed up which was great if you missed out on the green bases the first time .

Unlike the later gimmicks you only needed one Giant .
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ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#10 Posted: 21:40:36 21/12/2015
This was my favorite too! It just felt so... good!
andy2467 Blue Sparx Gems: 880
#11 Posted: 23:16:25 22/12/2015
Top 5 Lists
1. Spyros Adventure
2. Giants
3. N/A
4. N/A
5. N/A
I never played other ones, I just gave up after buying so many giants
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Wishblade Gold Sparx Gems: 2775
#12 Posted: 04:35:58 23/12/2015
GIANTS!!! My favorite, too. It's where I started. It's the only game I finished at 100%. The wow pows were the best. The game play was improved, great PvP and chapters, and Broc's battles were fun extras. Heroic challenges did get tedious, but wasn't it awesome to invest in a character and watch them kick butt something fierce afterwards!?
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wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#13 Posted: 11:25:28 23/12/2015
Second least favourite. I always found it boring after the story.

1. Swap Force
2. SuperChargers
3. Spyro's Adventure
4. Giants
5. Trap Team
Luluque Red Sparx Gems: 87
#14 Posted: 02:02:38 04/06/2016
I'm playing it atm. Still, I want to earn all the achievements before playing swap force.
Also, I have plenty of skylanders to play.
I'm in love with bash. smilie

The only downside : the game is kinda slow. I played swap force a little bit and as far as I can say, the game is faster.
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Halvmorke Gold Sparx Gems: 2258
#15 Posted: 11:23:43 25/10/2016

Not only for the Giants, the new characters and the storyline. It has the best gameplay. It fits perfectly with the features of the previous game instead of ignoring it (like current ones), has PvP with elemental advantages/disadvantages and 4 different types of game, battle arenas (21 of them!), it keeps heroic challenges, and story levels are enjoyable and easy to re-play. And if you already had one skylander of each element from the previous installment, you didn't even need to buy anything else if you didn't want to, not like current games, that all are absolutely greedy money traps.

The only downside, as I previously stated, are the graphics and the frame rate of the PS3 version. If it would have kept those features from the first game, the game would be absolutely PERFECT.
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Dark fhoenix Emerald Sparx Gems: 3107
#16 Posted: 14:50:40 26/10/2016
If i have one itty bitty fault with Giants is too many variants of older characters.

Sure I get it , its a bit easier but all those S 2,s LC,s, Legendaries could have been channeled into making a couple extra giants or new cores .
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Drek95 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4729
#17 Posted: 01:27:26 05/11/2016
I know this is most likely an unpopular opinion, but I think no game so far has reached the first two under many points of view.
Yes, I do consider Trap Team and Imaginators to be the best Skylanders game so far but Giants and SA were simply on another level.

Giants was basically a SA 2.0 and I never found it to be a bad thing: they took the best from the first game and improved it, while keeping a full compatibility with everything (if I remember correctly).
I really wish Skylanders 3 could have followed that path but instead we got a game which screams "LOOK AT ME, I'M NEW AND SHINY" yet lost some magic along the way.
And that says a lot since Giants is my least favorite TfB game overall, because of time restrictions of course but still.

I cannot look at jumping, fancier graphics and other innovations introduced by V.V. and say I don't like that, because it wouldn't be true but I still think the series lost a lot of identity (which Trap Team, also known as Giants 2.0 or even SA 3.0, thankfully managed to partially bring back) after SWAP Force.
It's not a complaint, I loved all the games so far and I think they are all memorable and well made for their own specific reasons, but I cannot avoid feeling like this.

Which is also basically my answer to the V.V. vs TfB dilemma: I only feel like playing Skylanders with games developed by the second team, no matter how fun, engaging and challenging the former's are.
That being said, I suspect a lot of my problems with the last three games were caused by Activision, even if we'll probably never be sure.

Hope this is the right topic to share this thought without attracting too much hate.
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Halvmorke Gold Sparx Gems: 2258
#18 Posted: 10:57:48 05/11/2016

I totally agree with you, Drek95! It feels like the original spirit of Skylanders was lost after the two first games, like it's not the same anymore. Like when you play any Pokemon generation beyond red, blue, silver and gold, do you know what I mean? New games are enjoyable, but don't feel the same, it's like it's not really Skylanders anymore.

Despite of that, I really like how V.V. do the things, but they have very much to improve.
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Drek95 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4729
#19 Posted: 11:15:12 05/11/2016
Quote: Halvmorke

I totally agree with you, Drek95! It feels like the original spirit of Skylanders was lost after the two first games, like it's not the same anymore. Like when you play any Pokemon generation beyond red, blue, silver and gold, do you know what I mean? New games are enjoyable, but don't feel the same, it's like it's not really Skylanders anymore.

