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Wave 5 uk help! [CLOSED]
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#1 Posted: 14:29:01 07/06/2015 | Topic Creator
I live in the UK and have been trying to find wave 5 Skylanders forever, I don't care about the traps just enigma, flip wreck and fling kong, my question is, can any of you help me to where I can find them?
FrozenLionheart Blue Sparx Gems: 779
#2 Posted: 14:36:21 07/06/2015
At present smyths toys is the only one listing them but they are not up for pre-order i think i saw that coolshop are listing them that someone put on the forums, I have ordered enigma from, they have all of the wave 5 figures up for listing come out 12th June, and technically should be a little cheaper even if you have to wait a day or 2 extra
JPA13 Green Sparx Gems: 273
#3 Posted: 14:39:37 07/06/2015 | Topic Creator
Frozenlionheart thx I've been looking everywhere good to know that they might be out on the 12th, thx
FrozenLionheart Blue Sparx Gems: 779
#4 Posted: 14:43:06 07/06/2015
No problem, I've had enigma on pre-order for at least a month now I think, should have him by the start of e3 which is good as it means i can be done with trap team and wait for all the lovely news on superchargers smilie
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#5 Posted: 19:17:35 07/06/2015
The only 1 in the uk at present is King Cobra Cadabra. Game have it on-line only at present. Recieved mine friday
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#6 Posted: 20:42:13 07/06/2015
For future reference, use the UK Hunting and News topic. Any information regarding Uk releases is often posted there first.

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