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Classic Spyro Amiibo [CLOSED]
gameboyblue Red Sparx Gems: 12
#1 Posted: 22:06:13 16/06/2015 | Topic Creator
Hello Spyro fans! I have come to invite you join the petition for a Spyro Amiibo!

Now that Bowser/DK have become 'Skylander Amiibos', it becomes obvious who would / should become the first 'Amiibo Skylander'! Spyro!

[User Posted Image]
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abstractsardine Gold Sparx Gems: 2244
#2 Posted: 01:51:11 20/06/2015
ummm currently Acti has ownership of Spyro so... this is a waste of time
LunarDistortion Ripto Gems: 3606
#3 Posted: 06:55:32 20/06/2015
I appreciate the effort, but this won't happen.

1. Only a few fan campaigns have ever worked for Nintendo fans, I can only think of 2 off the top of my head being Operation Rainfall and the Mother community in general. The former taking a year, the latter has taken 16 years and is still going for all 2/3 games to be localized in the west, and both having massive support and dedication behind them. This doesn't have much of either.

2. Would a Spyro Amiibo have much use? Sure, you can unlock some costumes with it, but the Skylanders Amiibo work because they are used in a very popular and established franchise as well as the Amiibo bonuses. Spyro is already a Skylander that has been re-released countless times so that's not the reason to buy an Amiibo version of him, what does he do on the Amiibo side? Maybe an 8-Bit Spyro skin in Mario Maker or a costume in MK8, but that's not that big of a selling point. It doesn't make much sense financially, especially for Nintendo.

3. Classic Spyro is dead and gone. They'd use Skylanders Spyro, but that already has tons of figures already.

Unless Spyro gets in Smash (which he won't), he's not getting an Amiibo. Skyl-amiibo are a win/win for both Nintendo and Activision; Nintendo get their characters out to a wider audience with little to no work involved and Acti gets a bunch of money off of the Amiibo hype. An Amiibo-lander on the other hand wouldn't make all that much sense.
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