Despite of that, I really like how V.V. do the things, but they have very much to improve.


Moreover, I do understand that everything needs to evlove and change and that's exactly what I think TfB did with Trap Team and Imaginators, while SWAP Force and SuperChargers feel more like spin-offs of some kind, especially the latter despite the great plot and awesome level gimmicks.

Sometimes I think about where would this series be if V.V. never developed the third game or tried to stay closer to the first two games; was it all their "fault" or did Activision played a role in making the games change faster and having a unique identity?
I'm really curious to see what they have in mind for the seventh game.

Again, I still love this series and find it highly enjoyable, interesting and fun but... Different.
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TrapGiant Blue Sparx Gems: 547
#20 Posted: 01:40:49 09/11/2016
Giants was actually my first game. (Parents were too lazy to do research on sa so they said no) I don't like saying bad stuff about it because of that reason, it's special to me. However...
Yeah, it was bad.
The story was short, levels perhaps too easy. Forgettable NPCs, and just, a horrible plot. Also it added nothing new when I compare it to my copy of SA.
The giants had too little of a story. They were strong, but extremely slow, also they had no point due to the fact that they weren't needed for elemental gates. Just feats of strength.
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Wishblade Gold Sparx Gems: 2775
#21 Posted: 03:14:31 10/11/2016
Lemme finish Imaginators and I'll tell you if I still feel the same. I have a hunch that I will always love Giants the best, but right now I am having so much fun with Imaginators.

Totally agree with Drek and Halvmorke.
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Spyro Lover122 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1892
#22 Posted: 13:38:08 10/12/2016
I feel the same, and I also agree with Drek and Halvmorke. People tell me it's just because Giants was my first game, but I think SSA and Giants had a style and feel that the newer ones no longer follow. Swap Force disappointed me because it felt a bit empty compared to the previous. That atmospheric feel of them is one of the main reasons I adore the series. Trap Team sort of brought that feel back for me which is why it's my second favorite game, but it quickly reverted back to how I felt with SC when it came around. It actually feels like a completely different world now, as the original had a lot more fantasy aspects. While revisiting the first two I think to myself, 'who thought there would have been vehicles as a gimmick 5 games in?'

But really Giants is my favorite because of that magical feel. The music, the textures, the designs and how it gave us a bigger look at the original version of Skylands. It used to feel a lot more diverse. I'll always miss that feel, and I sometimes feel a little sad that we probably won't be seeing it again. After beating Imaginators, I stand for this opinion even more. Don't get me wrong though, I still buy and play every game that comes out, but my view on the changes will likely remain throughout.
andy2467 Blue Sparx Gems: 880
#23 Posted: 12:39:36 02/08/2017
I only ever had the first two, but I did not like it as much as SA. I only liked it more when it first came out because of the hype, but the levels are not really that fun. The characters are really cool tho. I love the added characters for Giants. I just didn't like how short it was compared to SA and it's lack of fun levels to me, personally
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Johnbonne Yellow Sparx Gems: 1149
#24 Posted: 13:02:40 02/08/2017
I'm currently working on a review for the game, but I'll post my brief thoughts on it here:

Giants is a decent enough instalment, but it was too safe a bet for Toys for Bob after the ambitious Spyro's Adventure. What the story eventually builds up to is what I think should've been the focus,
but everything before seeing the remnants of the Arkeyan Empire feels like what I've already done before.
The enemy design was especially lazy; while there's new enemies to face and there's a few memorable toughies (the ambushes in the Elemental gates were a pleasant surprise), so many were made artificially more difficult with more waves of mobs, made even worse when many of those had invulnerability when attacking. I can't emphasise how much I hated that, and SWAP Force is a blighter for it too.

Having said that I did enjoy the Giants mechanic, or at least I do now because I'm not paying through the backside for them. I felt their potential could've been greater with Giant-equivilant boss battles ("You need a Giant to face Iron Slugger, Portal Master") or arm wrestling, but I suppose with it being the first attempt at Gimmicklanders TFB can be spared for not wanting to go overboard with them.

It's one of my least favourite instalments so far, but it has one thing going for it that no other game does: The Oracle. That level is a blast.
Mobcraft101 Red Sparx Gems: 63
#25 Posted: 04:27:11 03/08/2017
Giants is my favorite out of all the Skylanders Games.
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Earth-Dragon Blue Sparx Gems: 972
#26 Posted: 01:54:11 08/11/2017
I really liked the overall construction of the game and how the Gimmick wasn’t overpowering. The gimmick could certainly been expanded upon, but the ways they chose to do it in future installments.....I just don’t get it.

