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Cynder's Motives? [CLOSED]
Tiff Fodder
#1 Posted: 03:37:51 09/06/2007
Will Cynder stay good? I hope so.
cinderneo Fodder
#2 Posted: 09:28:42 09/06/2007
I think so but her legs look terrible. they way to skiny!
Giveitup Yellow Sparx Gems: 1020
#3 Posted: 14:01:42 09/06/2007
They're not skinny,she just has long bones.
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cinderneo Fodder
#4 Posted: 17:11:31 11/06/2007
Yeah sure she does....
Dragginwings Gold Sparx Gems: 2279
#5 Posted: 15:18:53 12/06/2007
Her legs look too skinny, especially compered to the size of her feet. So yes, Cynder seems out of proportion.
Cinderneo Fodder
#6 Posted: 15:47:07 12/06/2007
Thank you for agreing with me!smilie
Dragginwings Gold Sparx Gems: 2279
#7 Posted: 15:59:14 12/06/2007
No problem. smilie
Techno Spyro Fodder
#8 Posted: 17:45:08 14/06/2007
I wonder if she will fall in love with Spyro. If so, I hope she doesn't die or end up leaving and never sees Spyro again. That would be sad if that did happen! I mean after nine years, Spyro has fallen in love with any character. Not Elora. Not Ember. What about Cynder?
Tiff Fodder
#9 Posted: 22:19:48 15/06/2007
I really hope Cydner stays good. I really don't want Cynder deciding she liked being evil and goes back to that way.I love lil Cynder!
Razz Platinum Sparx Gems: 6071
#10 Posted: 08:48:35 24/06/2007
From what little we've seen of the true Cynder, I think she'll stay good but she's probably haunted by the monster she used to be. And I like to think there might be some chemistry between Spyro and Cynder in the future. I mean, really, you don't just ignore the guy who saved your tail after you tried to crush his little dragon body and destroy the world as he knew it. smilie
Techno Spyro Fodder
#11 Posted: 16:38:46 24/06/2007
Check out this website:

If you read the second line it states that Spyro is CRUSHIN' on Cynder.
RedWelshDragon Yellow Sparx Gems: 1250
#12 Posted: 18:27:50 24/06/2007
Hehe could you imagine the comments Sparx is going to come up with if/when Spyro crushes on Cynder? LOL
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Spyromaniac Fodder
#13 Posted: 02:11:26 25/06/2007
i agree with Razz
She Fodder
#14 Posted: 05:20:22 23/07/2007
She'd better stay good; Cynder is my favorite character in the Legend of Spyro Series!
dragmundis Platinum Sparx Gems: 5047
#15 Posted: 11:10:09 23/07/2007
your not the only one.
Lover of Spyro Yellow Sparx Gems: 1831
#16 Posted: 19:31:58 23/07/2007
Cynder is the perfect girl dragon, not too chunki not too skinny, not too little, just perfect, like Spyro! Cynder and Spyro are the best characters in the Legend Of Spyro seires!
i'm baaack!smiliesmilie
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