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PM Database glitch/hacked? [CLOSED]
UncleBob Ripto Gems: 4565
#1 Posted: 14:19:15 26/05/2015 | Topic Creator

Posting this publically, due to the issue itself.

Is it possible there's a glitch in the PM system? TTD stated he sent me a message yesterday, but I absolutly did not recieve it.

Likewise, another user once claimed I sent them PM spam when I have never sent them a single PM (and show no record of PMs ever being sent from my account to theirs).

I know others have commented about sending you PMs and not getting replies.

is it possible that there's a glitch in the PM system? Or that it has been hacked by someone, allowing them access to read and delete our private messages and to send messages from our accounts without us knowing?
Sesshomaru75 Platinum Sparx Gems: 6533
#2 Posted: 14:38:01 26/05/2015
I highly doubt that it's been hacked. It's more likely a glitch than anything.

However, when it comes to PMs being sent to Dark and not getting responses, that's simply because Dark doesn't really respond to PMs whatsoever.
(Just as how he often doesn't really respond to any posts on his GB, or elsewhere for that matter)
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TTD Emerald Sparx Gems: 4135
#3 Posted: 14:47:58 26/05/2015
Sorry, it was a mistake on my part. I accidentally sent the message to Aura24.
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UncleBob Ripto Gems: 4565
#4 Posted: 15:29:54 26/05/2015 | Topic Creator
Quote: TTD
Sorry, it was a mistake on my part. I accidentally sent the message to undefined.

That actually explains a lot. Thanks.

Although the individual who posted accusing me of spamming them is still a concern of mine. I'd have to dig through some older threads to find it - but they were a newish member who didn't seem very active - so I wouldn't be too surprised if they were just someone's alt to try and stir up trouble.
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