I’ve come to the conclusion that in general, players who like the theme, feel, and story of Skylands tend to like games like Giants and Swap Force more. Those who like the Portal Master and TTL concepts more prefer Trap Team And Imaginators. I’m starting to feel that if we are ever going to get some solid story and gameplay driven Skylanders games not despised by chunks of the fanbase, they are going to have to take this thing away from the TTL model.
Glad heroic challenges are gone. Imagine doing 165 per skylander. That's 27225 challenges. No thank you.
Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3133
#27 Posted: 17:52:57 17/09/2019
Actually as I logged in earlier I'll come and say that I think Giants is safely one of the worst (I think it only beats SC, and is about on-par with SI, but SI is much easier to play so I would rather do it again)

Compared to SA, SG calls for much tighter combat with its increased difficulty, but this is definitely the most janky entry in terms of combat mechanics (yes, seriously, the first game had more polish in combat) so Nightmare is, uh, not good

  • Enemy animations break pretty frequently, making it hard to tell what they're doing and often screwing you over. Mess with the final Juggernaut in Lost City and see what I mean.
  • A notable amount of enemies have really bad telegraphy on attacks, especially when combined with their animations breaking; the Undead Ambush minions (and most Ambush minions in general), as well as especially Jawbreakers, are huge offenders of this, especially the jawbreaker actually.
  • A number of enemy hitboxes are pretty bad. Arkeyan Juggernauts' lasers have a hitbox extending downward despite the visuals not suggesting that at all (Autogyro Adventure often has them next to sloped paths, so this is actually relevant), Duelists dashing forward have a hitbox behind them despite the visuals not suggesting that at all. Other attacks look (or sound!) sort of invisible or you don't have a good feel of where they're going or what momentum they have (again, big problem for Jawbreakers, none of their attacks are ever felt.)- it's a similar problem to playing the vehicle segments in SC and not even seeing what hit you.
  • Some mechanics like stun simply don't work where they should or for absolutely no discernable reason have inconsistent effects on the exact same kind of enemy.
  • Enemy spam in numerous spots, especially with Trog Wanderers because they'll recover health and drag out the combat and that's what we all want innit.
  • Obviously, more refined and powerful knockback from later games is, well, much weaker here (and knockup straight doesn't exist), lowering the skill ceiling and maaan this game could just use that stuff I think
  • It's not about "jank" but there's a lack of enemy variety and tons of expies from the first game which makes the combat more boring and all of this less excusable when you're having less fun with that
  • Applies to the game as a whole: everything is a lot glitchier than SA, but there's actually a horrible case of this in the combat- one charm is supposed to increase your defense at low health, but the affect applies to enemies instead, meaning they can randomly block hits, which is bull****. I understand why they never seriously used this mechanic on enemies now, it can truly screw you over, adds an awful kind of RNG and... rrrgh.
  • Applies to the game as a whole: Giants is optimised far worse than SA which means more lag in combat which means combat just feels worse. There are also some Skylanders and locations which can reliably crash the game (granted I also had that issue with SF but SF ain't off the hook for it, the crashes present there are actually a huge gripe of mine. The only Dkylanders games which have never crashed on me are actually SA and TT but SG and SF are ones with really reliable crash setups or attacks that will just crash the game whenever they feel like it.)

While SA shares some of these issues, it's rarely ever to the point it hurts a segment and straight-up, SA doesn't have some of these issues. And SA just has waayyyyyyyeee better pacing in every aspect, it's just waaaaaayyeyeyeyey more fun. This stuff may be dated in SA, and should be criticised, but doesn't exactly "hurt" it overall imo, for those reasons. Hence why SA does not feel very dated, and SG feels crusty, and I hold the opinions I do about these two.

If you'll note, some of these are also complaints often thrown at TT and complaints TT is generalised by, despite often being a lot worse in SG, which compounds my belief that people give this game a pass on so much crap due to nostalgia. TT has much better combat, and these days I would actually argue it has the best combat of the series, but that argument is for another day.

(To Be Continued)
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Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3133
#28 Posted: 18:16:43 17/09/2019
Now if you turn the game to be easier, though- it will mask some of these problems, as the low difficulty in SA masked some of its- but what's the point? Then it just feels like an inferior SA.

