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So I finally got Trap Team
BlackandTan Gold Sparx Gems: 2577
#1 Posted: 16:02:30 26/05/2015 | Topic Creator
And I really like it! I've got it set on Hard Mode and I plan on only using the guys I buy from Trap Team. I've gotten a bunch off of ebay. However its harder to find cheap traps on ebay. Hopefully Gamestop will start selling them. My team so far is:

Food Fight
Snap Shot
Gill Grunt
Gill Runt
Eye Small
Funny Bone
Nitro Head Rush
Legendary Bushwhack
Krypt King

I only have two life (don't know how that happened lol), water, Kaos, Undead, and Fire traps.

So I need air, tech, earth, magic, light and dark. I also need the light and dark expansions, plus the other two. Why is this so expensive? I"m hoping prices will drop soon once the new skylanders comes out!
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HeyitsHotDog Platinum Sparx Gems: 7268
#2 Posted: 16:09:17 26/05/2015
You NEED Spyro! I recommend Series 2.
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#3 Posted: 16:17:23 26/05/2015
Getting figures from the previous games does help a lot, they're way cheaper and some are more powerful than a lot of the newer guys. Aside from Spyro I'd recommend Flashwing, either path keeps her out of harms' way and for Hard Mode almost requires that. Believe me, I played blind on that; anything that keeps you too close for comfort to a heavy enemy for more than a few seconds WILL get you killed.
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Sworn2Skylands Yellow Sparx Gems: 1353
#4 Posted: 18:28:16 26/05/2015
Quote: Bifrost
Believe me, I played blind on that; anything that keeps you too close for comfort to a heavy enemy for more than a few seconds WILL get you killed.

If you think hard's that bad, you should try Nightmare. Even then, Nightmare's not that bad, just because villains make it easier than ever to stay on the move or drop one or two enemies before they even get to you. If you're having that much trouble keeping enemies away from you, try Skylanders with mobile, teleporting, or pass-through capabilities like Cynder, Star Strike, Popthorn or Night Shift and villains like Buzzer Beak, Tussle Sprout and (most of all) Threatpack.

As for advice for the OP, I'm glad you're getting into Trap Team. Newer Skylanders that are must haves in my experience are Snap Shot, Blades, High Five, Bushwhack and Wallop. If Minis count as new, get Breeze for sure, because her copied abilities from Whirlwind are awesome on Tempest Dragon! Villains that are really good include Tae Kwon Crow, Golden Queen, Kaos and the previously mentioned Threatpack.
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#5 Posted: 19:09:16 26/05/2015
Cynder you need to watch out on paths though. Shadow Strike in this game causes her to still take damage despite being intangible.
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Alphawolf Yellow Sparx Gems: 1692
#6 Posted: 23:21:08 26/05/2015
i mainly recommend getting the trap masters, there needed to open the elemental gates. as far as hard and nightmare is concerned.... learn to jump and dodge. for sure 3-4 hits your dead so just dont get hit. mainly comes down to knowing your skylander and enemies. most you can get 2 shots in as a melee then jump away and back in for another 2 hits. brawl and chain is probably the hardest to fight, very little warning and its a 360 attack, even i have trouble with them at times.
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#7 Posted: 23:23:30 26/05/2015
For Brawl and Chain I just used Chill Bill hoped to Eon that I would back up in time. His slowdown mist is the only way to attack him in close range, and even then you have one hit in if at all before it wears off. Projectiles are the better way to go about it but sometimes you just do things the hard way. I don't even remember why I kept Bash at the time.
All-tempting draught. We'll drink of her again.
BlackandTan Gold Sparx Gems: 2577
#8 Posted: 17:54:02 27/05/2015 | Topic Creator
I have a lot of the older skylanders. I just thought it would be fun to try it using only red based landers. I have a series three dark spyro - might add him, once I pump him up in SSA!
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Plordigian Blue Sparx Gems: 626
#9 Posted: 07:01:23 08/06/2015
Gearshift is very strong and versatile. Hoop mode, used on the run, keeps her untouched as gears fly around killing enemies. With enough range, fragment mode makes Drobot blush. Must have!
Hawksey128 Blue Sparx Gems: 994
#10 Posted: 11:43:43 08/06/2015
Krypt King is a boss, just saying smilie

Tuff Luck is also great, try get her
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BlackandTan Gold Sparx Gems: 2577
#11 Posted: 15:55:02 09/06/2015 | Topic Creator
I got Legendary Bushwhack as my life trap master. I don't intend on getting Tuff Luck. So far I seem to be using Bushwhack and Krypt King alot. I really like Funny Bone too!
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