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Wings, just for show...
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#1 Posted: 05:52:56 02/06/2015 | Topic Creator
Here in reality, even birds that cannot fly are quite capable of running (or swimming) pretty fast. So what's up with these Skylanders with wings that are so very slow? Blades, Scratch, and Knight Light are three in particular that are well-designed fan favorites who have a very dynamic look, thanks to their wings. Yet it seems somehow wrong that those wings do not benefit their speed at all.

Anyone else bothered by this? Anyone else hope that these characters will someday get a wow-pow that increases their speed?
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#2 Posted: 06:10:56 02/06/2015
Scratch is mega fast so I am a bit confused there
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#3 Posted: 06:55:30 02/06/2015
Blades = metal = heavy I guess
Dark fhoenix Emerald Sparx Gems: 3154
#4 Posted: 08:28:04 02/06/2015
Knight Light wears full body armour and holds a huge sword . Scratch has a big awkward mask . Blades is a steel dragon yet he still adds on extra armour .

Wings or not dont mean anything . Lots of flying or floating skylanders without wings . Drobot has both armour and flight .
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#5 Posted: 08:52:01 02/06/2015
Probably because those three would be a bit OP with quick flight, their attacks are already pretty versatile and Blades would just destroy the levels if he could move any faster because of the hurricane. High Five's also another one without flight upgrades but he can glide and that plus his moves already put him beside Drobot easily, so imagine 3 more at that level.
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Alphawolf Yellow Sparx Gems: 1692
#6 Posted: 09:19:49 02/06/2015
i just wish they were all faster in general, i feel like there walking in slow-motion half the time.
Wally-Gang Gold Sparx Gems: 2987
#7 Posted: 12:19:33 02/06/2015
I always found Scratch to be both quick and agile. She is my go to skylander for tasks that require running and jumping. Don't have a lot of experience with the other ones you named, but all are pretty potent the way they are.
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#8 Posted: 14:24:43 02/06/2015
It's kind of annoying but I try not to think about it when compared to all the other things that bother me. You'd think it would give them a straight up speed advantage though.
TheShadowDragon Ripto Gems: 2886
#9 Posted: 15:06:23 02/06/2015
I think it's unfair to deprive any winged Skylander from flying, including Sunburn, Flashwing and Blades.
PowerBlackouts Red Sparx Gems: 61
#10 Posted: 18:00:57 02/06/2015
Knight Light isn't streamlined, and besides, that armor and sword are definitely weighing him down.
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#11 Posted: 18:20:40 02/06/2015
Quote: PowerBlackouts
Knight Light isn't streamlined, and besides, that armor and sword are definitely weighing him down.

He flies in the comics, no weight issues, just a choice of gameplay.
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#12 Posted: 19:40:45 02/06/2015
It's one of my issues with this game. I was glad to see a lot of characters go into fly mode with a double jump. But I think most characters with wings should have taken advantage of this including Sunburn and Flashwing. It is canon that both of them can fly and Flashwing is supposed to be one of the best flyers. Despite it looks like she shouldn't be capable of flying.
fairyland Emerald Sparx Gems: 3800
#13 Posted: 00:18:56 03/06/2015
That's something that bothered me about Skylander games. Flying characters should be able to go just about anywhere and not just hover/float their way around. I know it would break the game, but logically they should be able to do all that.

What's worse is with the water characters like Gill Grunt, he cannot even touch water now without respawning. Early on he could just whoosh all over and there were actually places for him to discover that no other Skylander element could touch. They really need to do more of that sort of thing instead of just plopping down random element zones on the map. Have fire elements able to walk across lava, air able to whoosh along on twisters, etc. Sorta like Swap Force characters were able to do special things but actually useful in game.
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Street50 Gold Sparx Gems: 2038
#14 Posted: 03:17:40 03/06/2015
I think we all complain about the water skylanders thing Fairyland.
Bought the excuse in swap force but in Trap Team they didn't even try to give an excuse. It needs to return. It made the levels seem more open.
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