  • There are fewer chapters, and they're much worse-designed. They're all slow, most are padded out the same way, towards the end of the game they spam enemies or put them in stupid spots (again, while SA had this to an extent, it was never this bad), enemy waves tend to have the same setups making that more repetitive, elemental gates are often a single room and have nothing to them, the puzzles are pretty predictable and make up way way too much of the game (not only is it just boring, but as they always play the same, this makes the game hard to replay, and I've stressed plenty of times why and how much that aspect of the series matters), and the chapters simply lack variety in design and length and pacing (SA had mastered that variety which made me always want to play multiple levels in sessions and just keeps the game way fresher). These chapters simply are not replayable, I can probably count the ones I would revisit just for fun on one hand. Also, this game legitimately has some of the worst campaign levels in the entire series.
  • Story much worse. Threw away the direct references/speaking to player. Doesn't have the strong thematic core. Doesn't have a steady buildup. Much smaller scope and much more limited tone. Thoroughly lamer. I appreciate that this is the only Skylanders game that feels like a sequel rather than just subsequent adventure although it also makes the comparisons to SA more tempting and yeah comparing this game to SA does it no favors
  • This may sound like a nitpick but I also hate everyone speaking English. All the Skylanders I mean. Some SA characters flat-out don't work well with a voice and it gave them all a true exotic or true monstrous feel. It was also just more varied. And remember when they used to have several voicelines they could say when you summoned them? But in general SA has some more exotic, more raw, more real dungeon crawler-ey (if that makes sense) and even more "natural" (like the elements entirely made and were heavily engrained in the worlds, not like you were going in just kinda more themed worlds and more inhabited buildings and more inhabited places in general) vibe absolutely no other entry has. Giants LOOKS pretty close to SA in aesthetic but FEELS so different and honestly so much worse for nixing that stuff.
  • The visuals are far more repetitive, lack the unique assets the first game had everywhere and are generally of worse quality. There are also way fewer flourishes i.e. in animated particle effects and small scenes with enemies before you went up to them. Now I'm going to be talking about the Wii version specifically, but if you emulate this game on Dolphin it's pretty glaring how much lamer the texture mapping is but also how poor certain textures look compared to the first game (I'm not saying every texture in the first game was spot-on, but there are none that jump at me as hard to look at with how blurry or fuzzed-up they are, as opposed to Giants). The lighting in this game is also a lot worse, again, on the Wii version, but I think it's just less striking and thoughtful on every version anyway.
  • Can't remember for sure but I swear they also got rid of "ouch!" animations for attacking NPCs (or just that some in this game don't have it even though all of them in SA other than weapons master ofc did have those animations) but I could be very wrong on that
  • Already mentioned: worse optimisation, crashes where SA had absolutely none, many more glitches.
  • Generally a lot more slow navigation and clunky **** as well (i.e. compare speed and feel of pirate cards to the complete slog that is Skystones, or look at the little extra bit of load time for swapping in toys).
  • By the way, (this shouldn't be a separate point but) if you play Giants on low difficulty then combat simply goes by so fast that the problem of too many puzzles and padded levels becomes so much more glaring as so much more % of the game is taken up by them. You're damned no matter which difficulty you choose to be honest, all the options available invite their own issues in and suffer from the combat issues I outlined regardless.
  • Quests are a cool IDEA but most of them are just a grind. The series absolutely never got them right. Funnily enough the Heroics created for and added in this game are also very sloggy and slow and feel much more like a grind than SA's.
  • More greed than SA: adding "series 1" tags to old toys to nudge you to buying new ones, adding more variants than the first game had, battle pieces which have near no value, locking Heroics behind orange bases only- this game more than DOUBLED the amount of figures single-handedly and mostly through pointless reposes. Also, again, many elemental gates, and absolutely every single Giants gate, is composed of a single room with nothing meaningful inside.

I'm sure I've missed a lot. But this is an exhausting game.

I don't mean to blame TFB for these, the game would have been better with a better production process and under a fairer publisher. They sure did just make some bad game design though, even if it's just because they needed something to complete the game in time, I'm sure they thought some of the bad level design or such was fine or even good (just given some crap that managed to make it into, well, every one of their titles since SA, they definitely just have awful decisions at times).

Giants just has no point as a game honestly I think it's a waste of an entry, there's some likeable stuff and it had minor improvements and additions that were cool in concept, but it's just the most pointless entry, and it's significantly worse than SA. I sound like I hate this game, but I don't, I like it, I would still give it a reasonable 7/10, but I often hate playing it, it just makes me want to play SA or TT. And to be fair the meta impact it had on the franchise and the love it got at the time were pretty important, can't knock it for that. Still, just playing it, one of the worst.
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